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Motives Cosmetics Scam or Genuine? Review

Are you searching for Motives Cosmetics review in order to find out either Motives Cosmetics is a scam or a legit? Although we can make money from, but also we need to take a risk because we need to invest to begin with Motive Cosmetics.

The starter MotivesCosmetics makeup kit will costs $149.95 plus tax and even after investing that much amount, we also need to do lots of hard work to sell its products because the brand name of this company is not so renowned.

Also, it will be hard for us to convince people to purchase unpopular brand specially related with make up and skin care products.

The first publish date of this Motives Cosmetics review: 9 March 2017, Revised Date: 30 January 2024

MotivesCosmetics Scam or Genuine? Motives Cosmetics Review

What is Background of Market America Motives Cosmetics

Motives Cosmetics started in 2008 under a parent company known as Market America, which was founded by Loren Ridinger in 1992. It is Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company with cosmetic products such as Motives Cosmetics palette, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, nail polish, lipstick, concealers, compacts and many more, almost everything related with make up.

Celebrities like La La Anthony is also affiliated with Motives Cosmetics and even promoting products with name of Motives Cosmetics La La Anthony, but also it is still not helping to spread its brand name around the world.

How to earn money from Motives Cosmetics?

Motives Cosmetics deals with cosmetic products and also provides opportunity to earn money from it like other MLM companies, but also its main focus is on products than on recruiting like in other MLM. The main thing that we like about this company is the price of its products which is relatively cheap.

However, there are still some companies which can beat the prices. Although it provides the opportunity to earn just by selling products, but also if you can recruit people then you can make serious money from it.

But, the brand name of this company is not so renowned, so it will be very hard to convince people to purchase Motive Cosmetics product and also it will be more difficult to recruit people who will be willing to work to sell these products and on top of that you need to purchase starter kit that will cost around $149.95 plus tax in order to start work with this company.

However, if you are fond of make up things, then you will have low risk of investment because that money you pay for starter kit comes with different kind of make up packages. But, if you don't want to try other makes up than the well known brand, then there is still risk for you to invest in this company.

If we purchase more products from this company and sell it then we will get 30% retail profit. And if we make more team and if we and our team can sell more products, then this company will give us more commission.

How To Make Team Building?

Let's talk about how to make team building? We can sell our products to our friends, families and relatives as well and if we go in this way to selling products, we can recruit some people and make some team. But this is not the best way to develop your team. The top internet marketer always use expert Internet Marketing skills to develop team and sales online.

However, MotivesCosmetics let you focus more on their products than making team. As per Motive Cosmetics, making team is not so important but it can helps us in certain time because if we make a team and sell more products, then we can earn more.

Conclusion on

As mentioned earlier in this Motives Cosmetics review, is not so bad than other fake companies in MLM field. At least Motive Cosmetics has its own products and the selling price is also lower than other similar kind of products. But the bad part of is that the brand name of this company is not so famous in the market.

As we know these products have low price, but also we can get the similar kind of products in same price from different brand which is more popular and best brand in the market.

So, it is hard to make sale of these products because it is hard to convince people to buy the products which brand name is not so popular. On top of that, it will be more hard to recruit some people who are willing to sell such kind of products.

Furthermore, we need to invest first, at least $149.95 plus tax to purchase starter kit in order to start work with Motive Cosmetics. So, it is risky and difficult to earn money from this company.

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