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HelixxMine complaints. HelixxMine fake or real? HelixxMine legit or fraud?

If you are here then that means you must be searching the HelixxMine reviews to find out either is a scam or a legit, what is in real and so on, right? If so, then you are in the right place because here, within our HelixxMine review, you are going to find the complete analysis of this cloud mining site. So, without any further delay, let’s begin with our Helixx Mine review.



What is Helixx Mine? Is HelixxMine a scam or legit? claims to be a cloud mining site where users can simply invest some money which will be used to mine the Altcoin and Bitcoin and the profit generated from that mining will be share to the users.


So, is a Helixx Mine scam? Will it share the profit to its investors?


Well, it is sharing the profit to its investors but still, we have a doubt on the sustainability of this site due to the following facts.



Why do we have doubt on HelixxMine? Why don’t we recommend it?

Following are the facts which make us doubt on HelixxMine:-

  • It has been registered from the UK Companies House in the name of Helixx Global Co. LTD and that is the only document it has shown on its website as its company’s registration proof. However, lots of scam sites have already registered from the UK Companies House in the past and scammed lots of money from many people. Actually, that registration is not a license to run an investment company but just a registration for tax purpose. Scammers always provide virtual company’s address and third-party identities to register a company from UK Companies House. If you want to find out in detail how the scam companies are registering from the UK Companies House, then you can click >HERE<
  • Even the popular and established cloud mining sites like Genesis Mining always come into the controversies and have faced lots of legal issues after registering a company from the required legal authorities whereas in the case of HelixxMine, it has been only registered from the UK Companies House, so there is a huge chance that it can face the legal issues in the future.
  • The rate of return that it has guaranteed to its members to pay also doesn’t seem sustainable because it has claimed to pay up to $246.85 per month to those who invest $1000 for a 1-year contract. However, it is a very high rate for any cloud mining companies to offer their users. If it shares such rate, it will be very difficult for it to sustain because there will be lots of investment and maintenance fees required to do the cloud mining which is difficult to manage by paying such amount of profit to the investors.
  • It also offers the referral commission up to 5 level downlines as MLM companies but the legal authorities can mark this company as Pyramid scheme for offering 5 level downlines commission on the sales of its ROI plans because any companies which offer the multi-level referral commission without selling any real products or services, just on the investment plans or on upgrades can be considered as Pyramid scheme which is an illegal scheme.
  • As we have said before, HelixxMine is claiming to pay up to $246.85 per month for those investors who have invested $1000 for a 1-year contract. So, this rate of return is already difficult to sustain and on top that, it is paying commission up to 5 level referrals. So, it will be more difficult for it to cover up such expenses and it can be collapsed itself due to its business model.
  • Another thing we don’t like about HelixxMine is its way of marketing. It says people can get 300 GH/s of mining for free. However, it doesn’t say at starting that free mining is only for 14days. However, you can earn only about 16000 Satoshi with 300Ghs which will be below the withdraw limit of 8$. So, you can’t withdraw that free earn money without investing in this site. So, attracting people by saying they can make money from free mining is a lie.
  • Legal authorities still have problems with cloud mining sites and in this scenario, if some cloud mining site is paying the multi-level referral commission and a high rate of return, then definitely that can have legal issue anytime in the future, if not, then that can be collapsed on their own due to the losses for paying high rate of return and multi-level referral commission.

Now you become clear why we don’t recommend HelixxMine. However, we don’t deny it is paying to its members. But, these kinds of companies can be collapsed anytime and stop paying anytime. So, form our side we don’t recommend it.

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    Dan Onischuk (Saturday, 20 July 2019 01:35)

    SCAM ALERT – they keep your money & delete your email in a few months so you cannot login.

  • #2

    Katana (Friday, 27 December 2019 17:54)

    the site is now down. i had invested in it but when it upped its min withdrawal limit i was unable to get any more payouts and they are now shut down and i still had money in their system. luckily not much but still enough to be anoyed

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