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What is BTC Buzz? Is a Scam? – NOI

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What is BTC Buzz? Is a Scam or Legit?

BTC Buzz, also known as a Bitcoin Buzz is an illegal cash gifting scheme which can’t be sustain for long time. In the past many companies following cash gifting models had been already collapsed and turned into scams. MMM Global is one of the big scam company in this category. This kind of business has been declared as an illegal business in many countries which even have a chance to get seized by the concerned authorities. But, in most of the cases, these kinds of companies stop paying and close by themselves before concerned authorities can take legal action against them.


Cash gifting scheme is actually one kind of Pyramid scheme. If you don’t know what is Pyramid scheme, then you can click this link:-


So, if you are still confuse and want to know either is BTC Buzz scam or legit, then it is an upcoming scam which will pay at starting, but soon in the future will stop paying and run away with money of members.


OK, let’s find out what is in detail within our BTC Buzz review as below.

What is Bitcoin Buzz? Is BTCBuzz scam or legit? Bitcoin Buzz review.

BTC Buzz login and join in link:- (Not Recommended to join)

What is BTCBuzz and why we don’t recommend it?

Aforementioned, the business model of BTCBuzz is unsustainable and is also illegal in many countries, that is why we don’t recommend it. These kinds of companies never can pay for long time because it depends upon the amount of new members that can be brought in the company. The only way to earn money from this company is by making referrals who are willing to gift a cash to you every month by paying 0.03 BTC and in order to earn that gifted cash as commission, you also need to gift your sponsor every month.


So, why this system fails?


This system fails because when many people join this system, the last one who join this system can’t get any referral for them and will leave the company and stop paying 0.03 BTC per month, then his sponsor will not be able to earn and he/she will also leave the company and then his upline and so on which will completely backfire the whole matrix system and then at last company will collapse. That is why this kind of cash gifting business models are illegal because in these kinds of companies, only those who join at starting will make good amount of money, but those who join at last, specially innocent people will lose money. That is why we should never encourage and promote these kinds of companies just because we join at first and we make some money. We should think about those people who will join at last and lose their money.


Another reason we don’t recommend this company is due to its owner details which is completely hidden. No one knows who runs and operates BitcoinBuzz. If you check the WHOIS detail of, then you will find out that the owner details and the company address is completely hidden. But, from WHOIS detail, we can find that they are using the hosting service of that company which has been used by many scam sites in the past. The available WHOIS detail also matches with many other scam sites. 


So, we don’t recommend BTC Buzz/ Bitcoin Buzz.




Aforementioned, it is clear that BTCBuzz (Bitcoin Buzz) is not a good company because it is not a sustainable business, its business model is illegal and the owner details are completely hidden. So, we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list.


If you want to find out what kinds of business models are legal and sustainable and which companies are good and trusted, then you can click this link:-


Among all online work companies, Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 recommendation because its business model is 100% legal and sustainable, the rate of successful members are high in Wealthy Affiliate, its owner details is completely transparent, both beginners and expert can make good amount of money from Wealthy Affiliate and that is also on regular basis for their lifetime and so on. If you want to know what is Wealthy Affiliate in detail, then you can click this link:-


However, if you are looking for companies where you can earn money easily just by risking your own money, then you can find those kinds of popular HYIP, revenue share and crowd funding companies by clicking this link:-


We also suggest you to take a look at our “how to know scams” post so that you can spot a scam by yourself. For that you can click this link:-


Please feel free to share this BTCBuzz review with your friends and families to warn them about it:-

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