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NewChic Review: Is NewChic a Scam or Legit?
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We know you are here because you have found the heavy discount on the different items on the online store site known as or and want to find out either is New Chic a scam or a legit, what is or in real and so on, right? If so, then your search for reviews or reviews ends here because here, within our review as well as review, you are going to find out the complete truth about NewChic. So, let’s begin with our New Chic review.

What is Either is a NewChic scam or legit?

NewChic doesn’t seem completely scam as it has provided the real trust seal logos of McAfee. Maybe you don’t know that most of the new scam online stores have provided the fake trust seal logo of McAfee. So, finding out some new online store with a real trust seal logo is a difficult task these days. So, NewChic is at least not a complete scam.

However, still, we don’t recommend NewChic for you to purchase items and you can find the reasons as below.

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Why don’t we recommend NewChic online store?

The main problem with NewChic is the quality of items that it is delivering. Well, we don’t mean that it is completely cheating people. It is delivering those items at a very cheap price. So, according to the price, the quality of those items are OK, but still not good enough. However, on its website, it is showing very good quality items but those who have purchased those items from this site have received the very bad quality items than what it has advertised on its website.

Yes, we agree that it is selling the items at a very cheap price but by advertising the high-quality items and making people believe that they are giving a huge discount on those items. But, the quality of those items which clients have received is completely different than what it has advertised on its website. So, it is not giving any huge discount in any good quality items but tricking people by showing good quality items and delivering the low-quality items.

Instead of showing the good quality items with 50% discount offer, it should show the real items which it is going to deliver to those clients by putting the real price. So, in reality, people who purchased from NewChic don’t get any heavy discount, instead just get cheap quality items which worth sometimes will even less than what the client has actually paid.

So, we don’t recommend NewChic because we don’t like its marketing strategy. We believe every online store should be honest with clients and they should show the exact items that they are delivering to the clients than showing them high-quality items and delivering very low-quality items.

NewChic is almost similar to another similar kind of online store known as Gamiss which also has the same complaints from the clients as NewChic has.

NewChic has provided two domains and those are and where is the domain for India and is for other lots of countries. So, why it has provided the completely different domain name only for India and for other countries the same domain name? So, this makes us doubt that although it claims it is from China, maybe the owner is from India. Anyway, not having clear owner details is also not good when we are dealing with online stores.

Anyway, at least is delivering the items although those items are low in quality than what they have advertised. So, we can’t call it a scam like other online stores which are even not delivering any items to the clients. But, it is not delivering the same quality items at it has advertised on its website, so we don’t recommend you to purchase from this online store and have listed it in our Not Recommended category.

However, if you are OK with low-quality goods than what NewChic has advertised on its website, then you can purchase the items from this site. However, we suggest you not to use the direct credit card to purchase the items from this site, instead use the secure method like PayPal and so on to purchase from this site otherwise better purchase the items from the renowned online stores only.

Please feel free to share this NewChic review with your friends and families to let them know its reality.

If you want to report anything related to NewChic or want to provide your own NewChic reviews, then please feel free to leave your comment below. You can also comment below if you need our help to investigate some online businesses.

We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

  • JEFF (Tuesday, 22 January 2019 12:53)


  • News Online Income (Thursday, 04 April 2019 06:54)

    Dear JEFF,
    Can you provide more detail on why you think the service and product of NewChic is terrible?

  • kady (Monday, 22 July 2019 13:42)

    I love so many of the clothes that pop up on the side of my screen…but once burned, twice wiser. PLEASE visit the other review site before you even consider buying from this company.
    So, so many of us have been cheated by this scam.

  • Amos Teo (Sunday, 10 November 2019 08:50)

    They’re cheap scammer frauds. my order of 2 shirts never came, and when confronted they deflect and delay and ignore my problems. Not only they didnt sought to resolve my issue, they wouldnt lift a finger to help. Instead they told me to just wait and wait, WHICH IVE BEEN WAITING FOR MONTHS! Extremely angry at their poor customer service, the live agent even tried to trick me and tell me my order is in air transit, but It’s impossible to be on the airplane circling around heaven for months right?! Its so ridiculous, every time I email them, they send me the same exact automated crap which states to contact them if there is any issue with order, which I did but they send me the same exact email again. So they expect u to be a fool and go round n round chasing ur own tail while they pocket yr money without ever actually sending the units out, so they can ‘resell’ it again but dont send out any orders, profitting millions. The more i ask them, the more shady their answer, in fact they dont even know where the order is, n they seemed insistent on not wanting to replace my orders by reproducing just 2 shirts. They couldn’t even track the order, so its definitely missing. n so is my money.

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