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Admins of News Online Income

If you want to find out who are the admins of News Online Income and where are they from, then here you can find the full details about them. Following are the admins/founders of with their full biodata:- 


1. Deroka (Suman Roka)

Deroka (Suman Roka) is one of the founders of our website "" holding the major shares of NewsOnlineIncome. He is not only a founder, but is a very active team member of News Online Income.


He is actively involved to write posts for News Online Income, to do the researches for the posts of News Online Income, to handle the comments of News Online Income and so on. He is also an editor in NewsOnlineIncome. 


Suman Roka is from Nepal, but staying in both China and Nepal because he always travels these two countries because of his business nature. 

DeRoka/Suman Roka, the admin/founder/author/researcher/editor of NewsOnlineIncome


Earlier, Suman Roka used to be involved in many kinds of businesses, such as he was the founder of many businesses like Smart Support Services Pvt. Ltd. which still manages the ATM lounge services for banks in Nepal, 4D/8D Cinema theater in Guangzhou, China, Trading company in Guangzhou, China, Machine Made Brick factory known as Sun Bricks Industry, Construction company known as S Square Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Finance company known as Amardeep Co-operative Ltd. and Interior Decoration company known as SDI Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal. However, he was more passionate about online business and doing online businesses side by side along with his other businesses form 2007. However, he failed many times in online businesses due to lots of online scams. But, finally from 2011 he got the right path to make money from online businesses. Then from 2013 he started to earn very good income from online businesses and he decided to open his own website known as So, he started to slowly sell his old companies. First he sold his construction company, after that his brick factories and then finance company, ATM lounges till the end of 2013. After that he put all of his money in online businesses in various sector and earned good profit. However, he was still managing other businesses in China like 4D/8D Cinema and Trading company with his business partner and good friend, Zhang Long, who is another founder of this website. Since 2014, Suman Roka and Zhang Long together operated 3 businesses. But, later in 2016 they realized that the main potential and profitable business is online business. So then, they also sold 4D/8D cinema and only focused on online business and opened multiple online sites. However, they are still doing trading business side by side, but only occasionally for major deals.


Academically, Suman Roka was a science student who has done bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and Master in Environmental Engineering.


Now, Suman Roka is doing only two businesses, trading of Chinese goods around the world and online businesses such as Google AdSense, Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate and his own websites:- "" and "".



2. Ditiea (Zhang Long)

Ditiea/Zhang Long, the admin/founder/author of NewsOnlineIncome

Ditiea (Zhang Long) is another founder of our website "" holding the shares of NewsOnlineIncome. He is not only a founder, but also a very active team members of News Online Income.


He is actively involved in writing few posts for News Online Income, to do the researches for the posts of News Online Income, to handle the comments of News Online Income, to reply the messages of News Online Income and so on.


Zhang Long is from China and staying in Guangzhou, China. 


Zhang Long has his own hotel and resort business in beautiful place of China, known as Zhangjiajie where famous movie Avatar was also filmed for its beautiful "Hallelujah Mountains" scenery. However, Zhang Long was passionate about online business, so he was doing online business since 2011. Later in 2013, he partnered with Suman Roka to involve in multiple online businesses among which NewsOnlineIncome is also the one, which was launched back in 2014. Until 2016, Zhang Long together with Suman Roka, was doing 4D/8D Cinema theater in Guangzhou, China. But, now they already sold that business and now only doing online and trading businesses. Zhang Long is also a good singer and do the live shows in China.


Academically, Zhang Long has done bachelor degree in Interior Designing.



3. NB Roka

NB Roka, the founder of NewsOnlineIncome

NB Roka is a passive founder of NewsOnlineIncome. He only helps to fund for online businesses venture of Zhang Long and Suman Roka. However, he also helps Zhang Long and Suman Roka to handle their jobs on busy schedule, specially when there is heavy work loads. Most of time, he helps them to test the new online work companies by working in those companies by himself which helps the team of NewsOnlineIncome to conduct researches of particular companies to do the accurate reviews and list them under scam or legit categories.


NB Roka is also from Nepal, was living in USA for very long time, but now currently living in Nepal with his family. By profession he is an Survey Engineer, but is involved in online business since 2013.


The main motto of opening is to guide people to establish their own successful online business and warn them against scams utilizing the experience and knowledge Suman Roka and Zhang Long have gained during the years by getting involved in online work industry from 2007 and 2011 respectively.


Besides the founders of, there are also other team members who are actively involved in about whom you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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Hello, I'm Deroka (Suman Roka). I'm a part of the team that has written many reviews, articles, and posts on I'm the one who researches and writes the reviews of various online companies. Additionally, I take on the role of editing the reviews, articles, and posts on NewsOnlineIncome. If you want to learn more about our team members, you can visit our About Us page. To know more about me, you can follow my Facebook Profile. I also recommend you to check our Reddit Page for more info on scams.


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