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SCAM: PayPal – You Sent Payment to Blanja, Ltd – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

SCAM: PayPal – You Sent Payment to Blanja, Ltd

Beware of scam in the name of PayPal.


If you have recently got an email in the name of PayPal with the subject “A payment receipt to Blanja, Ltd.” which claims you sent payment to Blanja Ltd, then you must be careful before clicking the link in that email because that can be the phishing email send by the cybercriminals, not by PayPal.


You will find out these kinds of emails claiming that you have sent a payment of $47.99 USD or even more to Blanja, Ltd. ( which looks like almost the real email from PayPal but in reality is not. So, don’t even think about clicking the link on that email because if you click the link on that email, that will take you to the website which looks completely similar to PayPal. If you log in using your PayPal email and password within that website, then these cybercriminals will get access into your PayPal account and then they can steal your money in every possible way. Even they can hack your credit card information from there if your credit card is linked with PayPal.


If you have already provided your PayPal password, email account or credit card information within such phishing website, then we suggest you immediately change your PayPal password and contact PayPal and ask them to help you to secure your account and also contact your bank or credit card company immediately and follow their instruction to secure your credit card.

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The "PayPal You Sent Payment to Blanja Ltd" Phishing Scam

The “PayPal You Sent Payment to Blanja, Ltd” Phishing Scams

Actually, these kinds of phishing emails are not a new thing. There are lots of cybercriminals sending different kinds of phishing emails in the name of reputed companies. Even we have already revealed lots of these kinds of phishing emails but still, there are too many. You can find out some examples of such kinds of phishing emails by clicking >HERE<


So, you should be very careful whenever you get an email even from the renowned company because most of the time cybercriminals always use the name of the renowned companies to trick people to fall into their scam.


The best way to save yourself from these scams is by avoiding the instruction provided in the email. If you have a doubt either the email is real or not, you can visit the official website of the respective companies and check there. Such as, in this case of PayPal phishing email, you can go directly to the “” and log in there to check your account instead of clicking the link in the email.


Sometimes these cybercriminals don’t send you link to click, instead will trick you to reply them to send some personal information. However, never ever reply such emails or provide any personal information to these scammers. They will sell your personal information to the third party and also can scam you further by contacting you in various ways.


So, beware of these kinds of phishing emails. Following is the example of this phishing email in the name of PayPal.

Re: A payment receipt to Blanja, Ltd. ( – on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

PayPal Receipt;

Thursday, November 15, 2018,

Transaction ID: K868HGDY76634

Dear Customer,

You sent a payment of $47.99 USD to Blanja, Ltd. (

it may take some time until this transaction to appear in your PayPal account,


Blanja, Ltd. Instructions for merchants

You haven’t entered any instructions.

Shipping address – confirmed

Margaret W Arzola

791 Ocala Street

Orlando, FL 32801

United States. Shipping details

Seller haven’t included a shipping

Description Unit Price Quality Amount

Rocketek Macro Programmable Wired Gaming Mouse with RGB Backlight – BLACK

$47.99 USD – Unit 1

Shipping $0.00 USD

Subtotal $47.99 USD

Total $47.99 USD

Payment $47.99 USD

Payment sent to

Invoice: lNV/9110/NK96/876

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Good Luck!

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