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Profitforest Review, Is ProfitForest Scam? – NOI
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Background of Profit Forest (Is Profitforest Scam or Legit?)

It is impossible to find out the background of ProfitForest’s team as they have registered their website privately so that no one can identify who is the real owner of the website and where do they belong. Actually, in Online Work Industry only those websites are registered by hiding their identity who have link with scam sites in the past or who have intention of scamming in the future. So, considering this fact, we should say that ProfitForest may be turn into scam one day. However, it is paying till date, so instead of listing it in our “Bad and Scam Online Work Companies” list, we are listing it in our “Not Recommended” list.


Anyway, after knowing the fact, if you are still interest to work in Profit Forest then you can click the picture below and register in it and you can also view our rest of the review which will explain you the strategy to work in ProfitForest.

What is Profit Forest? Is Profit Forest Scam or Legit? Profit Forest complaints.

How to work in Profit Forest

It is very simple to work in Profitforest. You just need to view ads, that’s all. If you are already a member of Paidverts, then it is very easy to work in Profitforest as it is exact copy of Paidverts. You can find our detail review on Paidverts and strategy to work in it by clicking the link as below:-


First of all, you need to register in Profitforest by clicking about picture and then click registration button. As soon you register in it, you can log in and can go straight to your account. After you log in, click “Paid to Clicks” section and after that click “View Bonus Ads” button and you will be directed to the page where you can find points ads. You should view those points ads because more points you have, you will get more high value paid ads.


After some days, when you have more than 1500 points, you will start to receive paid ads which you can view by clicking “Paid to Clicks” section and then after that by clicking “View Paid Ads” button. 


Remember! More points you have, you will receive more high value paid ads. You can increase more points by investing money (by purchasing ads). You can purchase ads by clicking “Paid to Clicks” section and then by clicking “Create Ad Campaign” button.

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In Profit Forest, there are other investment schemes as well which you can find by clicking “Investment Programs”. Under this section, you will find Silver Plan, Gold Plan and Shares.

If you invest in Silver Plan, you will get 150% return after certain days depending upon the queue and profit and loss ratio of Profit Forest. Similarly, you will get 200% return if you invest in Gold Plan. If you invest in shares, you can get benefit by selling it when share price rises up.

However, investing in Profitforest is very risky as we had already mention its drawbacks within “Background of Profitforest” caption as above.

Conclusion about Profitforest

Although Profitforest is paying till date, however, it is very risky to work in this program as no one know who is the real owner of the site and from where they are operating site. Besides this, there is another drawback to work in this site and that is script of the site. They set up ads viewer on pop up window due to which it has maximum chance to get attack from malware and adwares within your computer.


The business model of Profitforest look like sustainable as it has games, shares etc., but it doesn’t. The business model of Profitforest is not sustainable till date as there is not any additional income stream to back up their 150% and 200% plan. The games of Profitforest is not so much popular like in Paidverts due to which they can’t generate good income from games as well.


So, we don’t recommend you to work in Profit Forest. However, if you still want to work in Profitforest and want to take a risk, then you can register in it by clicking the ProfitForest home page picture as above. However, in Profitforest, never invest more than you can afford to lose.


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Your comments are valuable for us. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to report anything about Profitforest or want to report about any other online work companies. 

We are happy to help you.

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