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National Wealth Center Scam? Review

If we only consider the paying status of, then at the moment we can't say it is a scam. But if you ask us either is it genuine or not, then we can't say it is genuine as well. Because, the compensation plan of is more focused to recruit the new people into the company than selling their products. Their products quality is also not good, which makes their business model more inclined towards Pyramid Scheme. Let's find more in this National Wealth Center review.

Actually, most of their products can be found free of cost by searching around the internet for which they have put very high price. More than that, the owner of has record of involving with lots of failed sites in the past. So, considering the business model of the National Wealth Center, the quality of their overpriced products and the background of the owner, we have listed it within our Suspicious sites list.

OK, let’s begin with our NationalWealthCenter review in detail as below to find out the real truth about

The first publish date of this National Wealth Center review: 19 September 2017, Revised Date: 30 January 2024.

What is NationalWealthCenter about? Is National Wealth Center legit or scam? National Wealth Center review.

What is National Wealth Center? Its Background!

National Wealth Center claims itself to be a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company. But, if you look at its compensation plan, then you will find out it is more focused to recruit affiliates than selling its products which makes it Pyramid Scheme.

Most of its products are the collection of the information which can be found online for free, which makes its products overpriced and low quality. The only one way to earn from this company is by purchasing those products by yourself first and then recruiting other who will be willing to purchase those products.

Who is the founder of National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center was founded by Peter Wolfing and domain, was registered on 2014-06-23. They have claimed Perter Wolfing has many years of experience in the MLM sectors which is only a half true. Yep, he has experience to run online businesses, but for running several online businesses and ditching them as well.

One of his cash gifting Pyramid scheme was Infinity Downline and his other failed sites were Ultimate Cycler, Hand of Heaven, Pay me Forward and Turbo Cycler. We don't know about you, but for us if same owner keep on opening same kinds of businesses and keep on ditching them, then we will try to avoid to be affiliated with his/her company.

Yep, we agree that some people learn from mistake and never repeat them as well. But, if some people keep on repeating same mistake by opening same kinds of businesses after lots of failures, we can't believe them anymore.

Same thing happens with National Wealth Center because comparing with his previous failed businesses, National Wealth Center compensation plan still don't have anything new to offer — same type of hype claims and same type of gifting scheme and Pyramid Scheme.

Even running Pyramid and gifting scheme is illegal in most of the countries. Actually this much information is already enough for us to list within our Suspicious list, right? Anyway, let's find out more about it.

How to earn money from

Aforementioned, it is clear that we don't recommend you to work with this company, but also if you still want to find out the details what this company offers its members to earn money from it, then you can find the details as below.

The product line which you need to purchase in order to be eligible to take part in its so called MLM opportunity are Self Development which costs $25 per month, Business Development which costs $50 per month, Wealth Development which costs $100 per month, Fitness Advantage which costs $250, Wealth Advantage which costs $1000, Network Marketing which costs $3500 and The Vault which costs $7500.

We are not sure about you, but are you willing to purchase Network Marketing training with $3500 when basic trainings can be found free of cost and premium trainings don't cost more than $49 per month?

You can find monthly subscription products like Self Development, Business Development, Wealth Development for free by searching on Google. More than that, for those kinds of products, why anyone need to subscribe for monthly subscription.

What You Need To Do?

In order to sell those products, first of all you have to purchase those products by yourself and then only you will be eligible to sell those products and earn commission from them by recruiting people to do the same. So, its compensation plan is more focused to sell products within its affiliates than the real consumers which makes its business model a Pyramid Scheme.

More than that, you have to pass your second and fourth sales to your sponsor and for that you will earn nothing and also need to teach your referrals to do the same which makes it also a cash gifting scheme which is another illegal business model.

Actually all previous failed sites of the owner of National Wealth Center, Peter Wolfing, have followed the similar kind business model. So, that means he still using his old trick with new name as National Wealth Center.

Like we have said before, in order to earn commission by recruiting people who purchase the products of National Wealth Center, first of all you have to purchase those products by yourself. So, if you want to earn commission from the sales of all products, you have to spend at least $175 per month and then $12,250 for those low quality products.

Are you willing to invest a significant amount of money in a company run by an owner with a history of multiple failed sites? And even if you purchase those products, do you think you can get referrals who are willing to purchase those products?

Anyway, we never will take that much risk specially in the company where there is no guarantee for return and there is no refund policy for those products. 

What Next?

More than that, this company claims that it is very simple to recruit affiliates who are willing to pay for such products. They claim that you just have to recruit 4 members and need to teach them to do the same and you can earn upto unlimited level of downlines and can earn $50,000 per month within 10 weeks and $6000 per month within 7 days. But in the reality, that never happens, earnings amount even doesn't go close to that figure even if expert skilled internet marketer work with this company.

Actually, in the case of companies with products like National Wealth Center, there is high change to have a zero status of earning for most of the people. That is the reason even National Wealth Center never provides their Income Disclosure Statement because in this type of company only less than 1% members can make money. And, due to its business model, there is high chance to have a legal issue with this company.

Conclusion of this National Wealth Center review

As mentioned earlier in this National Wealth Center review, its owner has not a good record of running online businesses. Furthermore, the business model of National Wealth Center includes both pyramid and cash gifting schemes, both of which are illegal in many countries.

So, we have listed it within our Suspicious category and don't recommend you to work with this company. But, the final choice is yours. Actually when we recommend any company, we always check the business sustainability and legality of that company, the success rate of the members in that company, the product that company offers, the easiness of doing work in that company, the background of that company and the history of owner and so on. As per our National Wealth Center review, it doesn't meet our criteria to recommend it.

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Good Luck!

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