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Note:- Although we have listed within our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section, we have rated it 69 out of 100 because it is not one of the best online work company to work. But, it is not bad as well. You can make some earnings from this site without investment and it is paying from years, but don't expect to earn huge income from this site. If you are looking for online work companies form which you can completely established your full time online career for your lifetime, then we suggest you to join our No.1 Recommended Online Work Company known as Wealthy Affiliate. You can find the details about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


OK let's begin with the Adf ly Review as below:-


 Click the link below to visit Adfly website:- 

http www adfly com

Adfly Review, Adfly is scam or legit, click here to join Adfly


Background of

The founder of is Ian Donovan. He is also the owner of x19 limited. The forum admin of Adf ly is known as Xellon. Adfly is online and paying from May 2009. The domain was created at April 26, 2009.


Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media


What is is a website related with advertising industry. The main concept of Adfly is a free URL shortener from which you can earn money on per view basis. For that you have to post those shortened links in other websites and when other people click and view those links, you will earn money. It also have referral program through which you can increase your income by referring people to join Adfly through your referral link because you can earn the commissions when your referrals do the same work as you are doing in Adfly or when they purchase the advertisement services of Adfly. There are many ways to earn from which we have explained in detail as below within " program details" caption. program details:-

In, you can earn money by shortening the links of any websites, youtube videos, images, web content, Facebook pages etc. and sharing that shortening links where you think some people will click those links in order to view those contents. When people click and visit your those shortened links, you will get paid. 


In, you can earn decent amount of cash on auto-pilot if you can work hard in the beginning, but not in the first day. There are not such program from which you can earn money without doing hard work in the beginning. But, if you follow our advice, and apply our methods, you can earn decent income from Adfly. The professionals who have good knowledge of promoting web content, youtube videos, Facebook pages etc, they can earn good amount from because if they are already getting traffic to their links, then they just have to shorten that link through Adfly, and post that shorten link from to make money out of it. is also good for the people who have thousands of Facebook friends and more good to those people who have high fan following in their social media pages because if you post something using Adfly shortened link in your social media account like Facebook, you will earn when your friends and fans click those links and view those contents. 


However, if you are just a beginner and haven't much more knowledge about Internet Marketing, then we suggest you to learn about Internet Marketing first of all so that you will get idea about the stuffs like how to make a professional website, how drive traffic to your website or Facebook page, how to make referrals in any online work companies etc. After learning those skills, you can earn very good amount from To learn those skills, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platform. You can find the details about Wealthy Affiliate Program and the link to join it by clicking this link:-


Following are some examples to show how to make money in


One of the best way to make money with is by posting your shortened links in social media sites like Facebook. Twitter, Google+ as well as in the forums, blogs or websites.


Instead of direct posting your photos or videos in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus etc., you can first of all upload your pictures in image uploading sites like Imgur, Photobucket, Tinyurl, etc. and can upload your videos in video sharing sites like Youtube, Youku, DailyMotion etc. After that, copy and paste the link (URL) of those pictures and videos and then paste it in link shortener to shrink the link. When you get the shrink link of those pictures and videos, paste it in Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Forums, Blogs or Websites or share them with your friends through email. But, you will not get good results only by posting the links, so you should make it attractive by writing something about what people can view when they click that link.


For example, if you are posting some videos links, take the screenshot of that video and then post that screenshot with shortening link by writing something like this "if you want to see the full video as in the picture, then please click this link:-..........."


NOTE:- When people click the link, first of all advertisement page will appear and after 5 second of that, on the top right corner of that advertisement page, "SKIP AD" button will appear, they need to click that "SKIP AD" button to view the main page of the videos and pictures which you are sharing with them. We recommend you to provide the brief direction about how to view the main content whenever you share the post using shortened link.


For example: This is one of the Adfly shortening link which we have made by shortening the link of our Facebook page:-


So how can you earn by doing this?


Well! you can earn when people view those posts which you have posted using shorten link as we have described you before. More people view your post, more money you will make from If you already have a high traffic website, lots of friends and fans in your social media accounts, then you can earn good income from link.


If you have your own high traffic website, then make some attractive banners about anything, and link that banner with the shortened link you had made through Make sure your banner has something special so people will like to click it, anything like funny pictures, eye cache graphics etc. Remember, more people click your banner, more you will earn.


If you don't have website, but want to build website and learn the complete professional skills to drive traffic to your website, then join Wealthy Affiliate Program. You can find the link to join Wealthy Affiliate and its detail review by clicking this link:-



How can you earn more in

You can increase your income in by simply referring new members in Adfly using your referral link. You can earn 20% commissions from your referral earnings and your referrals can earn money by doing the same thing that you are doing in, means when your referral earn money, you will earn commissions of that amount which will not cut from your referral balance, but will be provided by separately to you. You will also earn commissions when your referrals purchase advertisement services of So, if you know someone who want to advertise their website, then you can refer them to through your Adfly referral link. is high traffic website, so advertiser will get lots more benefit from it and advertising price is also cheap comparing with the traffic numbers they provide.



Free to join or need to pay? is free to join and work, completely free program from which you can earn money without investment. But, if you want to make referrals in large scale, then you have to advertise your Adf ly referral link for which you need to invest in advertisements to get referrals. For more details about getting referrals in using the advertisement services, please click this link:- When you click this link, first of all you will be directed to the advertisement page where you have to wait 5 seconds and then need to click "Skip Ad" button on the top right corner of that page in order to view the main page.



Drawbacks of (Reasons for rating 69/100 for

1. is banned by some websites because many people post many Adfly links in those websites due to which they decided to banned Adfly link completely.

2. May be in the future it will be very difficult to earn from Adfly if more websites keep on blocking them.

3. Support and response of is not so good. You will not get reply of your support ticket on time. 

4. Sometimes you will get malware and adware attack. But this is not from, but from the other people who put their advertisement in So it is better to use good antivirus program while working in

5. It is hard to earn for the beginner in who have just started their online career. If you are beginner in online work industry, we suggest you to take Online Business training from Wealthy Affiliate Program and then only work in Click the link as below to find out the details about Wealthy Affiliate program:-



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