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Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review

If you are searching for Coffee Shop Millionaire reviews in order to find out its positive sides, then sorry to say that it is almost a scam. That is why we call this review as "Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review". You can find lots of complaints against Coffee Shop Millionaire around the Internet. Ok, Let's begin with the Coffee Shop Millionaire review and find out why we think Coffee Shop Millionaire is a scam.

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OK now let's continue with our Coffee Shop Millionaire Review.

coffee shop millionaire review

Background of Coffee Shop Millionaire

The owner of this site is Mr. Anthony Trister. He is a very good salesman. That is why even he is still able to sell his bad product known as "Coffee Shop Millionaire" after years of complaints from various members as well as with lots of bad reviews around the Internet.


What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Coffee Shop Millionaire is basically a training course on which people will receive training on how to start online business and make money online. For that you need to pay $37 per month and it goes up by the time.


The reasons why we declare Coffee Shop Millionaire as a Scam


 1. They hide about upsells:-


Once you sign up for this product paying $37, you need to pay $297 to join Six Figure Success Club. About this upsell it is not mentioned before you joining the system and after you join it, you will find out that if you don't join Six Figure Success Club, then you will be losing the opportunity of your business growth, but actually even if you join, it is very hard to get back your investment amount through this system.


Further you need to buy your own hosting and domain for your website and here you have left with no choice because you have spent quite a lot already before. In a way you are compelled to buy these as you need your own website to pertain your courses of action on online business. 


2. Courses have missed much more details, actually kind of useless:-


It does provide training on online business like marketing approaches through email or article or video, but what goes wrong here is the lack of detailed information and guidance on how to use those tools for your online work. Well you can get some useful information but not a detail plans to implement those. You will get a quick start section for quick learning but not long term techniques to bit the market. They have left much more information in their lessons which make their training useless to compete in competitive market.


3. Slow and Irresponsive Support:-


However it also offers you additional videos and community forum for your support, but the support is very irresponsive, most of time you will never get reply from them. As we said before, their incomplete plans make all things go wrong so far as you will not be able to figure out the right path and on top of that, support is also irresponsive. There is no one to guide you properly.


4. Outdated Courses:-


Another bad point of Coffee Millionaire Shop is outdated courses. Some of their courses will not work in the current market. They have not updated it as per the market trends and if you follow some of those old methods, it may harm you more than doing good.


5. False Claims:-


At starting they claim you can make $21,000 within just couple of weeks without a product of your own. However, all professional online worker knows that this claim is totally unrealistic. Actually they claim that in their starting lessons so that you will get excited and buy their upsells programs such as $297 Six Figure Success Club, $100 domain hosting etc.


So, why should you spend so much money on such a product if you have better option? We strongly recommend avoiding this site as it completely lacks essentials of the online affiliate marketing business.


We always emphasize that you need proper guidance with right courses of actions to get success in online affiliate business. And when you are new to this market, this applies to you more.


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