UKMoney Review: UKMoney.XYZ Scam Alert!

UKMoney Scam Alert! It's not only the UKMoney.XYZ a scam but similar sites with a similar name such as UKMoney.ICU, UKMoney.HOST and so on are all scams. If you ever find out the same kind of sites, which means the sites which have the same website theme, same business model, same website script, and so on, then you must know those all sites are scams.

Now you may be want to find out why is UK Money a scam, what makes UKMoney a scam, what is UKMoney.XYZ, UKMoney.ICU, UKMoney.HOST and so on in real, right? Well, you are definitely going to find out the answer to these queries here within our UK Money review. So, your search for UKMoney reviews ends here. OK, let's begin with our UKMoney.XYZ review or UKMoney.ICU review or UKMoney.HOST review.

What is UK Money? Why is UKMoney.XYZ, UKMoney.HOST, UKMoney.ICU a scam?

UKMoney is a site run and operated by a serial scammer who has thousands of exactly similar kinds of sites only with different names but with the same website theme, website script, business model, and so on. This scammer hasn't paid even a single member from any of his/her sites. So, this makes clear that UKMoney.XYZ, UKMoney.ICU, UKMoney.HOST are same kinds of scams.

UKMoney complaints. UKMoney fake or real? UKMoney legit or fraud?

UKMoney.ICU, UKMoney.XYZ, UKMoney.HOST, etc. are fraudulent websites

Actually, we have already worked and tried to cash-out earning from these sites and none of these sites paid us.

Actually, these kinds of sites are not online to pay anyone but just to deceive people by making them join these sites and letting them submit their personal information such as email address, personal identities, financial information and so on. These sites sell those details to the third parties and make money from that.

Never ever submit your credit card information to these kinds of sites otherwise these sites can charge your credit card randomly without your consent.

These kinds of scams also trick people to pay first to cash-out their earnings. These sites ask members to purchase their fake referrals to cash-out their earnings. However, whatever you do, even you pay for anything as per their guidance, then also these sites won't pay you even a single penny.

None of these sites have ever revealed who and from where is operating these sites which is a big proof that these sites are scams. None of the legit online work companies hide their owner details and company's address, only scam companies do.

You can find the list of lots of these kinds of scams by clicking >HERE<.

From every angle, UKMoney is a scam. So, we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.

Never go after these kinds of sites which claim you can earn money very easily. None of the legit sites can pay you money so easily. However, if you are ready to do work, then you can find plenty of legitimate ways to make money online by clicking >HERE<.

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Good Luck!

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  1. Veronika Avatar

    I need your help

    1. What kind of help do you need?

  2. Questo è il messaggio che ho inviato a questo truffatore anche se chiaramente sono certo che non riceverò nemmeno un centesimo .
    Hello I was told at the beginning that withdrawing the money earned would be easy .... then when you try to withdraw the system it tells you that you have to reach at least 200 euros ??? I got to 201 euro I tried to withdraw with PayPal and now the system tells me that I have to link 30 referals .... ??? Now if you don't transfer my 201 euros I will put myself on any site to say that your site is one of the many scams that runs on the web !!! i will wait 24 hours if i have no communication from you i will move accordingly ... thank you and have a nice day

  3. Ibrahim Mustapha Avatar
    Ibrahim Mustapha

    I logged into the UKMoney website, registered and earned almost a thousand dollars of video viewing. I couldn't get paid b'cause I needed to have 30 referrals. I tried to buy the referrals from their suggested contacts but couldn't b'cause the transaction had to be done with Bitcoins. I registered and obtained a Bitcoin wallet and was ready to initiate the transaction but still was unable, because I couldn't log back into my UKMoney account...."Username or Password incorrect"! I was damn sure my username and password were correct though. I felt and still feel robbed. I wasted my data and precious time to view hours of videos without any compensation for it.

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    Vitus veda

    I would like to get to the ukmoney

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      Vitus veda

      Want to join

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    Vitus veda

    Want to join

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