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What is Arogas Club? What is the Aroga WorldWide?

Is Aroga WorldWide scam or legit? Is Argoa's Club scam or legit? Are you searching for the Aroga WorldWide reviews or Arogas Club reviews in order to find out what is Oxo WorldWide or what is ArogasClub or what is the Aroga WorldWide, scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Aroga World Wide review or Arogas Club review, you can find all the information about Aroga WorldWide and ArogasClub, both pros and cons, such as about ArogaWorldWide complaints, Arogas Club complaints, Aroga World Wide scam claims, Arogas Club scam claims, Aroga World Wide compensation plan, Aroga's Club compensation plan and so on, over all about what is arogasclub.com or argoaworldwide.com. Actually, either you call it Oxo WorldWide or Argoa WorldWide or ArogasClub, it is a same thing, only they change the name from time to time and their new name is ArogasClub, that's it. Aroga's Club is a MLM company and we don’t recommend it and the reason for that you can find within our ArgoasClub review as below. However, it is completely our point of view. It is not necessary that you have to follow the same. Through this Aroga's Club review, we are only providing the truth which we have found according to our research. If the team of Arogas Club or any other find any incorrect information within our review, then they can just inform us about it within our comment section as below with proof to support their claim. If they can provide us the solid proof to claim our some of the information is incorrect, then even we are ready to amend our review. Now, may be you are thinking if we don't recommend companies like Aroga's Club, then which kind of companies we recommend. Well, then before we begin with our Aroga's Club review in detail, if you want to know what is our No.1 recommended online work company, then that is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find our detail review by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/wealthy-affiliate-review/


Ok now let's begin with our ArogaWorldWide review, ArogasClub review as below.

What is Aroga's Club, Is Argoa's Club scam or legit? Aroga's Club review

Aroga's Club Join in and Log in link:- http://arogasclub.com/

Previous Aroga's Club domain links:- http://arogaworldwide.com/ and http://oxoworldwide.com/

Background of Aroga's Club, Aroga WorldWide, What is Aroga's Club?

Aroga's Club is a new name of Argoa WorldWide. As per one news media article, we have found that Oxo World Wide joined hands with Aroga and after that they called as Aroga Wordwide. But, later on again they changed their name from Aroga WorldWide to Aroga's club. We real don't understand why they keep on changing their name. 


We have also found out that they are not only changing the name of the company, but also the owner address within a WHOIS detail. When their company was named as ArogaWorldWide, the owner address was registered as Whitby, Canada and now when they register their website as arogasclub.com, their owner address was registered as Scottsdale, USA. Even the owner name is hidden within a WHOIS details of arogasclub.com. Before, the founder of www.oxoworldwide.com was mentioned as Douglas Yates. But, after they partnered with Aroga, the name of team members as they have mentioned within their website are Grove Bennett as CEO, Todd Ramsey as COO, Rakesh Malhotra as CFO and Ray Sickles as Cheif Product Formulator. So, then now where is Douglas Yates? Is OxoWorldWide is sold to new group or Douglas Yates just leave the company? More than that, why now in the WHOIS of new domain, arogasclub.com, they have hide the name of the owner? However, at least they have provided three addresses to contact them in the their website which you can find by following this link:- http://arogasclub.com/contact/. So, if you are interested to work with them, we suggest you to contact them using the contact details as they have provided within their website and ask them more details about their background by yourself. However, our head start to become round and round when we try to dig more about the history of Aroga's Club, so we end our background research on Aroga's Club here. If the team of Aroga's club can find any fault in our research on the background of the company, then we welcome them to use our comment section below in order to provide the authentic background about them. However, we don't want only claims, if the team of Aroga's Club want to amend our review, then they must provide the solid proofs for their claims to prove us wrong. However, when we search around the internet about their old companies, we have found out that they had faced lots of issues, negative reviews in the past, specially the complaints against their products. But, still they are selling the same products, nothing change on that.  Even if the latest information which they have provided in their website is true, then also it is not the history of Argoa's Club which make us to list it within our Not Recommended list, but there are other major issues with this company about which you can find below.


Aroga's club is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company which offers products related with health and wellness niche such as, Acu-Point Pleasure, Acu-Point Sleep, Acu-Point Intelligence, Acu-Point Relief, Acu-Point Fit, Acu-Point Energy which were used to be known as Realtime Pleasure, Realtime Sleep, Realtime Intelligence, Realtime Fit, Realtime Energy and Realtime Relief. Either they were known as Oxo WorldWide, or Aroga WordWide or now as Aroga's Club or change the name of their products, still they are selling the same products and the reason we don't recommend this company is also due to its products because you can find lots of complaints against its products and services. On top of that we didn't find that their products have been certified and measured by any authentic concerned authorities and medical sciences. However, we didn't find it when we did the deep research as far as we can, but if there are some concerned government medical and science authorities which has certified their products, then the team of Aroga's Club are welcomed here to share us those proofs using our comment section below. If they can provide us the proof, sure we are ready to amend our review. But, as per our research, we found out that some reviews claim that their those hologram products takes nothing from the body or puts nothing in the body, so how can that help us to give energy or sleep or somehow make us smarter like they have claimed? So, we try to dig more into it, specially about "quantum hologram technology" which is the technology that Aroga's club product is claiming to provides the health benefit. We tried to find it out through WHO (World Health Organization) website. After all, if there is some health benefit or side effects of "quantum hologram technology", then World Health Organization sure will post something on it. But, we got too much surprise to see that even WHO hasn't mentioned anything about it. You can find the screenshot as below when we were trying to do the research on "quantum hologram technology" in WHO website. 

The screenshot showing the research on quantum hologram technology in WHO website.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the quantum hologram technology has not been discovered and gone through by any scientific method yet, even by the best doctors the world has to offer and the products that Aroga's Club is selling are using quantum hologram technology such as Acu-Point Pleasure, Acu-Point Sleep, Acu-Point Intelligence, Acu-Point Relief, Acu-Point Fit and Acu-Point Energy. This is the main reason which makes us list Aroga's Club within our Not Recommended sites list because in order to work and earn money with Aroga's Club, we need to sell their products and we don't think it is good idea to sell products, specially related with health which haven't backed up by any authentic scientific measures yet. However, if Aroga's Club can show us any post posted by any big organizations like WHO or can show us any approval for using quantum hologram technology from reputed health organizations, then they can use the comment section below within our review and if they really proves it works with certificates or any other proofs from the big organization like WHO, then even we are ready to amend our review on Aroga's Club.



How to earn money from Aroga's Club, Aroga WorldWide?

You need to pay $99.95 to 399.95 in different packages in order to become the member of Aroga's club and start to work with them. In order to earn from this company, you should recruit the affiliates and have to sell the products as much as you can. And your income depends on the recruitment of your affiliates and sales of the products. But there is a big risk to sell its products because as we have mentioned before, their products haven’t certified by any authentic medical sciences yet. So, you will be in trouble by selling its products in the market because when your clients find out those products quality is not good, they can even file a case against you because it's products is related with health and since its products are not back up with any authentic medical science, there is also chance of doing them harm than doing good. More than that, already there are lots of complaints against its products from its consumers. So, we will definitely stay away from these kind of companies where we can earn money only by selling the products which is related to solve health problems, but haven't certified by any authentic scientific measures. But, if you want to take a risk by selling these kind of products, then you can work with Aroga's Club, don't worry about the payment, till now they have paid to their members who have earned money by selling their products and recruiting members. But, from our side, we don't recommend it.



Drawbacks of Aroga's Club, Aroga WorldWide

  1. Aroga's Club use to be known as Aroga Worldwide and before that use to be known as Oxo Worldwide. Even they have changed the name of their products. Yep, we know that Oxo World Wide joined the hand with Aroga and they become Aroga World Wide, but after why they change name from Aroga World Wide to Aroga's Club, that is unknown. As per our opinion, it seems they have changed the name of their company and also the name of their products just to hide all the issues and the complaints against their products and services which they had faced in the past by selling same products which they are still selling with new company and the product name. But, we don't think changing the name of company and product will change the quality or service of their products.
  2. You can find lots complaints against Aroga World Wide or Oxo World Wide such as, negative claims about their products, lack of payment and inability to deliver products and much more. Many of the consumers had also claimed that they paid for the products but the company hasn’t delivered the products to them even after 3 months. 
  3. The products of Aroga's Club is related with health issues, but their products haven’t measured by any authentic concerned medical science authorities. So, it will be risky to sell its products because it is not guarantee that their products will work, and more than that even we never know if those products have any side effects or not. So, as per our opinion, it is never a good idea to earn money by risking the health of our clients.



Aforementioned, there are so many issues with Aroga's Club, specially about their products which are claimed to serve the health benefits, but has not been proven to be work by any authentic scientific measures. So, of course, we don’t recommend you to join Aroga's Club, but the final choice is yours. We are not saying they will not pay you. If for you the company is legit if they pay you for selling their any kind of products, then definitely you can work with Aroga's club, but we will not recommend it form our side because we only recommend company like Wealthy Affiliate where you no need to hassle to sell any unknown products, where even you no need to sell any products or recruit anyone to earn money, where you can make a stable regular income for your lifetime, where you never have to be worried to be scammed, from where you can make a full time income and which is established from very long time with high rate of successful members and has already proven to be legit business with all legal license. You can find more details on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/wealthy-affiliate-review/


If you want to take a look at our full list of recommended companies, then you can find those by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.org/legitimate-work-home-businesses/

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