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Cashnhits Review, Is it Scam or Legit? – NOI

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Cashnhits Review, Is Cashnhits Scam or Legit?

We don’t recommend anyone to work in Cashnhits anymore because from many months they are disabling payouts from time to time for longer period and members are having trouble to cashout their earnings.

We don't recommend to work in Cashnhits anymore.

Sometime in Cashnhits there used to be slight payout delays and payout were use to be disabled from time to time, usually for 10-15 days then payouts will be enabled for few days and then again disabled for 10-15 days. But they were paying to their members without any major issue from 6 years, so it was listed as legit website before. However, at November 6th, 2015, they announced that cashout has been disabled till 8th November 2015. But today it is already more than 9th December 2015 and still they haven’t enable cashouts and haven’t announced any further notice about it. Considering this kind of payout problems from time to time, we don’t recommend Cashnhits anymore. So, now we have listed it within our “Not Recommended” list.

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