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Dosh Scam or Genuine? Legit? Dosh App Review

As per the findings of our Dosh App review, Dosh App is doing well, so it is not a scam. Till date, hasn't major complaints against it. Instead, it has a majority of positive reviews, which proves this company is doing well. — The first publish date of this Dosh review: 9 September 2017, Revised Date: 30 January 2024

Its domain,, has been registered at 2015-08-01, and it is operational from April 2017.

How Dosh App works?

Dosh App doesn't only provide the way to save money by getting cash back on your shopping, but it also provides $5 per referral who join this app through your referral link and links his/her debit or credit card with it. So, you can also make some money from by promoting it.

Dosh Scam or Genuine? Dosh Legit? Dosh App Review

What is How to make money from Dosh App?

Well, we already made you clear that is not a scam in our brief Dosh App review as above. So, now let's find out to make money from Dosh App.

Dosh is an app which you can download in your mobile from Google Play Store or App Store and link your debit or credit card with it in order to get the cash back services as listed below.

Shop and Dine Out:-

You can visit 1000s of stores and restaurants and pay with your linked card with this app and get cash back.

Book Hotels:-

You can use this app to book hotels and get cheap rates worldwide, 17% on average cash back as well as $25 bonus for your first booking. You can also book other traveling activities.

Online Cash Back:-

You can get cash back to popular online stores like RayBan, Nike, Overstock, Toms, Callaway, Fitbit and so on using this Dosh App. For that, you just have to purchase from those online stores by visiting those online stores through the link as provided by the Dosh app.

In-Store Cash Back:-

If you make any purchase in the partner store using the linked debit or credit card with Dosh app, you can get the cash back automatically.

Well, now you know how Dosh App can be used to save your money. However, it doesn't only provides the opportunity to save money on your purchases but also provides you the opportunity to make money from it by referring others to join this app through your referral link for which you will earn $5 per sign-ups who will link their debit or credit card with this app.

Dosh is a user-friendly app because, in order to get cash back on your purchases, you no need to scan slips or enter promos codes or take pictures of receipts. You only have to link your debit or credit card with this app and use the offers present in this app.

Using this app, you can get direct cash back instead of some coupon or gift cards which is once again a plus point of this app. Dosh app is making a profit by advertising and promoting those products and services for which it is giving cash back offer and passing the fraction of the revenue as cash back to its member every time they purchase those products or services.

This Dosh has been online from April 2017. Till date, we can find lots of positive Dosh App reviews than negative complaints that prove this company is doing good. So, as per our Dosh App review, it is a genuine company. But definitely, there are few complaints against it about which you can find the details as below.

Customers Complaints

Actually, every company has complaints. It is not a big deal having complaints because there will be always someone who will be unsatisfied with something. But, if the volume of complaints is fewer than the number of positive reviews, then we should know the fact that company is doing good. So, this proves Dosh App is doing well (even we are saying this without providing the affiliate link of Dosh within our Dosh review)

In order to check the complaints, we check Google Play Store and App Store and we find out that Dosh app has managed to get 4.4-star ratings with more 11K+ ratings in Google Play and 4.7-star rating in App Store with a 39K+ rating which is a pretty good score.

However, we also checked those fewer complaints against this app and found out that most of them are from the members who were facing problem to link their debit or credit card with an app.

But we find out the customer service of this company is pretty good because we can find the reply from the company to each of those negative Dosh review. So, it makes clear that Dosh App cares its business and customers which is a sign of a long-lasting business.

You can also find fewer complaints about not crediting the referral commission properly, however, the company has replied each of those complaints mentioning to solve their issues. So, by observing the customer support of Dosh App, we can say that this company is very serious about its business which is a very good sign.

How does Dosh App Pay?

Aforementioned, you can get money from Dosh app as cash back on your purchases or as an affiliate commission for promoting this app. So, once you have more than $15 in your Dosh account, you can cash out that via PayPal or direct deposit.

You can find lots of payment proofs posted by the members of Dosh App which proves Dosh App is paying on time.

Conclusion on this Dosh Review

As mentioned earlier in this Dosh review, it is doing well until now. As you can see, we are here not providing any affiliate link of, which proves we are not here to promote this app but to deliver the truth about this app. So, it is one of the honest Dosh App review you can find on the internet.

However, if you are not comfortable linking your debit or credit cards with an app and don't believe in online securities, then this app is not for you. In that case, you should choose other options for cash back.

On the other hand, this app is also not for full-time online income. You can only earn little incentives on your purchases using this app. The referral earnings you can make from this app also can't make you full-time earnings. So, Dosh app is just to save your expenses and to earn some extra pocket money.

If you want to share this Dosh App review with your friends and families, then please feel free to do so.

We love to hear from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report anything related to this Dosh review or want our help in relation to online business industry.

We will be more than happy to help you and hear from you.

Good Luck!

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