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Meshki Review: Is Scam or Legit? - NOI

Meshki Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Meshki complaints. Meshki fake or real? Meshki legit or fraud?

Since we have already saved lots of people from scam online stores, so here we are doing the review on Meshki as well to find out either is Meshki a scam or not.


From our research, we didn't find out the serious issues with Meshki like we have found out with other scam sites. But also these days there are lots of scam online stores so we always need to be careful while shopping from any new online stores. So, we try to dig more deeply into Meshki and we find out some drawbacks about Meshki which we are going to explain here within our review as below. Hope our research on Meshki helps you to decide either is a Meshki scam or legit.



What is Is a Scam? claims to be an online store selling women's boutique clothing and fashionable items.


So is it really selling what it is claiming? Does it deliver the items to its clients or just take the money like other scam online stores?


Well, from our research, we find out that Meshki is delivering the items to its clients as per its terms and conditions, so it's better not to call it a scam, however, there are still some drawbacks about this site which you can find as below.



Drawbacks of Meshki Women's Boutique & Fashion Online Store:-

  • There are some complaints from its users about the quality of materials. Those users have claimed that they got a little bit cheap quality items from Meshki than compared to what they had paid for.
  • Lots of users have complained that Meshki didn't refund their money when they ask for and their customer support is very unresponsive when users ask for a refund.
  • Users have also complained about the delivery time and have said that their items arrived very lately than the expected delivery time.


Conclusion: Pros and Cons of Meshki

Well, from the above-mentioned complaints, it is clear that Meshki is delivering the purchased items to its clients unlike other scam online stores which even don't deliver any items or deliver damaged or completely different items.


These days lots of scam online stores are charging the credit card of users randomly without their consent. However, there are no such complaints against Meshki.


Unlike other scam online stores, Meshki has provided the detailed contact information both on its website as well as in WHOIS details which is a good sign.


So, the pros of Meshki is its clear contact information and lots of positive Meshki reviews from its clients. However, its cons are the complaints from its members about its unresponsive customer support and refund policy. So, if Meshki can improve customer support in a good manner and handle the complaints spontaneously, then it doesn't seem too bad.


However, it's too early to judge because those positive reviews, as well as the complaints, can be made up. So, we want your help to dig into this company more deeply. So, please share with us about your experience with Meshki using the comment section below so that we can conclude either is Meshki a scam or not.

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