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Zar Fund Review, What is ZarFund? Zar Fund Scam – NOI
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If you are searching for Zarfund reviews in order to find out what is Zar Fund, is Zarfund a scam or legit, then you are in 100% right place.


We are not promoting or recommending this site here, only providing the absolute truth about this site.


We don’t mean we can’t earn from the companies like Zar Fund. But the question is how long these kind of companies can be sustain. The main drawback of Zarfund is it’s business model which can be collapse anytime when market get saturated. On top of that, it follows cash gifting system which is illegal in some countries.


Yep, if you can take risk, then you can make some money or looses all of it when it collapse at the same time when you invest in it. So, even these kind of companies are paying at the moment, we don’t recommend anyone to work in these type of companies because we always support long lasting, sustainable and legal business such as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


OK let’s begin with our ZarFund Review as below:-

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Zar Fund login and join in link:- (Not Recommended to join)

Background of Zarfund

When we tried to do the research on the background of the owner of Zarfund and the people involved within it, we feel more suspicious about this program because the detail of the owner such as his name and the address is hidden within the WHOIS record. However when we dig more we found that the owner is from South Africa and his name is Hannes Jordaan. We found it from Facebook. But we didn’t find any other information than that and it is hard to say that he is the real owner when there is not any legal proof for it. So, still no one knows who is the real owner and from where the Zar Fund is operating which is one of the drawback of this program. Another drawback of Zarfund is that its business model is not legal in many countries and even it has not provided any authentic document about its business registration. 



What is Zar Fund

Zar Fund is the cash gifting MLM program which claims itself as a donation program. Aforementioned, cash gifting or MLM program with donation is not consider as legal business in many countries and Zarfund itself also hasn’t provided any authentic document about its business registration which makes this company more risky platform.



How can we earn money from Zar Fund?

NOTE: All calculation we have made by considering 1BTC=570 USD which can be change anytime in the future. So, please always check the current conversion rate of Bitcoin to USD.


First of all you must know the bitcoin is the only payment method that you can use for Zarfund and like in other payment processors such as Paypal, Payza etc., you can’t claim back payment made through Bitcoin transactions. So, before invest in Zarfund, think twice.


We are here talking about the investment first because without investment you can’t work in Zarfund. Once you register in Zarfund, within 24 hours you have to pay 0.03 BTC (around $17) in order to qualify in this program. The money that you invest in Zarfund will goes up to your sponsor who has invited you to join in Zafund and it will be consider as donation to your sponsor. Once you pay 0.03 BTC, your sponsor get that money and then only you will be eligible to get the payment from your referrals that you have to invite to earn from this program. Yep, you hear us right. If you can’t make referrals who willing to donate money for you, then you can’t make any money from this program, instead you will lose that 0.03 BTC that you have to invest to be eligible for this program in the name of donation to your sponsor. On top of that this type of donation you have to do every month to be eligible to get payment from your referrals.


You can also eligible to get donation from your referrals upto 6 level if you pay more donation upto your 6 level upline sponsor. For that you have to pay 0.05 BTC (around $29) to your second level sponsor, 0.1 BTC (around $57) to your third level sponsor, 0.2 BTC (around $114) to your fourth level sponsor, 1 BTC (around $570) to your fifth level sponsor and 2 BTC (around $1140) to your sixth level sponsor.



Conclusion on Zarfund

Aforementioned, now it is clear that this program is like MLM but without any products. So, at starting people can earn from these kind of programs, but in long run the market will be saturated and will hard to get referrals who will donate to join this program due to which the referrals at last level will stop paying monthly donation which makes hard for his/her upline to continue donating their upline and the whole matrix will start to reverse back and finally there will be no one to donate for anyone and company will collapse. The another popular company which is almost same like Zarfund is MMM about which you can find detail review by clicking this link:-


MMM has been already collapsed in many countries either due to matrix failure as we have mentioned you before or due to legal issue in different countries.


Many people always argue with us how can owner scam in these kind of donation programs where there is direct donation from members to members. They also claim owner doesn’t get any benefit from these kinds of programs. For those people, we suggest them to think twice. First of all no one will open a website or any business without thinking their own profit and on top of that in most of the cases no one knows who is the real owner of these kind of companies and even we know, then also owners can make many other accounts in the name of their relatives and they can become sponsors by themselves and take direct donation by becoming members. So, obvious there is high chance of happening that when the detail of owner is hidden and when he is running illegal business with unsustainable business model.


So, from our point of view, we don’t recommend these kinds of programs. However, these kinds of programs will pay upto certain time as we have described you before. So, you can take risk by yourself. However some of you may ask what is our recommended programs then. For those, our answer is that we always recommend such kind of programs which have 100% sustainable business model with reputed owners, which is running from many years without any issue and where the majority of members have proven track record of success. One of the such company is Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find details by clicking this link:-


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Good Luck!

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