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What is Digitex? Digitex Scam? Digitex Review – NOI

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What is Digitex? Is Digitex Scam or Legit? Digitex Review

We don’t recommend Digitex Futures Exchange. However, if you want to find out why we don’t recommend to purchase DGTX token and what is in real, then you can find that within our Digitex Futures Exchange review here, for that you don’t have to search any other reviews.


So, if you are searching for the Digitex reviews to find out either is a scam or a legit, what is Digitex Futures Exchange in real, then you are absolutely in the right place because here we are going to provide you the complete truth about Digitex. So, you don’t have to search any other Digitex Futures Exchange reviews.


However, now it is clear that we don’t recommend Digitex. So, after knowing this fact, if you don’t want to find out more details on Digitex but instead want to find out 100% legit ways to make money online, then you can find that by clicking this link:-


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OK, let’s continue with our review to find out in detail what is DigitexFutures in real.

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Digitex complaints. Digitex safe or not? Digitex legit or scam?

Digitex login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join)

Why don’t we recommend to purchase Digitex tokens?

We don’t recommend due to the following reasons:-

  • Most of the ICOs that offer high bonuses for referring others such as Digitex is offering 30% referral bonus have mostly ended up as a scam.
  • If you read the White Paper provided by Digitex, then you will learn that they have no intention of going to an exchange with their tokens. This is the main issue with Digitex because you cannot sell your tokens anywhere outside Digitex.
  • You can find lots of ICOs with different tokens but most of them can’t be exchanged outside their platform and those which can’t be exchanged outside their platform have mostly turned into scams.
  • Legal authorities have already warned the public to be aware of the new ICOs. So, in this situation, we don’t think it is a good idea to follow such ICO which is offering the tokens which can’t be exchanged outside their platform.
  • We have also found many complaints from the people that the team of Digitex replies them in a very rude manner. However, we don’t know how much this is true. But, if there are lots of complaints about it, we can’t ignore it. On top of that, none of the professional company behave rudely with their client.
  • Although Digitex has provided the name of the owner as Adam Todd within its website, it has concealed the information like who and from where is operating the within its WHOIS details. None of the legit companies hide their owner details in WHOIS and if you have already provided the real owner details on your website, you no need to hide same information within WHOIS.
  • ICOs like Digitex are unregulated. Yep, we know almost all cryptocurrencies are not regulated properly. So, in this situation holding some new tokens which will even not available for exchange publicly is really a high-risk investment, so from our side, we don’t recommend to purchase the tokens like DGTX.

Anyway, it’s our own view towards new ICOs and tokens like Digitex. But you are free to provide your own views, your own Digitex Futures reviews below in the comment section. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.


Good Luck! 


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