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What is USITech? Is USI Tech a Scam? – NOI
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USI Tech is a company which business model is inclined towards Ponzi scheme and Pyramid scheme, means the business model of USI Tech is a combination of two illegal schemes. So, we can say that USITech is a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid. Why? Well, you can find the details within our USI Tech review as below. So, if you are searching for the USI Tech reviews in order to find the complete truth about this company, then you don’t have to search any further USITech reviews for that, because we are going to provide you the detail answer of your queries within this USITech review, such as what is USI Tech in real, how it operates, either is USITech a scam completely or still there is a chance for it to be a legal in the future and so on. So, in order to find out the complete facts about USI-Tech, please continue this review. But, after knowing the fact that USI-Tech is an illegal company, if you don’t want to find out further details on it, instead want to find out the legit online money making opportunities, then you can find the list of good and trusted online work companies by clicking this link:- and you can find the detail review on our No.1 recommended online work company, the top one among those good and trusted online work companies by clicking this link:-


OK, now let’s begin with our review in order to find out what is in detail.

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USI Tech scam or not? USI Tech legit or not? USI Tech Scams. USI Tech complaints. USITech scam or not?

USI Tech login:- https:// usi-tech. info/ (Not Recommended to join)

What is USI Tech and why don’t we recommend it? What makes it illegal?

Aforementioned, USI Tech is a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid. OK, now let’s find out why?


Why USI Tech is a Ponzi scheme?


In USI Tech, affiliates can simply earn €70 after 140 days when they invest €50, which means 140% total ROI including principle in 140 days. So, now let’s think generally. If any company can pay their affiliates 140% ROI within 140 days, then why that company needs to collect the investment from several people in the first place because any legit company which can make such great profit can easily take a loan from a bank and if they take loan from a bank, they don’t have to pay more than 1% interest rate monthly, which means only 112% ROI within one year. So, instead of paying such low amount of ROI, why they want to pay such huge amount of ROI and that is also by collecting the investment from several people. Even if we agree they can’t take a business loan due to their business model, what about taking personal loan or using their credit card money. So, the business model of USI Tech doesn’t make any sense.


Even if we agree they really have an automated software for Forex trading which help them to generate good amount of profit, then where is the proof for that? Only claiming they have a software to boost earning in Forex trading is not enough without providing any proof. The only verifiable proof of income source that we can find out within USI Tech is the money invested by affiliates only. So, this company is completely like other lots of Ponzi schemes. These kinds of companies pay for some months at starting, some even manage to pay upto a year, but ultimately collapse without paying majority of members at the end because Ponzi schemes always use the money invested by one member to pay another member which create a debt into the system equal to the profit amount that they pay to that member. In order to find out more clearly how Ponzi scheme operates, you can click this link:-


Now you are clear why USITech is a Ponzi scheme. Now let’s find out why it is a Pyramid scheme as well.


USI Tech is a clear cut Pyramid scheme and there is no doubt on that because Pyramid schemes are those companies which pay commissions upto multi level downlines like MLM companies, but without selling any real products or services, just on the upgrade fees or investment ROI packages like USI Tech has been paying. To qualify for referral commission, USI-Tech affiliate needs to pay €600 for a forex bot fee and also need to recruit three affiliates who also pay €600 for same thing, or three affiliates who together invest a minimum of €600 in bitcoin. But, that forex bot is not any useful or legal software. And even if that was a real product, then also making business plan where members must purchase the product to take part in the MLM program makes it once again a Pyramid scheme. So, it is straight forward Pyramid scheme. If you don’t know what is Pyramid scheme and how it operates, then you can find the details on Pyramid scheme by clicking this link:-


USI Tech claims to be from USA, but when we checked their WHOIS details, we found out that they are from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, even if we agree they are from USA, then they should be available in the SEC’s Edgar database, but nothing comes up in the name of USI Tech when we check SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) database.  USI-Tech isn’t registered to offer securities in any jurisdiction they operate in. A legitimate company cannot offer securities to US residents without SEC registration. So, this again proves that they are lying about their business location and also about their business license.


Now you are clear why USI Tech is a Ponzi Pyramid hybrid. So, we don’t recommend anyone to work with USI Tech.

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