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What is YTMonster? YT Monster Review – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

What is YTMonster? YT Monster Review

Are you here to find out what is YT Monster or to find out either is YT Monster scam or legit? Are you searching for YTMonster reviews to find out all the truth about YT Monster such as about YTMonster scam claims, YTMonster complaints, almost all information about Actually from our side we don’t recommend you YTMonster and have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list and the reason for that you can find within our YTMonster review as below. Before we begin with our YT Monster review, if you want to take a look at our No.1 recommended online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-


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OK, lets begin with our YTMonster review as below.

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YTMonster Join in and Log in URL:-

Background of YTMonster, What is YTMonster?

There is not any information and the background about the owner of YTMonster even in WHOIS record. Only we can find that YTMonster was registered in June, 2013.


YTMonster is a site where you can get free YouTube views, comments, likes, subscribes etc. if you also view, comment, like, subscribe Youtube videos of other members in YT Monster. YTMonster claims that more YouTube views you will have, more chances for you to rank up your videos in YouTube search and you will get much more views from Youtube search. This is true only if those views are all from real people which we get from YTMonster, but it seems that those views which we get from YT Monster also have tons of fake views, means computer generated views which will harm us more than doing good because if Google or Youtube finds out those views are fake, they will punish us by dis-ranking our videos instead of ranking them up.



How to earn money from YTMonster?

You can join and take benefit from YTMonster without any cost. Means, its membership is free. Once you join the site, in order to earn free YouTube views, comments, shares, likes, subscribes for your videos, you need to view, comment, share, like, subscribe YouTube videos of other members in YTMonster and in return of that you will earn credits which you can use to get views, comments, shares, likes, subscribes for your own Youtube videos. If you don’t want to waste your time by viewing Youtube videos of members in YTMonster and only want to get views, comments, likes, shares, subscribes for your own videos, then you can direct purchase YouTube videos views, comments, likes, subscribes etc. such as, $3 for 1000 of views, $14 for 1000 of likes, $14 for 1000 of subscribers, $6 for 1000 of re-shares, $14 for 1000 of favorites and $20 for 1000 of dislikes.


If this service only have delivered the real human views, likes, comments, shares, subscribes etc. as they have claimed, then it would be definitely a very good place. But, they don’t have enough real traffic to deliver to all those customers who purchases views, likes, shares, subscribes etc. from them due to which they also deliver fake views, likes, shares, subscribes etc. which will harm our ranking in Youtube as well as in Google search. So, why anyone should purchase something to harm themselves. This is the main reason we don’t recommend this company to anyone.




Aforementioned, we don’t recommend YTMonster because YTMonster is selling fake views, likes, comments, subscribes, shares to their clients which is actually generated by computer than from the real visitors. We are not saying all of those views, likes, comments, subscribes, shares etc. they deliver are fake, but some of them are because they mix fake and real traffic when they don’t have enough number of real views, likes, comments, subscribes, shares etc. to deliver to the client as per their purchase volume and if Google and YouTube find we are using some source where fake traffic is coming into our videos, then they will downgrade our videos more instead of ranking it up. On the top of that YTMonster even has hide the details of the owner. So, we can’t risk ourself by using paid or even free views, shares, likes, comments etc. of YTMonster.


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