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GetPaidSocial Review, Is it a Scam? – NOI

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GetPaid.Social Review, Is Get Paid Social a Scam?

Update, 5 May 2016:- Payments are still pending from more than 1 month. It seems GetPaidSocial is in debt and don’t want to pay anymore or may be will pay in much more delays which is not a good sign. They once again reopened the free membership account, but we think it is more bad to follow those companies which keep on changing their rules and let the members to upgrade forcefully from time to time. So, it is better to stay aways from this company.


WARNING:- We think Get Paid Social is turning into the scam soon. So, now we move it to our “Not Recommended” list. The payments are pending for more than 3 weeks, however, they are still paying and on top of that, they are going to cancel the accounts of free members if they are not going to upgrade. Not only that, if those free members don’t upgrade on time, they will loose their earnings as well. This is a big sign of scam. None of legit company will force their free members to upgrade, even if they do, first of all they will pay their members who have already earned as per their previous TOS and then only will force to upgrade. 


We also warn everyone to cancel their subscription with GetPaidSocial as soon as they can. If you have paid from Paypal, cancel subscription from Paypal. If you have paid from credit cards, call your bank and inform them to cancel. Actually it should be able to cancel from the site, but we try and something is not working properly which make us more suspicious.


The business model of this site was really good. But, so pity, it seems the owner is destroying the site. We thought after his previous site-AutoXTen failure, he learned from his mistake and come up with new idea and open this site. But his idea still seems same. Only to make money for him within short period of time.


Following is our previous review on GetPaidSocial when we were testing this site. 

Before begin with complete review on Get Paid Social, we will like to make it clear that we are only testing GetPaidSocial and neither promoting or recommending it. Our No. 1 Recommended Company is always Wealthy Affiliate and you can find the detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking following link:-

Through our this GetPaidSocial Review, we only want to deliver the truth so that you can find out either GetPaidSocial is Scam or Legit.

Background of Get Paid Social

Get Paid Social is run and operated by Jeff Long. He is big name in the field of affiliate marketer in the online work industry. However, he use to have site known as AutoXTen. But later he closed that site because that site business model was totally Pyramid Scheme which was not sustainable from its starting. However, after that failure, we think he learn from his mistakes because after that he only keep on doing marketing of other company and didn’t open any other site. However, recently he open Get Paid Social and so far as per our research, this site business model looks sustainable.


GetPaidSocial was officially launched on December 7, 2015.


What is Get Paid Social

GetPaidSocial is online work company where you can earn by doing very simple tasks such as visiting advertiser’s website, sharing and liking Facebook posts, watching videos, etc. You just have to complete simple tasks like these as directed within each tasks which you can find within “Task MarketPlace” under “Reward Center” on the left hand side menu of Get Paid Social. You can also find those tasks within “Dashboard” section. It is 100% free to join and work. You can earn from $0.005 to $0.25 for completing each simple tasks as we mentioned before.


We are saying this business model is sustainable because there will be tasks available when advertisers purchase them. For example, advertiser purchases ads at the rate per task $0.05, then you will earn $0.04 from that tasks and remaining amount goes to sponsor and get paid social site itself. There won’t be any task if advertisers don’t purchase any tasks. That is why this business model is proven sustainable business model where it is very simple math to calculate the profit make by site and members. There is not any ponzi or pyramid scheme involve within this site.


Detail Strategy to work in GetPaidSocial

Like we mentioned before, it is very easy to work within GetPaidSocial as everything is describe there within each tasks. Once you click “Reward Center” on the left hand side menu, you will find “Task Marketplace” where when you click, can find available tasks. Each tasks will have described you in detail how to earn from those tasks such as:-

1. Sharing Facebook as well as other social media post

2. Liking a Social Media Page like Facebook

3. Visiting a website

4. Watching videos

5. Taking survey

6. Following people on Twitter

7. Doing similar kind of other tasks


It is as simple as that.


Once you join the site, for a first time you have to do the step up within your Facebook account which is also very easy because you will find that describe in detail within video where you need to do that set up. Once you do the step up as guided by that video, you are all done to start work within GetPaid.Social.


You can also earn more money by referring people within GetPaidSocial through your referral link which you can find within “Dashboard” of your GetPaidSocial account. You can advertise your that referral link in other PTC sites as well as within your own website in order to get referrals and earn more money from GetPaidSocial through referral purchases when they upgrade their account as well as from the work done by your referrals. However, you must upgrade your account in order to get commissions from your referrals. In order to find out the detail strategy to get referrals, please follow our this post:-


You can also upgrade your account in GetPaidSocial to get more tasks and referrals commissions. But, we don’t prefer you to upgrade unless you have more than 5 full active referrals (those who upgrade their account) within GetPaidSocial.


Benefit for Advertisers to advertise within GetPaidSocial

GetPaidSocial is very good platform for the advertisers as well because all members here are sign up through their Facebook account due to which there won’t be any BOTS clicks and advertisers can get each genuine clicks and sign ups and likes and shares.


Conclusion about GetPaidSocial

If we only consider the business model, then GetPaidSocial is totally sustainable site. However, it is still a new site, so we should not invest in this site more than we can afford to loose. But, actually we can take benefit from this site only working as free member and even investments are only for upgrades which are beneficial if you can make referrals. Anyway, it doesn’t mean we are recommending this site. We are only testing this site and we always need to be careful with new sites. If it keeps on paying for more than 2 years, then we will move it to our “Good and Trusted Online Works” section. 

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We’ll be more than happy to help you.

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