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What Is Lucky Day App? Is LuckyDay A Scam Or A Genuine?

This Lucky Day App review reveals the truth about LuckyDay, which claims to be a free sweepstakes app. It offers free scratcher, lotto, and raffle games for a chance to win real money and rewards to its members. It claims users will have opportunities to win up to $100,000 in cash instantly.

The first publish date of this Lucky Day app review: 12 April 2018, Revised Date: 30 January 2024

LuckyDay A Scam Or A Genuine? LuckyDay App review

People can download this app from Google Play and App Store and use it for free. As per its claim, users can play lotto and scratch cards daily for chance to win real money and prizes.

Can you really win some serious cash from this app? Does it really pay its users after they win the cash and prizes or is it a scam?

Well, it has some serious issues due to which we don't recommend it. Now let's find out what are those issues as below.

Why don't we recommend Lucky Day App?

Following are the reasons why we don't recommend the Lucky Day App:-

Bogus Business Model:

  • The business model of Lucky Day App is completely questionable because it claims members can earn up to $100,000 as jackpot as well as $10,000 instantly just playing its scratch game.
  • But, we couldn't find out any good source of income coming into the Lucky Day other than the advertisement which is not enough to pay such huge amount of money to the users who play such games free of cost. So, from where it pays such amount of money?

Cash-Out Threshold

  • It is making very difficult for its users to win up to $10 cash and without making $10, users can't cash-out as that is the minimum cash-out threshold.

Not Paying At All

  • Those who have made more than $10, only a few of them got paid and that is also at starting for some months. But, now, it seems it is not paying at all.
  • You can find out plenty of complaints from its users for not paying them their winning amount after the cash-out request. You can find out lots of complaints about pending payments. So, it is not paying genuinely to all users.

Fake Claims

  • Several people have reported that they were contacted on social media site by some strangers claiming that they have won millions of dollars and luxury cars but all those claims turn out to be fake.
  • Now you can guess yourself who is responsible to do such false marketing? Of course, the one who is operating the Lucky Day App.

Customer Complaints About Lucky Day App

  • There are the majority of complaints from its users on sites like Trustpilot for not paying them after the cash-out request. The support team of Lucky Day App is also not responsive. So, it seems Lucky Day App is no longer able to pay its users.
  • Like we have said before, it doesn't seem Lucky Day App is generating enough income to pay thousands of dollars to its users on daily basis. So, it seems it is paying some few members the small amount of money and avoiding the large cash-out requests.
  • It seems it is only paying few members just to show the payment proofs so that it can lure more people to use this app.
  • Now you know why we don't recommend Lucky Day App.

Our Verdict on Lucky Day App

Now you know why we don't recommend Lucky Day App. However, it's up to you, either you want to use it or not.

Some users have also complained that this site asked them to pay some fees in order to release their winning amount. We don't know either that is real or not, but if that is real, then we strongly suggest you not to pay any money to this company. If you have ever paid using the credit card to this kind of controversial company, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to save your money and secure your credit card.

Please feel free to share this LuckyDay App review with your friends and families to let them know its reality.

If you want to report anything related to LuckyDay App or want to provide your own Lucky Day reviews, then please feel free to leave your comment below. You can also comment below if you need our help to investigate some online businesses.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

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