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Transitbux Review - Is Transitbux a Scam?

Update:- We now declare Transitbux as Scam site because from many months they are not paying on time to their members and even suspending account of many members without valid reasons and as we have mentioned in the review below, even they give payment on time as per their TOS, then also it is very hard to get payment from them. Besides that, we found lots of complaints that members even didn't get their payment after waiting for more than 5 months. So, lets stay away from this site.

If you like to share this post with your friends, please feel free to do so:- is PTC website in which members earn money by viewing advertisements. It is very simple to work in Transitbux and they are paying till date. However, there are some major drawbacks of Transitbux which are as follows:-

1. Standard members only can receive 50% of their earnings into their Paypal and Payza account, other 50% will be go to the Purchase balance


2. Members need to make at least 5 posts in their forum in order to cashout.


3. Members need to view all ads for regular 20 days after they request the payment. Even if they miss for 2 days to click the ads after the payment request, their payment request will be canceled and their balance will be return to their Transitbux's account by cutting 0.2 Euro as fee.


4. Total payout is fixed at 25 Euro and after that members must upgrade their account in order to get further payment. So, it is like forced investment payment site which we definitely never recommend anyone to work.


5. Members are forced to view emails for free. Without viewing those emails, members can’t view ads and sometime they send around 5-10 emails. More than that some of those emails are even scams because it look like those sites are recommend by Transitbux and members get confuse and join those sites which turn to be scam later.


So, in many ways, it seems that Transitbux doesn't care about their members at all. Although till now it is paying according to its TOS. But the problem is that according to their TOS it is very hard to get the payment. 

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