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Tenloly .com Is A Scam, Not Genuine

Tenloly is a scam using parent company name FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED about which I’ve found you have warned here –

Tenloly using this company name and scamming innocent people. I am living in Dubai and scammer living in Ireland. So, I cannot reach to them.

So many people spend money for gifts to their family, which is $70 US dollar, and they don’t receive anything, it’s too much painful. You can’t imagine this company FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED make me a scam through website Tenloly .com. Next time I don’t make shopping in online through any website in my life with parent company name FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED. It’s a big scam on the world.

Thanks, send me your feedback.

Above information is not posted by us, but by a Guest/Visitor of our website.

2 thoughts on “Tenloly .com Is A Scam, Not Genuine”

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Tenololy, yes Tenololy is a scam.

    So, anyone who have shopped at Tenololy, should contact their bank or credit card company and ask them to help with a refund. Those who had paid via PayPal, they should open dispute via their PayPal account to get back their money.

    1. Kathleen Sandlin-Davis

      I just ordered from a place called “A Family Member”. Like an idiot I checked on the back end right after i ordered. It says the parent company is
      Fadel-Beatty. I guess I just got scammed. Thank you for bringing to my attention.

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