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Is iWriter a Scam or Genuine? iWriter Review

Are you searching for the iWriter review to find out what is, either iWriter is a scam or genuine? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place. Here, within our I Writer review, we have provided both pros and cons about it.

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OK, let’s begin with our iWriter review as below.

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iWriter scam or genuine? iWriter review

What is iWriter? Is it Legit? About Its Background

iWriter is a program where you can earn money by writing contents/articles for webmasters who have listed those jobs there or you can hire someone to write contents/articles for your website and the website is paying to everyone on time and there is not any risk to join this website as you can join and work with this website free of cost.

As per WHOIS details, it was founded by Brad Callen and domain was registered in 2001. But, they are online from 2011 and their registered address is Pittsburgh, USA with post code 5203.

As per the company claims, iWriter is owned and operated by BRYXEN, INC which seems genuine claim because when we check the WHOIS details, the address and postcode appears to be same for both and We have not find any bad things about the owner of iWriter. So, we can say iWriter is good, iWriter is legit.

How to earn money from iWirter?

It is free to register and work with iWriter. Once you register with iWriter, you can start to search for the jobs listed by webmasters within iWriter to write contents/articles and then find out the suitable job for you in which you can write a good content and take that job and write a content so that the webmaster approves your job and give you good ratings.

Once your submitted job get approved by webmaster, you will get paid for that job and if they give you good ratings, then that will help you to increase your membership level which will increase your earnings in the future.

However, you must know the fact that most of the time there are more jobs listed for the writers above than the standard writer level. So, for a new member, means for standard member, it is very difficult to find the job which is the major drawback of iWriter. Since, the level of new members/standard members will increase only when they write at least 25 good contents and get 4.1 star in average from employers.

So, if there are very few job listed for new members, how can they reach to 25 article level. So, at starting your earning will be very slow working with iWriter. But, it is still good because you don't have to risk anything than keep on checking website from time to time to check the new job listed as per your membership level.

Aforementioned, as per the quality and quantity of work done by the members, they have categorized members in different level and those are:-

  • Standard Writer - new members
  • Premium Writer - Members who got at least 4.1 stars in average from 25 ratings by writing 25 contents/articles
  • Elite Writer - Members who got at least 4.6 stars in average from 30 ratings by writing 30 contents/articles
  • Elite Plus Writer- Members who got at least 4.85 stars in average from 40 ratings by writing 40 contents/articles

It will be slow for you to earn from iWriter when you are in standard writer level, but once you achieve premium writer level, then you can get enough number of articles to rise more level, but the quality of content is completely depends upon your own skill of writing. If you can't write good enough, then you may also have chance to get disapproved by employer instead of getting good ratings. If that is the case, then it may be not your cup of tea.

According to your membership level, your earnings will be also different, more high level you can achieve, more you can earn from writing each article. Means when you write 150 to 1000 words of article, you will earn from $1 to $6 as an Standard Writer, from $2 to $9 as an Premium Writer, from $3 to $15 as an Elite Writer and much more if you can achieve Elite Plus writer level. So, to earn more money from this program, you need to be good at writing contents.

Remember, there are some fees that will be cut by PayPal which will be cut from you earnings.

You can also earn money from iWriter affiliate program under which if you refer someone and if he/she purchases the job space to hire writers to write a content, then you will earn 50% amount of those purchases made by your referrals.

Conclusion of this iWriter review

Aforementioned, you can earn decent amount of money from iWriter and also there is not any risk involve to work with this program because it is free to join and work, so we recommend you to join this program. But, your income depends on your contents/articles writing skills.

But, remember, at starting it will be very slow for you to earn from this site because it will be very hard for starting members to get enough contents to write and also will be difficult to increase the level. But, once you achieve premium writer level, then you can earn some good amount of money here, but still it is not a site to make a full time online income.

You can find the list of our recommended online work companies within our Good and Trusted Online Works section.

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We will be more than happy to hear from you and help you.

Good Luck!

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