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Wad.Ojooo Review, Is Ojooo Scam or Legit? – NOI

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Wad.Ojooo Review, Is Wad Ojooo Scam or Legit?

Background of Wad.Ojooo :

Wad.Ojooo Review, Is Wad Ojooo Scam or Legit?

Wad.Ojooo was launched at March 19, 2013 by company Ojooo Deutschland GmbH, based in Germany/Poland. The owner of Ojooo is Michael Thees. This company is operating other online business as well such as Ojooo Share, Ojooo Ads, Ojooo Games, Ojooo Search, Ojooo TV, Ojooo Me, Ojooo Mail, Ojooo Hosting etc. We are sure that now you will think Ojooo is such a big company because it is operating so many online businesses. But, in reality Ojooo is now in debt. Actually Wad.Ojooo open this business with good intention and they want to make it big in real. But sometime business need luck also. Anyway, they are still trying to come out of debt by adding many income stream, but still have not succeed yet. However, now they are doing one scam thing. They are pending payments of some members from many months. Even some members are waiting their payment from more than one year. It is not good to make members wait their payment so long time. Actually it is scam move. We have listed other bad points of Wad.Ojooo within “Drawbacks of Wad.ojooo” caption as below.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

Wad Ojooo Review, Wad Ojooo is scam or legit.

What is Wad.Ojooo and how can we earn money in it?

Wad.Ojooo is PTC website in which you can earn money by simply viewing the advertisements. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.035 per advertisement you view for 5 seconds to 60 seconds. You can view around 100 advertisements everyday within Wad.Ojooo.


You can earn more money if you can refer more people because you can earn commissions when your referrals view ads same like you. You can also earn commissions from your referral purchase. However, it is very risky to invest money to get referrals in Ojooo as it can make your payment pending anytime even for one year.

So, in Ojooo only work as free member, never invest money in it or at least don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Make referrals only if you can make it free from sites like Easyhits4u and by posting links in facebook or twitter. However, we don’t recommend you to lie other to join this site. Tell them true that they can earn money, but it is not guarantee they can get their payment on time or not. Ojooo can make your payment pending even for more than one year anytime. However, they will pay you within 24 hours till the date they want to pay you. Even if they stop paying you and keep your payment pending for long time, you can still use your earnings to advertise in Ojooo as it is one of the good platform to advertise if you want to get referrals in other PTC sites as well as in other online work companies. If you are the one who want to take a risk to invest money to make direct referrals in Ojooo, then click HERE for the strategy to make direct referrals in any PTC sites.


Ojooo also have features to rent referrals and the rented referrals average is not so bad. But, the problem is again their payment pending strategy. So, now it is totally upto you whether or not you want to take risk to invest in rented referrals and upgrade in such company where it is not sure how long time it will take to get your payment.


Drawbacks of Wad.Ojooo :

Actually we had already mention the main drawback of Ojooo in our explanation as above. However, we again want to point it out one by one:-

  1. Wad.ojooo are having issues to pay on time to its members. Actually it is still paying to some of its member on time – even faster than its TOS but still have members whose payments were pending from more than 1 year. However, it is even paying more than 500 USD withdraw requests within 24 hours to some of its members.
  2. The main reason Ojooo is having problem in payment is because they are in huge debt. They didn’t open this site with intention of scamming people, but due to the fund problem, they start to scam members by paying selectively Anyway, it seems that Ojooo is still trying hard to resolve the problem. Time to time they are adding new business like Ojooo share, Ojooo mails, Ojooo hosting, Ojooo games which seems quite good to catch the Internet market. They are always trying to increase their profit by doing many new things. However, they still have fund problem due to which more and more payments of users are on hold.
  3. Although they make payment pending for many days, still they are paying to those members as well when they have enough fund. They even pay after one year to some members. So, now it is upto you to decide getting your payment after one year is scam or not. 

Conclusion about Wad.Ojooo :

As per above reasons, we can’t put Ojooo in our scam list because even late, they are still paying to their members. However, it is very bad for those members who got their payment after one year. So, we put Ojooo in “Not Recommended” list which means we don’t recommend anyone to work in this company. However, at least they pay to their new members on time and you can earn more fast in Ojooo than other similar kind of PTC sites. So, you can try your luck. If you have enough time, you can work in wad.ojooo as free member till the date they keep on paying you on time. When your payment start to get pending for more than one month, either leave the site or start to use your earnings to advertise your other PTC sites or any other online work companies because Wad.Ojooo is good platform to get referrals in other online work companies. But, we don’t suggest you to invest money from your pocket in this site. At least don’t invest money more than you can afford to lose. 


After read our detail review on Ojooo, if you still want to work in it, then click the pictures of Ojooo as in order to register and work in this site.

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