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Free Bitco Review, Is Scam or Legit?

Are you searching for the reviews or FreeBitcoin reviews in order to find out either Free Bitco is scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place. You will find here all the truth about, both pros and cons including FreeBitco complaints, FreeBitco owner details, FreeBitco office location etc. Although, FreeBitco, also known as FreeBitcoin claims you can get free bitcoins very simply like by playing games within a site, but also we don’t recommend you to join and work in FreeBitco because we have found lots of complaints from many members around the internet for not getting payment from FreeBitco and even getting their account suspended after the cashout request. It seems FreeBitco is paying selectively so that they can show some payment proofs, but their payment is never on schedule. So, we have listed FreeBitco in our Not Recommended sites list. Actually we only recommend those kinds of companies where there is 100% guarantee to earn money, where there is not any risk to work, which is established from very long time and have proven track record of success, from where you can plan for your full time online income for your lifetime, one of our such recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-

OK, let’s begin with our review below.

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Free Bitco log in and join in URL:-, Neither www freebitcoin com nor

Background of FreeBitco

FreeBitco, also known as Free Bitcoin, is a website which claims you can get free hourly bitcoins by playing games within a site. The domain of was registered in 2013 in the name of InterGlobal Limited as an owner and as per WHOIS data, the address of the owner is based on Belize City. This site offers you to earn money in bitcoins currency which is digital cryptocurrency and which can be changed into USD from many banks around the world or can use to purchase many items online using Bitcoin wallet. But the problem of this company is not paying to its members as it has promised. More detail you can find below.

Ways get free Bitcoins from FreeBitco, but does it really pay?

It is free to join in FreeBitco. There are some kinds of games in Free Bitco and you will earn money when you play and win those games. The games are like, Free BTC, Multiply BTC and Lottery. Another way to earn money from FreeBitco is by referring people.

In Free BTC game, you will earn bitcoins by filling the captcha and clicking the roll button. FreeBitco claims that you can earn $200 per hour from this game, but that is not true at all, you even can’t earn 0.0001% of that amount.

To play Multiply BTC game, you have to choose between manual bet and auto bet and you can multiply your money which you have earned from Free BTC in this game. However, you have to use your current Free BTC amount to play this Multiply BTC. It means you are losing your current amount and gaining it back. So, it is just a waste of your time and money to play this game because it is a complete gamble and most of time you will lose than make money form this game.

FreeBitco also claims that you can earn big prize in their weekly lottery. But you have to invest your money to buy that lottery ticket and everyone can guess how hard it can be to win lottery games.

Another way to earn money from Free Bitco is its referral program. You can earn 50% commissions of your referral wining amount if your referral win those games.

But, although if you win the game and earn money from FreeBitco games or earn money by making referrals, it is not sure that you can get your payment from FreeBitco. There are lots of complaints against Free Bitco form its members for not getting payment and even suspending their account after cashout request.


Aforementioned, there are many complaints by the members of FreeBitco for not getting payment on time after the cashout request and even for getting suspended by FreeBitco without valid reason. The FreeBitco support is also not responsive. If some people complained about their payment by contacting the support team of Free Bitco, most of the time they will not get a response by them. So we don’t recommend you to work and waste your time with FreeBitco. However, it is free to join and work, so if you have enough time and if you are fond of playing games, then you can give it a try because they pay selectively, so you will have 50% chance to get the payment by them. However, we only recommend companies like Wealthy Affiliate where there is 100% guarantee to earn money for your lifetime, from where you can establish your full time income online and where there is not any risk to work with. For more details on Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link:-

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