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EceShops Review: Beware of EceShops Scam – NOI

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EceShops Review: Beware of EceShops Scam Scam Alert!


This review is to warn you about this online store. Yes, EceShops is a scam. Now let’s find out why is Ece Shops a scam, what makes a scam, what is Ece Shops in real through our Ece Shops review here.


What is Why is EceShops a scam? is a scam online store because it is claiming to sell the branded items of renowned ECCO company but in reality, it is not authorized to sell the products of ECCO.


EceShops has not only used the products images and details by copying from legitimate ECCO website but also has copied the logo of ECCO which is a completely illegal thing to do. However, it doesn’t care about such illegal things because it is online to deceive people.

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EceShops is a fraud website

Aforementioned, we have already made you clear that EceShops is not authorized to sell the ECCO products but also it is claiming to sell those products. However, in reality, it is only claiming to sell those products but not delivering any products to its clients. It is stealing the money of people by letting them purchase on its site but not delivering those purchased items to them.


The trust seal logo of “Norton Secured” that EceShops has provided on its website is fake because that is not clickable. However, the real logo of “Norton Secured” will be clickable so that we can click on that logo which will send us to the official website of “Norton Secured” where we can verify that. So, when some website is using the fake trust seal logo, then it is crystal clear that website is a scam.


Actually, it is not the only scam website which is claiming to sell ECCO’s products. There are lots of similar kinds of scams claiming to sell ECCO’s products. Even we have already reviewed a few similar kinds of scams which are EccoBlackFriday, Eccoemall and so on.


Now it is clear that Ece Shops is a scam, so we have listed it in our Bad and Scams category.


These kinds of scams mostly deceive people by not delivering their purchased items. Some of these scams may deliver some items, but not similar to what people have purchased, instead, they will deliver very cheap quality or damaged items. However, most of these scams not only stop there. These kinds of scams also deceive people by charging their credit card randomly without their consent. So, if you mistakenly purchase something from the scam site, then we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company to secure your credit card.

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  • #1

    Andrijana (Thursday, 20 December 2018 04:44)

    I bought two pair of shose and I get glasses.. When I was bying it, I see that something is strainge, but I, afrer a few days desided to by.
    Could I do something?
    Maybe return my money?
    Or it is sily?

  • #2

    Marcela (Sunday, 20 January 2019 05:46)

    I ordered ecco shoes from the online store from you and it has been 2 months. I didn’t get any shoes. You got the money for my shoes. Can you help me because I get my shoes. Thanks for the help.
    Marcela Grochowska

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