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Why some people think Wealthy Affiliate is scam? – NOI

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Why some people think that Wealthy Affiliate is scam?

You can see in every review we provide you, there are lots of genuine information which most of the newbies seek for their start up or even the existing affiliate marketers seek for their business expansion. We are here to give you the exact facts on the online business companies to help you make the right decision for yourself. What we write is purely based on the market researches we conduct or on experimental basis. Even we have no any affiliation with some of these companies, neither any interest.


Let’s move into the real topic now. Why some people think that the most recommended Wealthy Affiliate a scam company? We cannot say more rather than a bad judgment or lack of understanding the policies and procedure of the company.

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WA teaches you how to make your own online business and make money from it but not create a business for you. They will provide a detail and very simplified version of work to be done procedure and you can simply make awesome money by following their way of doing things. This way they take care of your business and help you not only to start your online business but also to establish your business for long run. Your success depends on how much effort and time you give to your newly started business. But you have to be determined and consistent in your job to get the result. And remember in every business dedication and hard work are must to achieve the set target.


So you can learn to build your own website and how to make money out of it from Wealthy Affiliate in a proper manner. You can learn to do keyword researches, then blog on your website focusing on those keyword researches, getting traffic to your website and making sales through them and making money online. All this process needs time because you cannot get the Google ranking so easily and there is huge competition for ranking in Google search engines. Since Google ranking is the ultimate source of getting traffic to your website, you need to dedicate much of your time and skill in this part by giving quality contents to your viewers on regular basis. First new month will going to be tough for you. You need to do researches and write your articles based on the search results. You need to read lots of references to get the information for which you can use Google pages. You need to display your website through social medias. You need to prove yourself as a devoted online affiliate marketer. Then only Google will start trusting you and rank you in search pages. Once you ranked better in Google, you are the authority to your target audiences. After that nothing can stop you to hike your success in this online affiliate marketing business. Now you can understand that why we are saying WA teaches you about a long term sustainable business model.


Wealthy Affiliate contains lots of training programs, tutorials, blogs, queries and responses, webinars. The tutorials are very organized and you can easily learn step by step process to make your online business. But for some people, these information may seems too much to decide what to do next.


Not only that but you get to interact with lots of members through live chat and know about their success stories. Now this part can also have two faces, one you can get the knowledge and valuable information from their experiences and get help in the case you need. Second is only getting knowledge is not enough but you need to act for your own business. Your focus shall be on regular blogging and getting better ranking in Google to drive traffic in your website. This will bring money in your business. Wasting most of your time chatting with them, hearing their stories does not bring you any money. So keep pace in this chat section but do not get too much involved.


We know that most of the people want easy going job but expect a huge return. Now tell us one thing, how is it possible to get handful of fruits if you do not grow the plant properly? Likewise, if you do not devote your time and effort like we said before, how can you earn good money from your business? Being a newbie in the market you have to face huge competition and need hard work to establish yourself in this online business which needs couple of years. So keep on your pace and you will be able to earn plenty of money with your desire. WA members share their experience of spending 18-20 hours a day and not earning even a penny in their starting days and now they are making quite a lot out of it because they have already established their existence in the market. Earning money working less is possible only if you are ready to spend lots of money in hiring writers or social media specialist for you but the question here is, is it really worthy to spend so much of money when you are still a newbie?


Let’s summarize our verdicts here, Wealthy Affiliate is a solid company to get all the know hows for your online business but you need to understand its potentiality and shall learn to utilize its contents in positive manner. Otherwise you will also be counted among one of them who think WA as Scam Company and loose a big opportunity earning money from online business. Next is as we mention before, you need hard work, dedication, patience, consistency and more of that determination in your work to achieve the set target. 


If you are now curious to know all the detail on Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-

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