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Scam Alert! Berkshire Hathaway Intl Ballot Award – NOI
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Warning! Phishing Scam Alert! Berkshire Hathaway World Apps Intl Ballot Award Email Scam Alert!


If you have recently got an email or text message claiming that you have won four hundred thousand dollars (400,000.00 USD) because your mobile has been selected in the Berkshire Hathaway World Apps Intl Ballot Award, then you must know that is a scam.


Although these kinds of emails will ask you to contact them to receive your won prize fund, we strictly suggest you not to do that. Never ever reply these kinds of emails or send email to the email address that has been provided in these kinds of emails such as “”.


Whenever you get such emails, immediately delete that email and never reply them. Sometimes these kinds of emails also provided the website link for you to click, never ever click those links as well. Actually, don’t do anything and just delete these kinds of emails.

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Berkshire Hathaway World Apps Intl Ballot Award Scam Alert! Fraud, Fake Email

You can lose your money if you follow these phishing emails

If you reply to these kinds of phishing emails, the scammers will ask you to send your personal information such as your name, home address, bank details and so on. If they don’t ask for the bank details at first, then they can ask that in second email or even they can ask your credit card information or direct to send money.


The personal information like email address, citizenship or passport copies, your name, home address and so on can be sell to the third parties. These kinds of information are fuel for online marketing. So, these kinds of scammers make money by selling these kinds of information.


Once they make money from your personal information, they will go after asking you to send your bank or credit card details. If you provide them your credit card information, then you will end up canceling your credit card because they will keep on charging your credit card randomly.


However, all scammers don’t ask for the credit card information or bank details. Some scammers ask you to send money to claim the prize. They will make you believe that you have owned the big amount of money and they will pretend to be some manager from the big company and ask you to send money to pay taxes or fees to release your prize money. Some people fall into this trick and they think why not send some thousands if they are going to get millions of money. But, if you send them money, you will just end up losing your hard earn money but you will never get any money from them.


You must know the fact that you can’t win the prize or lottery without participating in the lottery program. None of the legit companies will select you randomly to give a big amount of money and legit companies will also not ask you to pay the fees first in order to get your prize money because all the fees and taxes can be cut from the prize money. There is no need to send such money first in order to get the prize money.


Until now none of the legit companies have done such lucky draw program by selecting people randomly around the internet and even if some legit companies do that in the future, first of all, that will be the headline of the big reputed news channel. So, don’t fall for these kinds of scam emails. Actually, there are lots of scammers sending such kinds of scam emails claiming different things. You can find some examples of these kinds of phishing emails by clicking >HERE<.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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    Domingos marques cuama (Wednesday, 24 October 2018 15:31)

    Hello, I got message that my number was selected, And i won that , I would like to how can i get that money in my acounty

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