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What is Get Is Get Paid a Scam? – NOI

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What is Get Is Get Paid a Scam or a Legit?

Here’s our Get Paid review in which we will be providing concrete information about the so that you can decide yourself either is scam or legit, what is Get Paid in real, whether to join Get-Paid or not. However, from our side we don’t recommend Get Paid, not because it is a scam, actually Get Paid is legit company which is paying from 2006. But, we don’t recommend it because it is very hard to earn decent money, even a pocket money from this company. Yep, we can increase our income by referring people, but the problem is when people find out it is hard to earn decent income on their own without referring people, they just leave the site due to which it will be hard to get active referrals and those referrals who want to remain active and refer people, they also face same problem and they also leave company later. Due to this reason, after working for 3 years with, finally we decide not to recommend it because now we have decided to only recommend those companies which are not only legit, but also a good platforms to at least earn decent pocket money. You can find the list of those kinds of legit companies by clicking this link:-


Considering the date of establishment, the rate of successful members, the proven business model, the amount of money we can earn and the future sustainability of the company, we have rated the listed legit companies among which Wealthy Affiliate wins the rate with 97/100 rating scale. If you don’t know what is Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


Although we don’t recommend Get Paid, it is still in your hand either you want to join it or not after reading our complete review on it. So, let’s begin with our review as below in order to find out what is in real.

What is GetPaid? reviews, Is GetPaid a scam or a legit? Get Paid reviews. Is Get Paid real or not?

Get Paid login and join in link:- http://www. get-paid. com/

What is Get Paid and why don’t we recommend it? is a company which pays you for doing their assigned job. You can earn or win points through your response towards their ads., surveys or any other tasks prescribed in their website. Like when you response to their surveys and make a call to the companies, then you can earn points. Or when you put data of the people in their system file you earn a point which is called business card. You can also get paid though their Toolbar, where you just need to download their GP Toolbar and use it or through referral program, videos, offers. The company also offers to win some extra points through games and contests. The company pays you for your work and this is the enough reason to categorize this company under our legit list.


But please note that this company does not pay you through PayPal but will pay you through Payza or in terms of Bitcoin, Gift Cards, WebMoney, Prizes etc. The payment duration is 24 hours which is quite considerable.


Its Referral program is same like other companies’ referral program where you earn some extra coins if you can make good referrals to the GP Referral program. From this program you can earn up to 30% of the coins your referrals earn on first tier. When your referrals join the program and perform survey tasks or business card tasks or any other assignments on this company, they make certain points and you can get 30% out of their earnings. On second tier, you can earn up to 10%. Isn’t it a reasonable amount to be counted on your online earnings?


When you do survey, you will receive points which is called XP, experience points and when you collect certain no. of points, you will going to be leveling up. So as more you get involved in their tasks you will earn more XP and can level up sooner. And when you level up, you will be paid some more points or bonus points to your task. Or you can receive other features like paid faster or getting daily bonuses in your every task. So leveling up is quite simple with lots of benefits on your part. One more thing to mention here is about GP Badges, which you will receive after completing your assigned tasks or goals, lets say being active in GP community. GP Badges are simply the determining factors that you are a active member of this company but do not make any extra points for you.


Now when you sign up in, you become a registered member of the company where you can communicate with other members of the company and earn GP Badges. You can discuss about your work in this forum and can earn knowledge from other members’ experiences.


Positive Aspects:

First one is you can sign up the company free of cost and make your own choice out of their different ways of earning money i.e. you can go for their referral program, or for business card option which is a data entry program or you can go for accomplishing surveys etc.


Second one is their payment process. No matter what, this company pays you for your hard work which is one of the biggest aspects in online money making because you will find many such companies which are not paying their members.


Negative Aspects (The reason we don’t recommend it)

The main negative aspect of GetPaid is very low income. We work in it for 3 years, tried many ways to get good amount of referrals and even make 100s of referrals, but also we failed to earn even $100 a year. When it is hard to earn on your own, it is also hard to make your referral active. Most of time referrals are looking for platform where they can earn money on their own and when they find out it is hard to earn money on their own without referring people, most of them just leave the site and those who want to refer other and stay in the site, they face same problem of getting active referrals and they also leave the site. So, although it is paying, from our side we don’t recommend it because in order to get paid, first we need earn good amount. For us earning less than $100 a year is very low amount. However, if that doesn’t bother you, then you can go ahead work in this site, but remember, never ever provide your credit card information to complete any surveys or offers because those are not from the themselves, but from the advertisers and there are some records of people get scammed from those advertisers. So, it is better not to provide credit card information in any surveys or offers and leave those kinds of surveys and offers.



Our Recommendation:

From the above facts, it is clear that you cannot rely fully on this company if you are planning to make money from online business for your living. However this could be your option to make some extra bucks of money, but really very less, much more less than $100 a year. So, from our side we don’t recommend it because we always recommend you the companies from where you can make decent amount of money, at least good enough pocket money.


Actually, we suggest everyone to start their own online business because there is no other better way than our own online business to generate quite a lot amount of money. It sounds difficult, but in reality it is very easy to establish your own business online. You can get many tutorial programs out there but we recommend looking in to Wealthy Affiliate to know every detail about online business. It offers very precise and effective ways of starting your own online business which has proven to be huge success to most of its members and to learn from Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge because all technical stuffs will be handled by Wealthy Affiliate and provide you open option to earn money by creating your own online business in your own subject of interest. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


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