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Windows 10 Review, Windows 10 problems - NOI

Windows 10 Review, Windows 10 vs Windows 8 vs Windows 7

Windows 10 Reviews

Today we are going to give a short reviews on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is a full comparison and a battle of being the best Microsoft product as Windows 7 vs Windows 8 vs Windows 10. As a new coming of Windows 10, we will also discuss a lot about Windows 10 download which is automatically given by Microsoft itself. We know that main motto of our website is to provide review of online work companies, however, in order to do such online work we need to know which is the best suitable operating system to do our work more efficiently. We found that more than 90% people who are working in online field are using Microsoft as an operating system and time to time we encounter with a queries like which Microsoft Windows is better for online work. Actually, there is no specific operating system dedicated for online work. However, in order to do online work efficiently, it is better we choose the best operating system which is best for almost all kind of work which we need to do within our laptop/computer. So, we must know which one is the best operating system. This is why through this post we are going to give a comparison review between the most recent Microsoft Windows products (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10) along with Windows 7 problems, Windows 8 problems and Windows 10 problems and their solution as well so that you can easily choice the best operating system for you.  As we have made a clear observation on all of these products we would like to express our thoughts about them.

Windows 7 Review

Windows 7 Review and Windows 7 Problems

Windows 7 is quite famous and most preferred Windows with customized and easy to use features. Windows 7 has its own unique appearance and functions. It is one of the most stable windows operating system. We practically found no problem in using windows 7. As an online worker ourselves, we never came across with any major negative issues within Windows 7 which would make our work difficult. It is fast, reliable and definitely most easy to use operating system so far. There is no significant downfall to this operating system (not considering all the specs required by per individual). Windows 7 recovered all the drawbacks of Vista and added features to be much more stable than its predecessor. Before Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 98 were most stable operating system release by Microsoft. However, in this modern age, always new things are discovered and  Microsoft is not behind to meet the demand of consumers. That is why they always release new version of Windows by adding features that meet the demand of upgraded society. However, sometime Microsoft has encounter with various problems like after 98, they release Windows Me, 2000 etc., but at last they succeed to release stable version of Windows known as Windows XP for that time. However, they again upgraded to Vista in order to meet new demand of society. However, Vista encounter with many applications compatible issues and problems and at last they release more modified version of Windows in name of Windows 7 which remains stable for longer time. However, they again find out lots of additional features and improvements which they can't just upgrade in Windows 7, so they release Windows 8, but again Windows 8 encounter with lots of problems. So, again they upgrade from windows 8 to Windows 10 and now it seem they again release one more stable version of Windows in name of Windows 10 after Windows 7 which fulfill demand of modern society.

Windows 8 Review

Window 8 Review, Windows 8 Problems

Windows 8 was introduced after Windows 7. It has a unique appearance which is far different than that of windows 7. However, it should have been better than windows 7 as it was made after windows 7 adding additional feature, but most of the users were not satisfied by the change from windows 7 to Windows 8. Many complained about the different issues within Windows 8 because many programs and even drivers of some hardware are not compatible with Windows 8. Windows 8 in compare to windows 7 is not quite satisfying for the users by being easy to use. Windows 8 didn't become a popular operating system. Most of user of Windows 8 changed their operating system back to windows 7 which prove that they are not satisfied by the performance of Windows 8. This scenario suggest that among majority, Windows 7 is better than windows 8 with much better user friendly environment.

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 Reviews, Windows 10 Problems, How to download Windows 10

Now Microsoft has introduced its latest operating system “Windows 10”. As we have clearly observed Windows 10, we are confident enough to make a good review about it. As mentioned before, in online work we must consider working by using the best operating system that provides better performance. Windows 10 with its own new and unique appearance with added features is quite good. Windows 10 has covered most of the downfall led by windows 8. Its better, its faster and most importantly user friendly (easy to use). It also has an attractive, appearance as it kind of look like both windows 7 and windows 8 mixed together. As we noticed battery performance has significantly increased using Windows 10 within same hardware where we were using Windows 7. That’s not all, Windows 10 load faster than Windows 7. We can feel that our start up, shutdown and even application loading time become faster with Windows 10 in the same operating system where there use to be Windows 7.

Many doubt that their file may erase while they upgrade to windows 10 or even may be some driver of their laptop will not install automatically. However, from Windows 10, it seems Microsoft understand the demand of consumers because when you upgrade Windows 10, it doesn’t harm or erase any of the applications and files from your computer if you choose "keep files and applications" option during installation of Windows 10. More than that, every driver will be install automatically. However, before you install Windows 10, you must know that if your laptop or computer comes with version of Windows older than Windows 7, then Windows 10 may be not compatible with your hardware.

Windows 10 has enhanced graphic quality with incredible speed of performance and start up. For those who come across major problem while running Windows 10, they can easily wipe out that problem by going into "settings" and click on "update and security" and then by clicking "recovery" and then clicking on "get started" available under "Reset this PC" caption. This enables you to get rid of the major problem you might face while running your PC due to bugs and viruses within your applications. However, use reset option only if your computer encounter with serious issue because you have to erase your all application when you reset the PC due to which you need to again install all software within your PC. However, drivers of your hardware will be automatically installed and your personal files will be untouched if you choose "keep files" options while resetting the PC. Otherwise simple issues will be fixed by automated updates schedule in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is much lighter with faster performance than Windows 8 and Windows 7. While you upgrade to windows 10, the most unique feature it provides is that it doesn’t interfere with your current drivers. Search option is much more advanced than any of its predecessor. Cortana is now available for easy searching. It can also be customized to either voice command or manual type to search. With Cortana being able to get access over the computer as well as internet, it gives satisfying results to your command. It uses Bing as its search engine and also it has the searching ability like Google Now and humor of Apple’s Siri. It can be stated to be the smartest intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. With Windows 10, you will get Microsoft Edge browser which is improvement of Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft Edge browser seems to be competitive with best browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Windows 10 also provide the inbuild DVD player application known as "Movies and TVs" which is very light to use and support almost all kind of video format available till date in the market. Even with all those features, Windows 10 doesn’t need a high requirement. It is compatible with computer/laptop that has ram like:- 1 GB(32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) and a free hard disk space of just 16 GB which is same as the requirement for Windows 7 and Windows 8. It also requires a Microsoft account and internet access.

As to speak about Windows 10 problems, it does posses 1 or 2 downfalls like in some computers it pops a error message of "Microsoft visual C++ Runtime Error". It is not a major issue though it can simply be avoided by clicking OK. Actually this error is related with graphic card driver installation by Windows 10. However, even this message pops up, you can find all graphic card function is running well within your PC. So, you no need to worry about this error. As Windows 10 upgrade itself, we think Microsoft will look an update for that problem and will solve it automatically soon in the future. And a major issue that Windows 10 has is that it does provide Microsoft office 365 with one month trail and after that we have to pay every month in order to use Microsoft Office 365 which is quite annoying. However, Windows 10 does support alternatives like Microsoft office 2007 to Microsoft office 2013. So, we suggest you to use older version of Microsoft Office in order to protect your monthly bill by using Microsoft Office 365.


As we mentioned above, Windows 10 is better option considering both visual and performance point of view. However, if you are running Windows 7, then you can either choice to upgrade to Windows 10 or just can continue with Windows 7. But, you must know that now Microsoft will give more emphasis on Windows 10 than Windows 7 and even slowly they will not provide latest update for Windows 7. So, although Windows 7 is also stable operating system, then also it is better to upgrade to Windows 10 specically within 2015 because at the moment you can download and upgrade to Windows 10 free of cost and even you can keep your all applications, files, setting untouched after upgrade to Windows 10. So, there is nothing to lose to upgrade to Windows 10.

If you are using Windows 8, then definitely you need to upgrade to Windows 10 because all those problems which you encounter in Windows 8 has been fixed within Windows 10.

Your comments are valuable for us. So please feel free to leave the comment below if you want to share anything related with Microsoft Windows as well as related with any Online Work/Businesses/Jobs.

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