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Stay Away from Homeap because is a scam e-commerce website. OK, let’s find out what is and why is a scam through our Homeap review here. For that, you don’t have to search any other Homeap reviews.


What is Homeap? Why is Homeap a scam?


Homeap is a scam e-commerce website because it is tricking people by claiming to sell the legitimate products of the legitimate site known as at a very cheap price but in reality, none of the users have received any items after they purchased from this site. Not only that, but the users have also complained that Homeap charged their credit card randomly without their consent due to which they end up canceling their credit card.


If the volume of complaints is less, then definitely we will not fall for that. But in the case of Homeap, the volume of complaints are maximum compared with positive reviews. Even we haven’t found one positive review.

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Homeap login and join in link:- (Not recommended to join or purchase items from it, it’s a scam)

Yes, Homeap is a fraud site

Aforementioned, Homeap is charging the credit card of users without their consent as well as not delivering them the items which they have purchased, so this is already enough to prove Homeap is a scam.


None of the legit sites will hide their owner details but Homeap neither has provided the owner details or company’s location on its website nor in WHOIS. Only scam companies hide their owner details in that way, not the legit ones.


Actually, Homeap has copied its website theme, product details and so on from the legitimate site known as, but it has not any connection with KitchenAid and it is not authorized to sell those items of KitchenAid. Actually, KitchenAid never can provide such a huge discount on their items which Homeap is claiming to provide. So, like this, there are a bunch of red flags for Homeap which proves Homeap is a scam. So, we have listed Homeap within our Bad and Scams category.

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  • #1

    Sylvia (Saturday, 29 September 2018 17:37)

    I ordered a mixer for grand daughter’s birthday. My credit card was charged for $69.01 on 9/9/18. Do I have any recourse if the mixer isn’t delivered? Should I contact my credit card company and/or my bank?

  • #2

    Marsha (Tuesday, 02 October 2018 13:49)

    I ordered a mixer for our son. On 9-9-18 i still haven’t gotten it. They charge my credit card to $66.87

  • #3

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 03 October 2018 04:46)

    Dear Sylvia,
    You should immediately contact your bank or credit card company to save your money. They can also help you for a refund. If they can’t help you on the refund, at least they can save your money because these kinds of scams even can charge your credit card randomly without your consent anytime in the future.

  • #4

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 03 October 2018 04:48)

    Dear Marsha,
    Don’t hope to receive the items from Homeap. Instead, immediately contact your credit card company or bank to save your money. Sometimes credit card company or bank can help you to get the refund. Even if they unable to help you for the refund, at least they can save your money from further charging by this company.

  • #5

    H. Ev (Tuesday, 09 October 2018 12:29)

    I ordered a mixer on 9/12/18. I was charged $67.21 the next day and still have not received the product. I think all of us that got scammed need to report it to the FTC or else the scammers will continue to take people’s money. Here is the link

  • #6

    dianne (Tuesday, 27 November 2018 03:35)

    I orderd a product on the 8/9/2018 have not received anything but have been charged for it.

  • #7

    News Online Income (Wednesday, 12 December 2018 01:21)

    Yes H Ev,
    We should report to FTC about these kinds of scams. However, if we have already purchase something from scam sites, first of all, we should contact our bank or credit card company and follow their instruction to secure our credit card.

    Dear Dianne,
    You should immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card than waiting for your product to arrive from Homeap. Lots of users haven’t received any items from Homeap and those who have received, they also have received very cheap or wrong items.

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