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What is Sabika Jewelry About? Is Sabika a Scam or a Legit?
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Is Sabika Scam or Legit? Are you searching for the Sabika Jewelry Reviews in order to find out what is the Sabika, either is Sabika scam or legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our Sabika Jewelry review, we are providing the complete truth about Sabika, both its pros and cons, such as about Sabika Jewelry complaints, background of the company and its owner details, Sabika Jewelry compensation plan, about earnings detail of Sabika Jewelry consultant, about fake Sabika Jewelry made by another company, Sabika Jewelry scam claims and so on, overall about what is a Sabika. However, before we begin with our Sabika review in detail, we want to make it clear that we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list and the reason for that you can find in detail within our Sabika review as below.

But, don’t think that we are saying Sabika is a scam, it is a good company where the products are good and company is paying on time to its affiliates, although their products are little bit expensive. The only reason we don’t recommend Sabika is because of their compensation plan according to which it is very hard for any people to earn decent amount of money as per the time and effort they need put into this work. When you see their latest income disclosure statement, you can find yourself that more than 93% of the members are earning only around $160 per month and in order to just work in this company we need to pay around $250. So, it will be very risky for some members even to earn the amount which they have invested in Sabika. More than that, comparing with the time and effort that you need to put to work with Sabika, the amount you earn will be very less. The income disclosure statement itself is the proof that there are more than 93% members who are unsuccessful working with Sabika. If there was not any alternative and if Sabika would be only one choice, then sure we will recommend you this company, but since there are other better alternatives where if you put same time and effort, you can earn much more than what you can earn from Sabika, for example Wealthy Affiliate, where the rate of successful members are very high comparing with Sabika, where you don’t need to sell or recruit anyone in order to earn money. However, if you want to be successful by working with Sabika, in that case also Wealthy Affiliate should be your first choice because within Wealthy Affiliate you will not only earn, but also will learn the expert online business skills so that you can be successful by working with any companies like Sabika. If you want to find out more details on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can click this link:-

We have also provided the list of our recommended online work companies where either you can earn some extra money free of cost with little effort or can earn good income after investing. You can find those recommended companies by clicking this link:-

OK, le’ts begin with our Sabika Jewelry review as below.

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Sabika Jewelry Login and Join in link:-

The Sabika Jewelry is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company which offers its members to earn money with it by selling its products which are women jewelries.

The company was founded by Karin Mayr in 2001. The company domain, “” was registered in 2005 which we can find in WHOIS detail. The owner address which they have provided within WHOIS detail is 510 Miranda RD, Pittsburgh, United States. The key persons of Sabika Jewelry are Mr. Konrad Mayr as a VP Operations & Finance, Mrs. Karin Mayr as a CEO, Founder and Mrs. Michelle Green as a Controller of Sabika Jewelry.

How to earn money from Sabika Jewelry – Very Difficult

In order to work with Sabika Jewelry, you need to pay $250 for Sabika Starter Kit which includes a pre-selection of Sabika jewelry, a portable jewelry display pad and start-up materials and Sabika Business Supplies. Once you joined the company, in order to earn money from it, you have to sell the Sabika products by hosting parties and you need to recruit new members in the company to do the same. You can find the screenshot of Sabika compensation plan as below.

Sabika Jewelry compensation plan

As per the requirement of the company, you can see that you have to host two parties within a first month and need to sell the products worth $1500. Similarly, you have to host 3 parties within 2 months and need to sell $2500 worth of products. Don’t you think this is a quite hard compensation plan? Only experts with full knowledge of MLM companies, specially in hosting parties can succeed from this, otherwise you will just lose your $250 which you need to invest to participate with Sabika work home program. When you see the Sabika jewelry Income Disclosure Statement, you will be more clear about what we are talking here.

Sabika Jewelry Income Disclosure, 2014

As per the screenshot of Sabika Jewelry Income Disclosure statement as above, there are 93.28% of members who have earned $1,926 per year in average, which means only around $160 per month, which is very lowest payment to the members comparing with the time and effort they have to dedicate to work with Sabika Jewelry. More than that, they have also mentioned in their Income Disclosure Statement that 30% of all Sabika Consultants didn’t earn any income.

Sabika guides you to sell the products to your friend and relatives organizing the parties. But, as per our opinion, that is very embarrassing way to sell the products. However, if you are OK with that, you can work with Sabika because they are paying to every members who can make money from Sabika according to their compensation plan. But according to us, we will like to stay out of these kinds of difficult ways to make money.

The last time Sabika Jewelry posted their Income Disclosure Statement was in 2014. Right now it is 2017 when we are writing this Sabika Jewelry review and till now we couldn’t find their Income Disclosure statement of 2015 and 2016. We don’t know the main reason why they stopped posting Income Disclosure Statement, but the good guess can be due to the fact that the numbers went from bad to worse, may be now the amount earn by its affiliates and the number of active and earning affiliates may be much more less than what was in 2014. Otherwise, we didn’t see any reason for not posting further Income Disclosure Statement. However, this is only our guess. If Sabika Jewelry post their latest Income Disclosure Statement, then it will be easy for us to find out the reality.

You can also find the products of Sabika selling within sites like eBay, so that makes us more hard to sell its products by becoming the member of Sabika because if people can find the products of Sabika on sites like eBay, whey they bother to buy with the affiliates of Sabika Jewelry?

There use to be one company which was making fake Sabika Jewelry, means the copy cat of Sabika Jewelry and was selling in much more less price than the Sabika. The name of that company was Goshen. However, later on Sabika sued Goshen to stop copying their copyrighted designs. But, this incident prove that the price of Sabika Jewelry are overpriced because if some company can just copy the products of Sabika and can sell them in much more lesser price, then that means price of Sabika Jewelry are expensive. Even, the products of Sabika doesn’t have any precious gems and chains, the price they put is only for their particular designs which we don’t think are so much unique. Actually, this overprice of products make another additional headache for the members of Sabika to sell the products out in the market and make money from that because if the price of some products are high, it will be difficult to convince customer to purchase them.

Still want to see more proofs to find out the price of Sabika products are comparatively high or not? Then following are some additional proofs for you.

As above in the screenshots, you can find the prices of Sabika products such as Sabika Choker, Sabika Necklaces, Sabika Bracelets, Sabika Earrings, etc. which doesn’t have any precious gems or stones or something like Gold. Yep, Sabika consultant will say they are unique, designer, etc. But, will you be ready to pay such amount of money to purchase Sabika jewelries instead of which you can get some Gold jewelries or some precious stone jewelers? Anyway, we don’t. But, if you are the one who can pay that much price just for designs, then sure you can purchase those items. If you think you can market those products and sell to the customers, then sure you can go ahead and work with Sabika because they are a legit company and they will 100% pay to their members who can make money working with their company. But, from our side, we will not bother to work with such company where it is not only difficult, but very difficult to earn money.


Aforementioned, the start up cost, $250 to work with Sabika Jewelry is very expensive comparing with lots of other online work companies and it is very hard to earn money according to the compensation plan of Sabika. Even according to their Income Disclosure statement, it is clear that 93% of members have failed to earn the decent amount of money from Sabika. Therefore, we will not recommend you such kind of company, however the final choice is yours. Since, Sabika is a legit company, they will pay you if you can make money from this company. However, we only recommend those companies where there is zero risk to work, where you will have option to earn money from your comfort zone even without selling anything or recruiting anyone, where you can earn much more money than what you can earn from Sabika by spending same amount of time and effort and can established that income for your lifetime on regular basis, from where you can have lots of training courses which will even help you to increase your business skills to earn money from any kind of online business opportunities, even from Sabika Jewelry. One of the biggest example of such kind of company is none other than Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find more details by clicking this link:-

Besides Wealthy Affiliate, you can find other online work companies which we have listed within our recommended list by clicking this link:-

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