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Trafficollect Review, Is Traffic Collect Scam or Legit?

Update (2015/05/25):- There is not any response from team of Trafficollect from more than 7 days and even ads are not reset and update. There is not any ads deliver from more than 7 days and no one is replying the email. So, it seems site is abandoned by admin. We have also find out that some members had invest in this site. Till now we have find out total $1,257 invested by different members into this site. We are very surprise to know that this site closes down so soon and even just scam so much little money. Anyway, we must say that "Kossay Andolsi" (owner of Trafficollect) is very funny scammer. We have never seen any site turn into scam within a month by scamming such a little amount. Anyway, either it is $1000 or $100,000, cheating money is scam. So, we move this site to our "Bad and Scam Online Works" list and in future also we will not recommend any site operated by this admin.

Following is our review on Trafficollect which is not valid anymore.

Background of Trafficollect :

Trafficollect (also misspelled as "Traffic Collect") is launched at May 1, 2015. The owner of Trafficollect is Kossay Andolsi and he is from Kabaria Tunis, Tunisia. However, website hosting of Trafficollect is provided by USA company. There is not any past record of Kossay Andolsi involving in online work industry. So, we can't say his intention is good or bad. But at least he doesn't hide his real identity, which shows his good intention. However, it is not enough to support Trafficollect because there are other many drawbacks of Trafficollect which we have explained at "Drawbacks of Trafficollect" caption as below.


Click here to join Trafficollect if you decided to join it after reading our detail review on Trafficollect

What is Trafficollect?

Trafficollect is PTC plus revenue sharing program which has copied the exact format of another program known as Paidverts

Trafficollect is same like Paidverts, so if you are already working in Paidverts, then you will simply understand what to do in Trafficollect. However, if you are new to this program, then you can read our "Detail guide to work in Trafficollect" caption as below.

Detail Guide to Work in Trafficollect :

It is very simple to work in Trafficollect. You just need to view ads. The detail strategy to work in Trafficollect is as below:- 


1. First of all you need to sign up in Trafficollect. Click on "Creat Account" button as shown in the picture and then you will ask to solve the captcha. After you solve the captcha, you need to provide your details and then your sign up process will be complete and you can log in with your username and password as provided by you during the sign up process.

2. When you log in Trafficollect, you can view Bonus ads which you can find within your account section by clicking "view bonus ad points" as shown in the picture on the right. As soon you click that, you will be directed to the page where you can find ads. When you view those, you will start to earn points. As soon you have more than 1600 points, you will start receive paid ads which you can view by clicking "View Paid Ads" button next to "View Bonus Ad Points" button as shown in the picture. You must know that more BAP you have, you will get more high value ads and you will earn more money. So, never miss to view the BAP ads.


3. As we mention above in No. 2, you will earn more when you have more BAP. So, in order to increase those BAP more fast, you can invest money in advertisement. When you invest $1, you will not only advertise your website or referral link, but you will also get 3120 BAP which in return will give you total $1.56 worth paid ads. So, if you invest $1, you will get back $1.56 return. However, before you decide to invest in this company, we strongly suggest you to read the "Drawbacks of Trafficollect" as below.


4. You should remember that in the program like Trafficollect, you can increase your earnings by increasing your BAP which you can do in free way as guided in No. 2 (slow method, 0 risk) or by investing money as guided in No.3 (fast method with risk). 


5. Another way to increase your earnings in Trafficollect is by referring people under your link. You will earn 5% of your referral's purchases as well as 5% of amount of ads which your referrals view in the same way you do.


Drawbacks of Trafficollect :

1. The main drawbacks of Trafficollect is their business model. Although they copy concept of Paidverts, their business model is not totally sustainable as they don't have additional income stream like in Paidverts such as casino games, shares, advertisement bids etc. However, they recently announce that they are launching share section. But, that will not be enough. Even Paidverts is also not totally sustainable and they are still working to make them more stable. So, Trafficollect must add lots of income stream to make them stable.


2. Another drawback of Trafficollect is its owner who doesn't have any past record in online work industry due to which it is hard to know his intentions.


Conclusion about Trafficollect :

As we mention in our drawbacks of Trafficollect, it is hard to believe any company which is very new and launched by new owner who doesn't have any record in the past in online work industry. However, at the moment it is paying. So, you can work in Trafficollect as free member or if you want to invest in it, then only invest that much amount which you can afford to lose.


Programs like Trafficollect is not the platform to plan for your long term income. It is the platform to earn in short term. However, if you are looking for best program to establish your full time online income by doing real online work for your lifetime, then the best choice is Wealthy Affiliate. You can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate and link to join in it by clicking this link:-


Your comments are valuable for us. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Traffic Collect or want to report anything about other online work companies.

We are happy to help you.

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