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Buxvertise Review, Is Buxvertise a Scam or a Legit?

Latest Update:- Buxvertise has now completely turned into the scam because the site has gone under maintenance from more than a month. Below is our previous review on Buxvertise where you can find out we have not recommended it from before and now it is confirmed that we did well by not recommending it.

After testing for more than 2 years, we finally come to the conclusion for not recommending Buxvertise because it's not a good platform to earn money online. Buxvertise is a PTC site and you can find why we don't recommend any PTC sites anymore by clicking the link as below:-



Although you can find lots of positive Buxvertise reviews around the internet, you must know the fact that PTC sites can turn into scam anytime, even after running for 3-4 years successfully. So, we don't list any PTC sites within our Good and Trusted Online Works section anymore. However, there are some PTC sites which are paying for very long time, but even it is hard to earn $10 a year from them and that is also after making lots of referrals. So, we have listed those kinds of PTC sites within our Not Recommended sites list and Buxvertise is also one of those PTC sites, that is why we have listed it within our Not Recommended sites list.


You can't earn even a $10 in one year from your own clicks in Buxvertise. And if you refer people, they will just leave the site after some days when they know the fact that the earning from this site is not good. And the rented referrals of Buxvertise is also not good. You will lose money instead of earning from rented referrals of Buxvertise. So, these the reasons why we don't recommend Buxvertise.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

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Ok, let's begin with our Bux Vertise review as below in order to find out what is Buxvertise .com in real.

Buxvertise Review, What is Buxvertise? Is Buxvertise legit or scam?

Wealthy Affiliate a Scam, No Not, It is our No.1 Recommendation, click here for details

Background of Buxvertise:-

Buxvertise was launched on April 19, 2014. The owner of Buxvertise is Drew and Jesse.

What is Buxvertise?

Buxvertise is a PTC site where members can earn money by viewing advertisements. You can earn from $0.001 to 0.00225 per advertisements click which is a very low amount, you can't earn even a pocket money with such amounts in a year. If you upgrade your account to Buxer, then you will earn 150% of your click and if you upgrade to Eternity, then you will earn 200% of your click and 200% of your referrals clicks as well. But, due to the number of ads you get, you will not even make the money equal to the upgrade amount. So, you will lose money instead of earning if you upgrade your account. Same in the case of renting referrals. You will lose money instead of earning from rented referrals in Buxvertise. That is why we don't recommend Buxvertise because it is very hard to earn even a pocket money from Buxvertise.


The main concept of Buxvertise is to display the advertisers’ advertisements and pay the money to the viewers for each view. But you can't earn even a $10 in one year from your own clicks. And if you refer people, they will just leave the site after some days when they know the fact that the earnings from these sites are not good. And like we have said before, the rented referrals of Buxvertise are also not good. So, from our side, we don't recommend you to work in Buxvertise.


There are other features as well to earn money from Buxvertise like Offers, Superrewards, Peanutlabs, Adwork Media, playing BuxGrid etc. But they are also not worthy to spend your time, Why?


See more about it in “drawbacks of Buxvertise” caption as below.



Drawbacks of Buxvertise:-

  • Buxvertise is a PTC site and there is a record of PTC sites turning into scams even after running successfully for 3-4 years.
  • Earning is very low, you can't make even a $10 per year from your own work in Buxvertise.
  • It is hard to retain referrals in Buxvertise due to low earnings.
  • Very low-quality traffic for the advertisers because in PTC sites only those view ads who want to earn money, not those who are interested in those ads. So, advertising in PTC sites is also not a good idea.
  • There is a feature in Buxvertise known as BuxGrid. It is same like viewing ads by clicking Grid Box within one big picture. Each time you click, you will view one advertisement, but you will not get money for each click. You will only get cash prizes if you are lucky. But it is really very hard to get the luck.
  • Other features in Buxvertise are Offers, Superrewards, Peanutlabs etc. which are better not to do because most of them disqualify you in the middle after you complete more than half work. Some of them let you sign up for other programs, but after you complete them, it is not sure they will reward you or not. You will not earn enough money compared to the time you will spend in these kinds of sites. Some of these works will even ask you to submit your credit card information which you should never submit because these works are not from Buxvertise itself but from the advertisers. Buxvertise cannot guarantees for any advertisers. So, never submit any critical personal information in these kinds of sites.
  • Buxvertise has a feature to rent referrals, but you can't make a profit from rented referrals in Buxvertise. Instead, you will lose money from rented referrals.

So, due to the drawbacks as mentioned above, we simply don't recommend Buxvertise.

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