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Home Depot Fireplace Scam

I was under the impression I was ordering a Cyber-Monday deal through Home Depot and discovered that I have been scammed by this AB Hanntok company, and now I have lost my money.

I don’t know who to contact or how to dispute this transaction. I’m really upset with all the technology we have today and I still can’t buy something online without being scammed. I have literally lost everything, and I am trying to rebuild my life and thought buying this item was going to push me one step closer. All that did was bring me right back to where I started.

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4 thoughts on “Home Depot Fireplace Scam”

  1. Yes, you are right.

    These days there are lots of scam sites pretending to be an official site of Home Depot with Home Depot brand logo as their own website logo. However, we can identify them by checking the price of the items that they are selling. Those kinds of scam Home Depot sites are selling items at unrealistic cheap rates that Home Depot never can afford to offer even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

    So, if something is too good to be true, then we should stay away from that.

    Since you have been scammed already, the only way to get back your money is by contacting your bank or credit card company and ask them to help you with a refund. If you had paid via PayPal, you should open a dispute through your PayPal account.

    Good Luck!

  2. I did the same thing thinking it was a special that home Depot was running. My debit card will stay locked until I need it because as long as they got my information they will do it again

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