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One Coin Review, Is One Coin a Scam? – NOI
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Is One Coin MLM scam? or, Is One Coin Crypto Currency Scam? Are you searching One Coin reviews in order to find it out? If so, then you are in right place. Our OneCoin review provides you the detail information about OneCoin, both pros and cons, the complete truth about OneCoin comparing with any other OneCoin reviews.


However, before we begin with our OneCoin review, we like to make you clear that neither we are promoting nor we are recommending OneCoin because we only recommend those kind of companies which have proven track record of success from years, where there is almost zero risk and from where we can establish the full time online income for our lifetime with guarantee, such as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find in detail by clicking this link:-


So, is that means One Coin scam? Ok, let’s find it out within our OneCoin Review as below.

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Background of OneCoin, OneCoin News

OneCoin domain, was registered on 23rd June 2014. We can’t say exactly who is the owner of OneCoin because all the information about the owner, his/her address is hidden within WHOIS record. So, we can’t say exactly where the company is actually located. But, as per the OneCoin claims the company is located at Bulgaria, Europe. 


We have also found that two investors of OneCoin, Nazrul Islam Mamun and Zahirul Islam Zahir have been arrested in Dhaka, Bangladesh for promoting Ponzi Schemes such as OneCoin, Ilgamos and ImpaxGold. Yep, the business model of One Coin is completely Ponzi because there is not any retail products and members here can buy only One Coin tokens which minimum cost 100 Euro.


The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) officer of Dhaka, Bangladesh confirm that accused were received the large amounts of money from the general public by deception by promoting OneCoin, IIgamos and Impaxgold and recruited their victims by doing OneCoin presentation in hotels by providing false information about the business. So, the case has been filed for the further investigation in Bangladesh.


Another case has been filed in Sweden. Sweden’s Gaming board found that Ponzi nature of OneCoin is unclear, but have declared OneCoin to be a chain letter game or similar, commonly known as Pyramid scheme. So the OneCoin is also under the investigation in Sweden which proves OneCoin will have legal issues in many other countries in the future and even will have chance to shutdown the site.



What is OneCoin and How to earn money from OneCoin?

Aforementioned within our “Background of OneCoin” caption, it is clear that how much risk is involve to work with this company. So, actually we don’t recommend you to work in this company. However, if you want to know what OneCoin is offering to earn money from it, then here is the details in brief.


OneCoin doesn’t have retail product and in order to earn from it, you have to recruit new members as your referral and when they pay for the affiliate membership same like when you join OneCoin, then you will earn money from it. In the past all these kind of companies had been already failed and considered as Ponzi and Pyramid schemes.


The membership fee of OneCoin is $30, but in order to earn from your referrals, you must purchase packages which will cost from $100 to $5000 Euro. More expensive package you purchase, more commission you will earn from your referrals and will also get more tokens known as OneTokens and they make their affiliate believe that those OneTokens are new crypto currency which can be traded from OneExchange. But considering the business model and the tokens they are assigning to their affiliates according to the investment of affiliates in different packages, we can say these OneCoin’s OneTokens are nothing more than the Ponzi points because these OneTokens value is completely depend with the rate of new money flowing into the OneCoin via affiliates investment. There is not any crypto currency here.




Due to the aforementioned reasons, we can say OneCoin is both Ponzi plus Pyramid scheme. So, it will have legal issues anytime in the future or company can be dry out and stop paying when there won’t be enough flow of money from new members. So, we simply don’t recommend this company because its business model is completely illegal and unsustainable and even OneCoin is already under investigation in two different countries, Bangladesh and Sweden. So, instead of taking risk in these kind of companies, we always recommend everyone to join such kind of companies where there is almost zero risk and from where you can established full time online income for your lifetime, such as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


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