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What is Is Zooo a scam? Zooo Review is not what it is claiming, but is a Ponzi scheme which is even not paying to every members, only paying to some members in order to show that they are paying, but in real many members had already lose their money in this program. So, it is better you don't try your luck by investing in Zooo, otherwise instead of earning, you can lose your investment.

The Zooo is offering 14% daily on investment amount and pretending to survive from very long time. Yep, we agree that they are online from long time, but not surviving in well manner. They are only paying to very few members, and not paying to many members. More than that, it is not a cup of tea for any legit company to pay 14% profit daily to their investors.

Actually you can think yourself. If some company can pay 14% daily to their investors and if they claim they are a big research company to protect animals and environment like Zooo is claiming, then why they need to collect the investment from several people and pay them 14% daily when they just can take a loan from a bank in much more lower rate, less than 1% monthly. It is because they can't show the legal document to the bank to take a loan from there because what they are claiming doesn't exist in reality.

Yep, we agree that they have provided some legal document within their website, but such documents are only for tax purposes, not a license to run an investment company. Actually, it is not the registration documents which make their business sustainable and in the past many companies with such kind of registration documents have been already turned into scam.

Zooo claims that they have various animal research programs from which they generate profits and share with you. But, they haven't mentioned what are those projects, where are they located, how can they make money from that research, and so on. Actually it is your fault to believe that research can generate such huge income. Most of the research can't make any profit, they are just findings.

So, none of their claims make any sense. And the funny part is that they also claim that they are investing in forex trading, so they are making profit from research or trading? How forex trading relate with animal research and how are they making profit from forex trading, where are they investing for that? None of these are answered.

What is the Zooo? Either is scam or legit? Zooo Review. Zooo complaints. Zooo real or not?

What is the Zooo? Why don't we recommend

Aforementioned, Zooo is a fake company because their all claims are fake and the only verifiable source of income that we can find which they are using to pay few members is the investment made by new members, the complete Ponzi scheme. If you don't know what is Ponzi and Pyramid scheme, then you can click the following respective links:-

Ponzi Scheme:-

Pyramid Scheme:-

The video testimonials of where you can find out the members of Zooo are showing that they are getting paid from Zooo and yelling they are happy with Zooo are actually not the videos from the real members. If you check those people in, you will find out that all of those people are paid actors whose work is to provide fake testimonials for the companies like

We know that may be some members of Zooo will come here and argue with us that is paying, but like we have said before, they are paying selectively so that they can make people confuse and keep on running business and make money for themselves. So, it depends upon your luck to get paid from or not. It seems they are paying members by doing lucky draw, lol.

If you can find some real payment proofs of, then in same time you can find lots of complaints from the members for not getting paid form Zooo and losing their investment. So, it makes clear that Zooo is a very clever company which is making people confuse by paying some few selective members and not paying to other members.

Actually we can go on and on, but we think this much information is already enough to give you the reason why we don't recommend So, we are now concluding this review.


Aforementioned, it is clear that Zooo is not a good company which is only paying few members in order to show that they are paying, but in reality not paying to all members due to which many has already complained that they lose their investment in On top of that, we have already explained in detail about all fake claims made by Zooo. So, we don't recommend Zooo and have listed it within our Scams Category.

If you want to learn the ways to check scams by yourself, then you can read our post "how to know scams" by clicking this link:-

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