Scam Alert - Beware of 1-410-200-500

We are writing this post only to make you aware of SMS text messages or calls from the numbers starting with: 1-410-200, such as 1-410-200-500, and so on.

If you receive any call or text message from the numbers like 1-410-200-500, never follow any instructions of those calls or messages.

Those kinds of calls and messages will pretend to be from the big and reputed companies, but in reality, they are from the scammers, from cybercriminals about which we have explained here in detail.

Scam calls, SMS text messages. Phishing calls, messages from the numbers starting with 1-410-200.

OK, let's find out more about 1-410-200-500 and other sequential numbers such as:-

  • 1-410-200-501
  • 1-410-200-502
  • 1-410-200-503
  • 1-410-200-504
  • 1-410-200-505
  • 1-410-200-506
  • 1-410-200-507
  • 1-410-200-508
  • 1-410-200-509
  • 1-410-200-510
  • 1-410-200-511

and so on.

If you receive any phone calls or text messages from the numbers mentioned above, don't believe them.

These kinds of scammers often make you confuse by pretending they are from reputed companies.


Recently people have complained that they received the text messages from the number 1-410-200-500 pretending to be from the Apple company and instructed them to click the link in the message to update their iPhone. But, you must know the fact that Apple doesn't send you SMS with a link to update, instead, they will display notifications for updates. So you should never click the link as provided in such text messages.

People have also complained that they received the text messages from those numbers claiming to be from the Bank of America with a link to login to verify their bank account. If you click that link and log in, then those scammers will have your bank account details with your account login password. So, now you can think about yourself what they can do with those details.

You can find more examples of this kind of scam later in this post.

Scam calls and SMS

Some people have complained that they received the messages from the numbers starting with 1410-200 saying they won the Megapool Lotto or pretending to be from Facebook by instructing them to confirm their details in order to avoid deactivation or pretending to be from Well Forgo bank claiming their account information has been compromised and they have to follow the instruction to recover their account and so on.

Messages from these numbers have also tricked people into visiting malicious websites and installing malicious apps.

Actually, these scammers can send you different kinds of messages but never believe them. Once you get the messages or calls from the numbers starting with 1-410-200, just delete them and avoid them.

These kinds of scammers just want your personal information so that they can use those details to hack your bank account or credit card or payment processor account, emails, social media accounts, etc. so that they can make money. They are just cybercriminals, thieves, scammers. So, just ignore any instruction you get in the messages or calls you receive from those numbers.

If you have already followed their instruction, then just report to the concerned legal department as well as to the concerned entity such as bank if you have provided them your bank details or credit card company if you have provided them your credit card details, or payment processor company if you have provided them your payment processor details and so on.

These kinds of messages or calls also try to trick you making you believe you are going to earn money by providing them your personal information. But, in reality, never expect to earn money so easily. Money never comes easily. However, if you are really interested to make money online and ready to do some work for that, then you can find the list of our good and trusted online works and businesses simply by clicking this link:-

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Now you know about the phishing calls, messages, and so on send from the numbers starting with 1-410-200. So, it will be better you spread the awareness about this scam by sharing this post with your friends and families through your social media accounts.

It will be our pleasure to have a comment from you. So, please feel free to leave your comment below if you want to report about scam calls and messages or if you have any queries related to online work and business industry.

We will be more than happy to help you and hear from you.

Good Luck!

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