Zetmoney Cfd Scam Or Genuine? Zetmoney.Cfd Review

Zetmoney Cfd Scam Or Genuine? Zetmoney Cfd Review.

This Zetmoney Cfd review reveals that Zetmoney.Cfd is a scam targeting people looking for online jobs. These kinds of platforms attract people by claiming they can make good amount of money by dong simple tasks.

For example, most of these kinds of platforms claim to pay money for completing simple tasks/offers/surveys, downloading apps, referring people, watching videos or watching ads and so on. Some of these platforms also claim to pay free sign up bonus, referral sign up bonus or free money, cash or gifts, and so on.

Zetmoney Cfd is one of the scams which is run and operated by the serial scammer who has other similar kinds of scam platforms. None of these kinds of platforms have paid to anyone which proves Zetmoney Cfd is a scam.

Few examples of scam online job platforms that never had paid to anyone anyone are ShcashSbs, Money4clickulrShop, MzmoneySbs, NumoneySbs, and so on.

The scammer behind these platforms hides their identity and location. But it's clear they're the same person because all these scams look alike and share the same business model, website theme, content, and so on.

So, be careful with platforms like Zetmoney Cfd. Check if they're genuine or not before you sign up.

Why is Zetmoney.Cfd a scam?

As mentioned earlier, it is already clear why is Zetmoney Cfd a scam. However, we still like to provide you further details which proves it is 100% scam and those are:-

  1. The business model of Zetmoney Cfd is completely bogus. They claim to pay high amount of money for simple tasks but there is no way they can make enough profit from their business to pay you as per their claim.
  2. Basically, with platforms like Zetmoney Cfd, they won't pay you any money. When you try to cash out what you've earned, they'll tell you to do more tasks or pay to upgrade your account first. But even if you do, they still won't pay you. It's all just a way for them to make money from you, not to pay you. They might also say you need to bring in certain amount of referrals before you can get any money out.
  3. The main motive of these platforms is to make money by selling your personal info. They ask for your personal info like email, payment details and so on when you sign up, request for payment, or doing certain tasks on these platforms.
  4. Getting involved with these platforms will just waste your time and money.

Since now it is clear that Zetmoney Cfd is not a genuine platform, so we suggest you to stay out of it.

If you want to identify scams on your own, then check out our this post: newsonlineincome.com/how-to-know-scams/

How do scams like Zetmoney Cfd trick people?

These platforms claim that you can make good amount of money by completing simple tasks or jobs.

They trick people by promising generous payments such as free money, cash, gifts, free sign-up bonuses, or referral sign-up bonuses and commission for completing simple online tasks or jobs. However, they won't pay majority of members as they run fake programs.

Many of these platforms have different rules to make it hard for users to withdraw their money. For instance, some require you to deposit a certain amount of money first before being able to withdraw money.

Moreover, many similar platforms have scammed members in the past by blocking their accounts.

Questions Related to this Zetmoney Cfd review:

Now that you know Zetmoney Cfd is a scam, you may be trying to find out what should you do if you have already involved with such scams, how to identify similar scams, and avoid falling for them, correct? Well, we'll provide you answers to these queries below.

What should you do if you are already involved in this kind of site?

Getting a payment or refund from these scams is almost impossible. Therefore, it's preferable not to invest your time and money in these platforms in the first place. However, if you're already involved, here are some steps you can take to shield yourself from further scams:

Report Scams:

You should report these kinds of scams to the relevant authorities like FBIFTC, etc., or your country's concerned authorities.

You can also report other similar kinds of scams or suspicious activities, and share your reviews in our "Report A Scam" section. After moderating for spam, we'll publish them in our "Reported Scams And Complaints" category which can save others from those scams.

Change password:

For added safety, change the passwords of all the payment methods and emails that you've used with these scams.

Warn other about this scam:

Informing others about these fake platforms can raise awareness. So, share this Zetmoney Cfd review on your social media to alert your friends and family about the scam.

Where can you spot these kinds of scams?

Our research findings suggest that you may spot scams like Zetmoney Cfd in the following places:

  1. Online Searches: When you search online for job or work platforms, watch out for scam platforms that might appear in the search results.
  2. Emails and Text Messages: Scammers might send messages with links to fake websites. They may even pretend to be from famous companies or celebrities to trick people.
  3. Social Media: Watch out for scams like Zetmoney Cfd on TikTok, Facebook, and more. Some posts or videos may claim famous people endorse them, but if you look closely, those videos are fake—made by AI or edited clips.
  4. Phishing Websites: Scammers create phishing websites that mimic real websites, sharing them through email, text messages, or social media messages.
  5. Mobile Apps: Scammers sometimes put fake apps on App Store or Google Play Store. They seem real, but they're trying to steal your money and personal info.
  6. Online Ads: Scammers can promote these kinds of scams using banner ads on websites or mobile apps. So, when you click on these ads, you might end up on fake platforms.
  7. Pop-Up Ads: Be careful with pop-up ads that show up while you're browsing websites. Some of them might take you to these kinds of scams or other harmful websites.
  8. Online Forums and Chat Rooms: Scammers may promote these kinds of scams in online forums and chats. So, users should stay doubtful.
  9. Your Friends' Post on Social Medias: You may also find some of your friends are promoting these kinds of platforms on social medias. However, either they are promoting thinking they can make money by making referrals or their account may have been hijacked by scammers. So, either ways, you should not follow such posts or videos.

How to check and avoid scams like Zetmoney Cfd?

To protect yourself from scams like Zetmoney Cfd, follow these steps:

Platform’s Quality:

  • Check if the platforms like Zetmoney Cfd has provided a valid physical address, phone number, and email address.
  • Also, be wary of websites and apps with spelling and grammar errors, misspelled domain names, or that mimic well-known companies or celebrities.
  • Moreover, beware of websites that don't have a privacy policy or terms and conditions.
  • And, look for “https://” in the website’s URL.


  • Look for user reviews and ratings.
  • Pay special attention to negative reviews.

Watch out for Celebrity Promotions:

  • Be cautious when these platforms claim celebrities endorse them. They often use fake images or videos made by AI or edit clips of celebrities talking about something unrelated.
  • Remember, real celebrities won't promote such platforms.

Deals that Seem Too Good To Be True:

  • Be cautious of platforms claiming to pay unrealistically high amount for simple tasks.
  • So, to get an idea of the real online work platforms, compare the earnings that you can make on those genuine platforms.

Pressure of Limited Time Offers:

  • These kinds of scams often use time pressure to push people. Avoid falling for limited-time job offers, or at least research before making any decisions.

Trust Seal Logos:

  • Genuine websites often display real trust seals from reputable companies like McAfee, Norton, or BBB. But, scam sites display the fake ones.
  • So, to check such trust seals, click them, as real ones lead to official verification pages. But, fake ones either cannot be clicked or lead to random pages.

Be Cautious of Deposit Requirements:

  • These kinds of scams mostly trick their users by promising them to give some amount of money just for signing up on their platform. However, you won't be able to withdraw that amount later.
  • These kinds of platforms also may ask you to deposit some money first in order to withdraw your earnings. So, if you find any platform that ask you to deposit money first in order to withdraw, you better avoid that.

Too Much Personal Info:

  • Be cautious when platforms ask for too much personal info. Since, scammers may misuse your info for identity theft.

Unknown Emails and Ads:

  • Do not click on links in unknown emails or ads.

Conclusion of this Zetmoney Cfd review:

Considering the concerns raised in the above Zetmoney Cfd review, it appears that Zetmoney.Cfd is a scam. Therefore, we strongly advise avoiding this platform.

You can also report other similar kinds of scams or suspicious activities, and share your reviews in our "Report A Scam" section. After moderating for spam, we'll publish them in our "Reported Scams And Complaints" category which can save others from those scams.

Answers of FAQs

When was the domain "Zetmoney.Cfd" created?

As per WHOIS, domain "Zetmoney.Cfd" was created on 2023-08-15.

Zetmoney Cfd WHOIS Details.

Is Zetmoney.Cfd safe to use?

Due to the presence of various similar scams, our Zetmoney Cfd review suggests that it is not safe to use.

If you're already involved with Zetmoney Cfd, what steps should you take?

Change your passwords of your email, device and payment processors, report to authorities, and alert others about the scam.

How do I avoid these kinds of scams in the future?

As highlighted in this Zetmoney Cfd review, to steer clear of such scams, exercise caution with claims that seem too good to be true. Watch out for high payment claims for simple tasks, celebrity endorsements, pressure tactics, and platforms asking deposits for withdrawals. Most important, always verify if platforms are genuine or not by searching their reviews first.

Note: This Zetmoney.Cfd review relies on the info available on its platform at the time of this review. If there are any changes in the future, please inform us through the comment section below. We will then update our Zetmoney Cfd review accordingly.

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