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Your search for Jodimitty reviews to find out either is a scam or genuine ends here because here, within our Jodimitty review, you are going to find out the reality of this online store so that you will have a clear idea either is a Jodimitty fraud or trustworthy and what is in real. So, let’s begin with our Jodimitty review.


What is Either is a Jodimitty legit or hoax? claims to be an online store selling clothes but we have found some serious facts about this online store due to which we don’t recommend it and have listed it in our Not Recommended sites list. If you want to know those facts then keep on reading this review below.

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Jodimitty complaints. Is Jodimitty fake or real? Is Jodimitty legit or fraud?

We don’t recommend Jodimitty due to following reasons:-

  • The faces of models in the product images listed on website are cropped which happens mostly in scam sites since scam sites always copy-paste the product images from other websites without taking the consent from the owners of those websites.
  • There is not any information about who and from where is operating and running the anywhere on its website. The only way to contact Jodimitty is via email address. Other than that, Jodimitty hasn’t provided any company’s address or warehouse’s address or phone number, nothing. However, the legit online stores always provide detailed contact information including phone number and company’s address.
  • In order to find out the registrar name of domain “”, we check the WHOIS details and find out CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED from Hong Kong is the registrar for domain Jodimitty which is the main reason we don’t recommend Jodimitty since lots of unprofessional and problematic online stores are operating with the company name CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED. All the sites operating under this company name have lots of complaints from their users for not delivering them their purchased items on time or delivering the very cheap and low-quality items which are completely different and cheap than what those sites have advertised on those websites. So, there is a high chance that will also do the same.
  • Actually, there are already lots of complaints from the users of for not delivering them their purchased items on time and also for delivering very cheap and low-quality items.
  • Jodimitty hasn’t provided the good security measures to secure the personal or financial information of its users. So, if you shop at Jodimitty online store, you will have a high risk of getting your personal and financial information stolen.

Aforementioned, now you must be clear why we don’t recommend Jodimitty online store. So, we have listed Jodimitty within our Not Recommended sites list.

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Good Luck!

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Comments: 14
  • #1

    Anna Wimsett (Wednesday, 01 May 2019 12:28)

    The 1 item I received looked nothing like the picture – really poor quality and far too small. DO NIT USE!!

  • #2

    Cher (Sunday, 05 May 2019 23:56)

    The clothes Jodimitty advertise are not the clothes you recieve. Nothing of the 4 items I recieved were all cotton or linen. Polyester instead. One looks nothing like what I ordered which was linen and is a different colour and all polyester. I ordered 3 cotton slips, all have polyester. They took 6 weeks to arrive and all at different times. I understood they were coming from Canada but all rubbish from China. Badly made and bad quality. DONT BUY FROM THIS SITE ITS RUBBISH

  • #3

    Yvonne (Tuesday, 07 May 2019 08:17)

    I sent 4 e-mails inquiring about my order that had been placed over a month ago and had not yet been shipped. It was not until I threatened to report them for fraud and flood the interned with reviews to notify as many people as possible about their very poor and unacceptable service that I got a response. My order was then immediately cancelled and a full refund was issued….no explanation, no apology.

  • #4

    Maureen Jeffrey (Thursday, 09 May 2019 04:46)

    Just received a dress from them which is appalling they have offered me a 15% discount and gone on about the costs of sending the item back to China and the customs charges and that they had made this very clear in their acknowledgment 1st I didn’t know they were Chinese 2nd the item is wrong and that is their fault and 3rd there is no mention I can see of return conditions. I wrongly assumed that as they offered Paypal as a payment method that they were a legitimate company who would have been checked out by them obviously not!!!!

  • #5

    Natural (Sunday, 12 May 2019 02:48)

    Dealing with Jodimitty, has been the worse experience ever!!!!! I ordered back in March, it is now middle May and I still have not received my 4th piece. If i knew it was coming from China, I would have never ordered in the 1st place. I email everyday an they ignore my emails. My next step is to report them to Better Business Bureau. Action must be taken. They need to be shut down!!!!!

  • #6

    Tina (Wednesday, 22 May 2019 00:55)

    First time online buyer, ordered items with the belief of good quality. Received items over a long period, my order and payment was 8 weeks ago still waiting on one item. Items I received are poorly made and don’t fit. Don’t know how to contact jodimitty, a very disgruntled customer never again. Old saying once bitten twice shy ☺️

  • #7

    Catherine (Wednesday, 05 June 2019 04:36)

    Do not buy never received my order SCAM

  • #8

    Jean (Saturday, 08 June 2019 05:56)

    Do not use.. Clothes are not the same as the photos.. bad cheap quality will not give money back.. Offered discount :!!!

  • #9

    Kimberly Stirewalt (Wednesday, 12 June 2019 12:10)

    I purchased clothing from this site not realizing it’s based out of China. Only received one item and when I emailed I only got responses back of not finding my order. I’m going to the BBB and report them. They suck!

  • #10

    Rhonda Lee (Wednesday, 19 June 2019 11:42)

    I have placed an order on 3 April 2019, and up to now which is 20 May 2019, I still have not received my order, they kept telling me that they are producing it, and a hot sell item etc, lots of excuses. If I had known I would not be ordering from them. Please help, what can I do?

  • #11

    Jennifer Kirchoff (Saturday, 27 July 2019 13:49)

    I also ordered in April and have just now gotten a couple things I ordered. I was excited about the clothing because they were “linen”, not only is it not linen but not even cotton.
    I’m waiting for one more item then I’m done. Never again.

  • #12

    Sharon (Sunday, 08 September 2019 01:55)

    Orders dress 8/11/19. They charged my account the next day and to date 9/8/19 I have not heard or received my order. Email them 9/8/19 and it said invalid email. Wished I had researched this company before ordering, especially knowing now it’s in China.

  • #13

    Kathryn (Sunday, 22 September 2019 18:04)

    This company is a complete fraud! I ordered 3 tops, 2 were what I ordered but not the fabric they were supposed to be and the 3rd was NOT what I ordered. I went round and round with them with pictures of the top I was supposed to receive and the top I actually got. Their offers to compensate me went from 15% to 45% until I finally put the transaction in dispute with PayPal. PayPal ruled that I had to return the item to Jodimitty in order to receive my refund. I tried to get them to understand – I don’t pay to ship something back to China that I didn’t order! I finally put the transaction in dispute with my credit card company and they agreed to pay my shipping back to China but I felt that was catering to a company that was nothing but crooked. PayPal should discontinue partnering with CHICV INTERNATIONAL HOLDING and any of their subsidiaries or DBAs. I have yet to receive my refund and it’s been 4 months! If Jodimitty fails to acknowledge that they received my shipment, my credit card company will refund me. However, I don’t see why my credit card company absorb the cost to ship the item I didn’t order back to China and then credit my account when Jodimitty should stop sending any merchandise off their shelves when they apparently don’t have the item? Totally crooked company!

  • #14

    Sandi Lenz (Saturday, 04 January 2020 08:47)

    I have sent them 22 messages regarding a refund for items I have not received. I made my purchases in April of 2019! This company is dishonest and a fraud. Do not order from them.

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