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Best Hotel Affiliate Program – NOI

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Best Hotel Affiliate Program

If you are searching for the best hotel in affiliate program then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are providing you the list of best hotel affiliate programs as well as best resorts affiliate programs. Actually, most of time you can find the hotel and resort affiliate programs together by applying with same company. Actually most of time it is not the hotels which are in affiliate programs directly, but are the online hotel booking services who are providing affiliate commissions for those who book hotels through their platforms and the popular examples of those kinds of programs are, Hotels Combined, TripAdviser, Agoda, and so on. Yep, these are some of the popular online hotel booking platforms which also offers the affiliate commissions for those who promote and market their affiliate links to make people to book hotels through their affiliate link. For that people simply need to apply for their affiliate program and those who have travel blogs (travel related website), they have high chance to get approved from these hotel affiliate programs about which we have described in detail as below. If you don’t know how to make good travel blog or any other blog which will be applicable to promote hotel affiliate programs, then you can find the details later in this post.

best hotel affiliate programs

Besides online hotel and resort booking services, there are some hotels in affiliate program directly and those are Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton and so on. But, instead of going direct hotel affiliate programs, we prefer more hotel booking services affiliate programs because form those we can market lots of hotels and can get more commission quickly because it is more easy to let people choice the hotel of their choice and book in that hotel than forcing them to book particular hotel. Simple logic. So, if you want to make money from hotels booking, best way to apply with hotel booking affiliate programs as mentioned below. 


But, like we have said before, to be eligible to approved to apply with those hotel affiliate programs, it is better you have your own travel blog (travel or hotel related website). However, if you don’t know how to make good travel blog (travel website) to promote hotels affiliate programs, then it is better you join one of the renowned online business training program known as Wealthy Affiliate from where you can learn to make any kind of website in any subject of your interest and make money out of that. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


OK, now let’s talk about popular hotel affiliate programs one by one as below. Affiliate Program Review Headquarters in Amsterdam

You must know that is one of the popular brand now a days for booking hotels all over the world. So, it will not be difficult to convince to book hotel through But, since it has been very renowned and popular, so the competition is also high among affiliates. So, if you want to earn from, you should have good travel, hotel related blogs (website) or blogs in any subject of matter with high amount of visitors. Even to apply with and get approved from it, you should have website with genuine content. However, in order to earn good amount of money, commissions from hotel bookings through your affiliate links, you should have good amount of traffic in your website. If you don’t have your own website, then you will find out in the conclusion caption of this post about how to build nice website and get good amount of traffic without having any technical knowledge. First of all let’s find out more about Booking affiliate program.



Once you get approved by to be their affiliate, then you have to post their affiliate links, banners within your website to get earnings when someone book hotel by clicking those links through your website. take around 25% of the hotel booking amount from the hotel for most of the booking made through their website and they give 25% of what they earn to their affiliates. Means as an affiliate of, you will earn around 6.25% of the hotel booking amount of the booking. So, earning $6.25 from $100 hotel booking amount is not a bad commission actually.


So, we prefer over all kinds of hotel affiliate programs because it is renowned, so people trust it and you don’t have to convince them too much about booking hotel in this platform and the commission rate is also good comparatively other kinds of hotel affiliate programs.


However, the biggest negative aspect of affiliate program is their cookies saving strategy which only last for session. They must know the fact that people will not book hotel instantly, they first see and think to book later. But, those who clicks link through your content and decide to book hotel later, only will get benefit from his/her booking and you will get nothing for your hard work. However, since there are still people who are earning good amount from affiliate program, so may be this strategy is also working. But, definitely if they save the cookies for at least 1-2 days, people can earn more good commissions.


HotelsCombined Affiliate Program Review

Actually due to lots of complaints from the affiliates of Hotels Combined, we personally don’t recommend anyone to work as an affiliate of because Hotels Combined pays on lead, not only on sales like So, they keep on tracking the ratio of sales versus leads (means traffic that affiliate send to their website) and just banned the affiliates if they have much more leads than sales. However, they must know the fact that sometime people even we send much more traffic, we can’t make the sales. So, we think instead of banning affiliates like that, it is better they only pay affiliates on hotel booking sales same like, not on leads.


We know the fact that it is hard for HotelsCombined to track the sales made through their leads because they are not the site booking directly with hotels like or Agoda, but they are the meta-search engine, mens they search the hotels from other booking sites like and find the best price of hotel from the combine result. It is good from the customer point of view, but bad for the affiliates when they are banning the affiliates because they think sales are not generating through their lots of leads. So, instead of banning them, better they find the way to track the sales and only pay sales commission. 


However, if they don’t banned affiliate for the small reasons or only on the doubt, then their leads earnings are better because you can earn from $0.5 to $2 per lead.



We are updating this post, so you can find more hotel affiliate programs like Agoda,, Expedia and so on. So, please check back after some days when this content is finalized.


Aforementioned, the best way to earn money from all of these hotel affiliate programs is by having your own blog/website specially in hotel or travel niche with good traffic sources from search pages like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So, how to do that? What should you do if you don’t have any website? What if you have website, but not getting good amount of traffic?


Well, you don’t have to be worried in such things now a days because it is not a technical stuffs anymore to build blogs/websites. The WordPress is the best platform to make website now a days very easily. However, only having website is not enough, the main way to earn is by making website appear in first page in search pages like Google in various search terms specially in hotel and travel niche. So, in order to learn those stuffs, you can join the online business training programs like Wealthy Affiliate from where you will not only learn to earn from hotel affiliate programs, but will also learn the various ways to earn money from your own blog/website by making website in any subject of your own interest. You will also learn the ways to make money from other affiliate programs like Amazon, JVZoo and so on as well as by displaying advertisement of services like Google AdSense within your blog and much more. If you are interested to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and the link to join it by clicking this link:-


If you join Wealthy Affiliate, you can earn money from any hotel affiliate programs, even making website in competitive niche, which is travel and hotel niche in English. But, if you want to have less competition, fast earnings, then we suggest you to make your travel and hotel related website/blog in particular language, not in English, so that you can complete with less amount of blogs. But, after joining Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about competition because the way they teach you to use keyword research, you can compete in any niche and get traffic in your website.

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