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SixtyNineBlock Review: Is SixtyNineBlock Scam? – NOI

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SixtyNineBlock Review: Is SixtyNineBlock Scam?

Beware of “Sixty Nine Block” because it doesn’t seem a legit website. Instead, it has lots of things identical with other scam online-stores which are selling the quilts same as SxityNine Block. We can find multiple warning bells ringing for Sixty Nine Block. So, does that means is a scam?


Well, let’s find out either is a scam or legit through our review here. So, let’s begin with our Sixty Nine Block review.

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SixtyNineBlock complaints. Is SixtyNineBlock fake or real? Is SixtyNineBlock legit or fraud?

Sixty Nine Block official website link:- (Not recommended from our side) is highly doubtful site due to the following reasons:-

  • These days you can find the multiple sites similar to such as HobbiLaunch, AmeliaQuilt and so on. When we check the WHOIS details of, we found out lots of details match with AmeliaQuilt which indicate it has linked with AmeliaQuilt. It doesn’t stop there, it’s “Shipping & Delivery” page completely matches with AmeliaQuit as well as lots of sentences and paragraphs used in “Shipping & Delivery” page match with HobbiLaunch as well. So, this indicates it has linked with proven scam sites known as AmeliaQuilt and HobbiLaunch. The site template of SixtyNine Block is also identical to AmeliaQuilt.
  • We can’t locate the address “187 Evans Rd, Moultonborough, NH 03254, United States” by searching around the internet which is the company’s address provided by “Sixty Nine Block”. Yes, we have found some addresses which are almost similar to “187 Evans Rd, Moultonborough, NH 03254, United States” but not the exact address. So, it seems it is not the real address.
  • On its “About Us” page, it has mentioned that in April of 2018, Kimelman family, under the company name of SteelBlock LLC, purchased the business. However, as per our research, we didn’t find any business with name SteelBlock LLC within the United States. So, this makes their story unbelievable.
  • You can find the complaints around the internet about its link with AmeliaQuilt such as, people have complained the product images provided in are similar to AmeliaQuilt, people have complained they got the reply from the same email as Amelia Quilt when they contacted “Sixty Nine Block” and so on.
  • These days multiple new online store scams are popping up. So in this scenario, it is better to stay away from the site like “SixtyNine Block” which is very much identical with other scam sites.

Now you must be clear why we think might be a scam. So, in this situation, we don’t recommend you to purchase any items from and has listed this quilt selling online store within our Not Recommended category.

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    I have purchased (?) a Snowman quilt…..I keep getting “stalling” emails concerning shipping dates. Do I have any recourse or do I need to mark this off as a bad learning experience?

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