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What is Panda Research Scam Or Genuine?

Before we begin with our detailed Panda Research review, in short, we want to make it clear that we are not recommending this company. Because, we have found some issues with this company, about which you can find in details within our review as below.

The first publish date of this Panda Research review: 29 November 2017, Revised Date: 30 January 2024

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Background of PandaResearch company

It is hard to find the owner detail of because they haven't mentioned the name of their owner within their official site and when we check within WHOIS detail, in that also they have only mentioned the Panda Research itself as an owner.

So, we did more research to find out the owner of Panda Research and found out that some reviews claim A&A Marketing Inc. is operating Panda Research. But, according to RipOffReport, we found that Nina Narang is one of the management team members of Panda Research.

More than this, we could not find any more details on the owner of Panda Research. If anyone want to share the more details about the owner of Panada Research, then please feel free to use the comment section below within this post.

Panda Research has operated since 2005, and they registered the domain "" on August 5, 2004. The company's official address, as indicated on their website and in the WHOIS details, is 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr #7902, Houston TX 77043, USA. It seems they have furnished the authentic address of the company.

What is Panda Research?

Panda research is a company that pays you for completing the surveys, reading the emails as well as completing the offers. By doing those works, you need to earn at least $50 to get the payment from as states in their website and also you will get paid the sum only multiplied by $50.

For example, when you earn $105, you will only get paid $100 and remaining $5 will be counted in your next payment, similarly, if you have $53 in account, then you will get paid only $50 and remaining $3 will be counted in your next payment after you again accumulate $50 in your account. Here, you will get paid after 30 days from the date you request for the payment as per their company’s policy.

Many people claim they do not receive payment even after the set 30-day period. They also add an additional 90 days to their payment timeline, although they don't mention it anywhere on their website.

Even if they pay, they always keep dues which means your payment is always hanging in a tree. Many assert that this site is not a survey site but a paid offer site. So, you may be nagging yourself at any point of time while working in this site. In order to know what we means by paid offer site, you can find the details as below.

So, is Panda Research a scam or a legit? Final Verdict Related to this Panda Research review!

We do not label this site as a scam, but, as per the outcome of our Panda Research review, we have listed this site in our Not Recommended category. Because, although Panda Research claims they are paying on time, you can find lots of complaints from various members for not getting payment on time, even some of them are waiting for the payment from more than 2 months.

It is definitely not a good sign for any online work companies. Moreover, it seems the company is not interested in managing its affairs properly anymore. If you just look at their site, you will find out that they haven't updated much more things for many years.

If the concerned persons of the site are not interested to update their own site, then how can we work in such site and expect to get paid on time? On top of that, the amount that you get paid by completing free surveys are very less.

Almost, all of those surveys which claim to pay good amount of money, there you need to invest first in order to complete the survey to purchase the products of other companies, not the products of Panda Research itself. So, it is more offer site than a survey site and in order to fill those offers you need to provide your credit card information to various companies. Are you ready for that? Anyway, we are not and this is our final verdict of this Panda Research review.

Be Cautious

If you forget to cancel the subscription of any of those trial products, then you will end up spending more money than what you can earn from doing surveys in Even we have found that there are offers which makes you join in online work companies which are not worthy to join and even if you join those kind of companies, you may be end up spending more than earning from Panda Surveys because some of those surveys/offers claim that you can earn $50, but you need to pay $60 to purchase the products in order to complete those surveys/offers, so there is already $10 loss.

Completing surveys and reading emails is not an easy job as it seems to be specially in It consumes a lot of time, effort, and money, and there's no guarantee of payment. Many members have complained about not receiving payments on time, indicating some truth to these concerns.

So, doing so much hard work and wasting so much time and investment without certainty of getting payment is just like doing charity. And that is also in the condition where you have other better options to make money online about which we have discussed within our last caption as below.

Next Loophole

Another loophole of this company is that they are playing a doubtful role whether they themselves are a legit online survey company or just facilitate other big survey companies to complete their survey through people as a mediator. And this may be the reason of their late payment system or sometimes no payment either. It's possible that they pays the members only when they receive payment from their clients.

That is why there is a huge dissatisfaction among their members and there is no assurance of payment either.

You also need to be ready to receive numbers of junk/spam emails every day in your email account after joining this site.

Aforementioned, for some of the surveys, you need to sign up in some other programs or to purchase products which may even give access to your credit card for monthly recurring fee from those companies. So, now you think how much is it feasible that instead of getting money for your hard work, you are paying by yourself for some products or joining some other companies which you don't want. We believe this is completely insane, wasting your time and effort.

On top of that, doesn't guarantee to pay by themselves, about which they have clearly mentioned in their own Terms and Conditions. Are you ready to work for a company where there's no guarantee of payment, even though you're putting in the effort to earn money?

You can find the screenshot of their that Terms and Conditions as below.

Not guarantee for the payment in Panda Research, the screenshot of their own Terms and Conditions

Our Suggestion:

Making money online is a kind of art which if you learn and do well turns in superb result, sometimes even as a masterpiece and if you go wrong, everything will be just a mess. So, it’s very important to analyze beforehand whether you are going for the right choice or not. Because, it’s the only factor which will determines your future, we mean your possibilities of making money online.

So, due to the reasons mentioned earlier in this Panda Research review, we don't recommend it.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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