Obilpure Genuine or Scam? Legit? Review

This Obilpure review reveals that is a scam that may deoiver you low-quality or incorrect goods, or in some instances, fails to deliver anything at all. Its return services are nearly nonexistent, and there’s a risk of overcharing your credit card.

This Obilpure review aims to offer you detailed insights into why it’s considered an illegitimate online store and how you can shield yourself from such scams.

Why do we consider Obilpure a scam online store?

We consider Obilpure as a scam due to these reasons:

  • Firstly,'s email address "" not being related to the website's domain name is unusual for legitimate online stores.
  • Furthermore,'s website design and content closely resemble those typically found on well-known scam sites.
  • Furthermore, the website sells products at incredibly low prices, something that reputable online stores rarely do.
  • Also, good online stores usually have icons that take you to their real social media pages. But this one doesn't, which is strange for a real store. It's something to watch out for.
  • People who used websites like this one had problems. They got bad stuff, had to wait a long time for deliveries, got the wrong or low-quality things they ordered, or sometimes, they didn't get anything at all. Be cautious.
  • Plus, the website's unsatisfactory refund policy has made obtaining full refunds challenging for customers.
Obilpure Genuine or Scam? Obilpure Review

Questions Related to this Obilpure review:

Now that you know that Obilpure is a scam. So, you might want to know what happens when you buy from it, where you might come across similar scams, and how to save yourself from such scams, right? Well, we’ll provide the answers to these questions below.

What happens when someone buy goods from scam online stores like Obilpure?

If you buy goods from scam online stores like Obilpure, then you may face following issues:

  1. Non-Delivery of Orders: In many cases, customers who buy from scam websites never get the stuff they paid for. What’s more, these sites might give fake tracking info or just ignore all messages, leaving buyers with nothing.
  2. Receiving Low Quality or Wrong Goods: Often, scam websites like Obilpure send goods that are of poor quality or very different from what was advertised. As a result, customers are left with knock-off or bad quality goods, or nothing at all.
  3. Shipping Delays: When customers do get their orders from scam websites, it can take a long time. This can be really frustrating, specially if they needed the stuff for a special event.
  4. Misleading Goods Details: Scam websites often trick customers with fake products details and pictures. What you see on the site might not be what you get, which can be really disappointing when the goods arrive.
  5. Difficulty to Get Refunds: It’s often tough to get refunds from scam websites because they have confusing refund rules. This can make it hard for customers to get their money back, and may end up losing all the money they spent.
  6. Payment Info Fraud: Sometimes, scammers can use your payment info for bad things, which might result in unknown and extra charges on your credit or debit cards.
  7. Identity Theft: Scam websites can be risky when you share personal info like your name, address, and phone number. As a result, you might become a target for identity theft or phishing attempts.

Where can you spot scam online stores like Obilpure?

You may spot scam online stores like Obilpure in following places:

  1. Online Searches: When you’re looking for certain products or services, scam websites can show up in search results. So, it’s important to check if a website is genuine before clicking on it.
  2. Emails and Text Messages: Scammers may send emails or text messages with links to fake online shops. Furthermore, these emails and text messages can pretend to be from trusted companies to trick people into clicking harmful links.
  3. Social Media: You can find ads of scam online stores like Obilpure on social medias. So, try to find out about those stores before buying from such ads.
  4. Online Shops: Despite measures to detect and remove bad sellers, scammers can still be found on platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.
  5. Social Media Marketplaces: Watch out on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Since, some people may try to scam you there. So, be extra careful when you’re dealing with strangers or businesses you don’t know.
  6. Phishing Websites: Scammers create phishing websites that mimic real websites, sharing them through email, text messages, or social media messages.
  7. Mobile Apps: Scammers sometimes put fake shopping apps on app stores. They make them look real, but they’re actually trying to steal your personal and money info.
  8. Online Ads: Scam online stores can promote their products using banner ads on websites or in mobile apps. So, when you click on these ads, you might end up on fake websites.
  9. Pop-Up Ads: Be careful with pop-up ads that show up while you’re browsing websites. Some of them might take you to scam online stores or harmful websites.
  10. Online Forums and Chat Rooms: Scammers may promote fake online stores in online forums and chats. So, users should stay doubtful.

How to save yourself from scam online stores like Obilpure?

To save yourself from scam online stores like Obilpure, you can check the following things:

  1. Website’s Quality:
    • Check if the website like Obilpure has a valid physical address, phone number, and email address.
    • Also, be wary of websites with spelling and grammar errors, misspelled domain names, or that mimic well-known brands.
    • Moreover, beware of websites that don’t have a privacy policy or terms and conditions.
    • And, look for “https://” in the website’s URL.
  2. Reviews:
    • Look for customer reviews and ratings.
    • Pay special attention to negative reviews.
  3. Deals that Seem Too Good To Be True.
    • Be cautious of websites offering goods at low prices.
    • So, to get an idea of the real market price, compare the prices of the same or similar goods on other trusted websites.
  4. Trust Seal Logos:
    • Genuine websites often display real trust seals from reputable companies like McAfee, Norton, or BBB. But, scam sites display the fake ones.
    • So, to check such trust seals, click them, as real ones lead to official verification pages. But, fake ones either cannot be clicked or lead to random pages.
  5. Payment Method:
    • Be cautious if a website only accepts unsafe payment methods, like gift cards, wire transfers, and so on, instead of safe payment methods like credit cards or PayPal.
  6. Too Much Personal Info:
    • Be cautious when websites ask for too much personal info. Since, scammers may misuse your info for identity theft.
  7. Unknown Emails and Ads:
    • Do not click on links in unknown emails or ads.
  8. Well Known Online Stores:
    • When possible, shop on well-known online stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and so on.
  9. Report Scams:
    • If you find a doubtful online store, report it to relevant authorities, such as your country’s consumer protection agency, BBBFBIFTC, etc.

Conclusion of this Obilpure Review:

After looking closely at this Obilpure review, we recommend not buying anything from Obilpure due to its scam nature. It seems like a scam. To stay safe and have a good shopping experience, it's best to look for other options.

However, we know people’s opinion can differ, so please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Since, this can help others to know more about this website. So, let’s work together to make the internet safer.

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Many people get tricked by fake online shops due to low prices that they offer. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it’s likely not true. So, watch out for attractive deals and low prices, since these mostly mean the store isn’t honest. Stay alert and keep yourself safe from scams.

Answers of FAQs based on this Obilpure Review

Why is the resemblance to well-known scam sites concerning?

The website looking and sounding like famous scam sites is a big worry. It makes us wonder if is a trustworthy online store. Be cautious.

Is Obilpure a legitimate online store?

As per the above Obilpure review,'s legitimacy is in question due to several concerning factors. These include issues with their email address, website design, and pricing.

What is the significance of the heavy discount rates on the website?

Selling things at super low prices is not what good online stores usually do. But Obilpure does it, which makes us doubt if they are authentic. Be cautious.

Have customers reported issues with websites similar to this?

People who've used websites like this one had problems. They got bad stuff, had to wait a long time for deliveries, got the wrong or low-quality things they ordered, or sometimes, they didn't get anything at all. Getting a full refund from these websites is hard because their refund policies aren't good. Be cautious.

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Good Luck!

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