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Uneahome Review – Genuine? Uneahome Scam or Legit?

You made the right decision by searching for the Uneahome reviews because it is not as legit site. So, let’s find out in detail what makes scam and what is Uneahome in real.

It is selling the products like BONO BUTLER, HANDMADE NOA STORAGE BIN, LIA HANGING PLANTER, Baby Groot Flowerpot, TEDDY BEAR NOA, LIA LEDGE, Summer Girl, MEOW BASKET, ASTRONAUT FIGURINES, 3 Layer Bento Lunch Box, ACACIA WOOD OVAL PLATE, Afternoon Tea/Coffee Set, ANEA FRUIT JUICER, Automatic Water Dispenser, Birds Stained Glass Window Hangings – Mothers Day Gift, Classic Bedding Set 5 Size, etc.

Uneahome complaints legit or fraud?

We think Uneahome is not a trustworthy site since it has the following drawbacks:-

# It has not provided the detailed company’s address and contact phone number. Its obvious that legit online stores mostly provide detailed contact information which can be easily verified while scam ones either don’t provide any contact details or provide fake ones.

# It has provided an email address “” which is a free and non domain specific one.

# Lots of details and its website design match with multiple problematic sites. The legit sites mostly have genuine content, not copy-paste ones.

# It is selling lots of products at unrealistic cheap prices. Such discounts are mostly provided by the websites which are doing a scam business to attract people.

# It hasn’t provided social media icons linked to its social media pages or profiles, so it may not have its social media pages or profiles. Most of the legit online stores have their social media pages.

# It has provided the fake trust seal logos of Norton, McAfee, etc. on checkout page. Although these trust seal logos are clickable, they send us to its home page when we click on them rather than the official verification webpage of respective trust seal providers which prove those trust seals are fake ones.

# Its Refunds and Exchange Policy is very confusing which will make you very difficult to get full refund. You can find exactly the same kind of Return Policy on lots of scam sites. It has also mentioned that “Return shipping will be at the customer’s own expense as we are unable to offer free return shipping at this stage”.

# You can find lots of complaints from users of similar kinds of sites about the product quality, customer service and delivery time. Some users have also complained that they never received their products from similar kinds of sites.


Due to the reasons we have mentioned above, we conclude that Uneahome is a suspicious website. However, if you know additional information about this company, then please let us know using the comment section below. We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you to avoid online scamming.

If you agree with our Uneahome review and want to share this information with your friends and families, then please feel free to share this post with them through your social media accounts.

Please feel free to use the search box on our website to find the review of the site that you are looking for. Or, you can comment below or in any other posts and ask us to check the site. We will be more than happy to help you and save you from scams.

However, we are not telling you that Uneahome is definitely a scam because we have no right to say so since we haven’t purchased anything on this online store. We have just showed some facts about this online store and we hope that these facts actually will help you to make a right decision.

We also recommend you to check other articles under our “Scam Alert!” or “Suspicious” categories so that you will have more knowledge about various kinds of scams and suspicious websites and online activities.

To save yourself from scam online stores, always avoid the sites that are selling items at unrealistic cheap prices. Always verify the contact information provided on the site and avoid the ones without any contact details.

Good Luck!

5 thoughts on “Uneahome Review – Genuine? Uneahome Scam or Legit?”

  1. I made an order from their website. And then i saw this article which made me doubt the website and my order. So i emailed their support email, saying that it sounds like a scam and that i will dispute my order from paypal to get my money back. I received an answer straight away saying that they are not a scam company and my order will be shipped in a couple of days. Which is exactly what happened I received my package a couple of days ago and its exactly what i ordered. I hope this helps anyone that made an order and also helps this startup website

  2. Would be great to see photos of what people actually bought looks like a scam site to me but I’d be keen to know if people have had a positive experience and see the products that arrived?

  3. I ordered a Dobbermann with table from Unea Home, despite it didn´t feel well. They wanted payment in advance which I really don´t like. It would have been better if they had used for example Paypal. I didn´t hear anything for about two weeks, why I sent them a mail and asked aboute their seriousness and if they were cheaters. Then I got a track code at last, which I have been following with much anxiety. I have always got answers om my requests. Finally after 50 days (!) I got my Dobbermann, very well packed from China! I can´t insert a picture here, but it is unbelievable truth!

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