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What is the Ruby Ribbon? Is Ruby Ribbon scam or legit?

Is http://www.rubyribbon.com scam or legit? Are you searching for the Ruby Ribbon reviews in order to find it out? If so, then your search ends here because here you can find all the truth about Ruby Ribbons, both pros and cons, such as what is www.ruby ribbon.com, negative and positive Ruby Ribbon product reviews, negative and positive Ruby Ribbon ShapeWear reviews, Ruby Ribbon compensation plan, about Ruby Ribbon consultant, about becoming Ruby Ribbon Stylist, about the owner of Ruby Ribbon Inc, about Ruby Ribbon clothing, about RubyRibbon scam claims, about Ruby Ribbon direct sales and so on. In short, Ruby Ribbon is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company with clothing as its products and Ruby Ribbon clothes are very good in quality. The Ruby Ribbon customer service is also very good and they are paying to their members on time. But also, there are some drawbacks which make us to list RubyRibbon within our Promising Online Works section instead of our Good and Trusted Online Works section. You can find those reasons in details within our Ruby Ribbon review as below.


Actually, in order to be eligible to enter in our "Good and Trusted Online Works" section, the risk level to work with company should be very low which is not in the case of Ruby Ribbon, but that definitely doesn't mean RubyRibbon is a scam, because Ruby Ribbon is a legit company with a sustainable business model. If you want to know what kind of companies we have listed within our Good and Trusted Online Works section, then you can find that by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/

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OK, let’s begin with our RubyRibbon review as below.

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Ruby Ribbon Join in and Log in URL:- http://www.rubyribbon.com

Background of Ruby Ribbon, What is RubyRibbon?

Ruby Ribbon, www.rubyribbon.com, is a MLM company which was founded by Anna Zornosa in 2011. She is well reputed person with very good background. Before she starts RubyRibbon, she use to work with reputed companies in the past such as, Glam.com, Trulioo.com, Motista, Chloe & Isabel. The headquarter of the Ruby Ribbon is located at Burlingame, United States. However, they have hide those information within WHOIS detail of domain, rubyribbon.com. But, looking the detail contact information as they have provided in their website with phone number (650) 525-4141, considering their customer service to reach them on time, we can be sure that they are not hiding about their address and owner details.


As you know RubyRibbon is a MLM company, so obviously it should have a good product for it to be a good company and in case of Ruby Ribbon, they are among the top to provide good quality products and good customer service. The products of RubyRibbon are clothes and fashion accessories for women which has got very positive response from the consumers regarding its quality. They have categorized their products as Ruby Ribbon ShapeWear, Ruby Ribbon essentials with shaping, Ruby Ribbon Fashion Layers, Ruby Ribbon Winter/holiday sales etc.


So, we can say that they have provided best quality product with different sizes, designs comparing with other MLM companies in the same field. And they have also provided Return Policy according to which you can return back the product with full refund within 30 days or exchange within 60 days. But in order to return or exchange, the products must be in brand new condition, unwashed with original packaging including SKU number label.  


So considering the background of Ruby Ribbon, we can even list it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. But we didn't and only list it within our Promising Online Works section due to the reason which you can find within "how to earn money from Ruby Ribbon" caption as below.



How to earn money from RubyRibbon? It is not easy and need to risk $199

In order to work with Ruby Ribbon, first of all you have to purchase the Startup Kit which cost $199. Comparing with lots of online businesses, cost of Startup Kit is expensive. After you become member by paying $199 for their Startup Kit, you must be able to sell the Ruby Ribbon products worth $300 per month continuously for 3 months in order to be eligible for this program to earn money from it and to be called as Ruby Ribbon Stylist. This company has been focusing to sell the products rather than recruiting the people, which is good, but for many people it will be very hard to sell $300 worth products per month continuously for 3 months due to which you will have a high risk to lose your membership from Ruby Ribbon. So, you need to take $199 risk here. So, it seems RubyRibbon is only good deal for expert internet marketer or for someone who has lots of experience of selling cloths. For beginners, it will be a platform to lose money than earning from here. This is the main reason we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section rather than in our Good and Trusted Online Works section.


According to RubyRibbon compensation plan, you can earn up to 40% commission from your personal sales. And if you want to earn more money, then you can recruit members. As a Stylist member, you can earn from 20% to 30% from your personal sales volume and 3% from your referrals sales volume. However, if you able to become leader, then you can earn upto 40% commission from your personal sales and you will earn commission upto 4 levels of your recruited members which will be 6% from level 1 referrals, 3% from level 2 referrals, 2% from level 3 referrals and 1% from level 4 referrals. But, to be a leader, it is very hard because you must be able to sell products worth $1500 per month, you should have at least 3 active Stylist members as your referrals, means the one who can sell $300 worth products per month and even it takes 2 months for leader level qualification process. 


So, overall RubyRibbon compensation plan is not bad, but it is not good for beginners as well as for an average internet marketers. It is better not to take a risk to work with RubyRibbon unless you are expert internet marketer or experienced business person in relation to clothing industry. But, if you are beginner and want to work with Ruby Ribbon, then don't worry, we have provided you the best way to become expert in our "conclusion" section as below.




Aforementioned, either if there was not a requirement of selling $300 worth products per month continuously for 3 months or if there was not any fee to start work with RubyRibbon, then we would have listed it within our Good and Trusted Online Works section. But, since there are those requirements in the reality, so it is very hard for many beginners as well as average internet marketers/online workers, so we have listed it within our Promising Online Works section.


The quality of RubyRibbon products are good and the Ruby Ribbon customer service is also very good. But, in order to work with Ruby Ribbon, you have to purchase $199 worth Startup Kit which is comparatively expensive and after you invest that much amount, you should be able to sell $300 worth products per month for continuously 3 months to be an active member of Ruby Ribbon which add more risk to do the business with Ruby Ribbon specially for the beginners and average online workers. So, it is more good for expert online workers/internet marketers or for the experienced business person in clothing industry. To earn benefit by working with Ruby Ribbon, you have to be very patient and hard working person.


However, if you want to be an expert internet marketer to work with Ruby Ribbon in better way and earn good commissions from it, then first of all you can join Wealthy Affiliate from where you will not only learn to become an expert to earn from the companies like Ruby Ribbon by selling the products or recruiting members, but you will also learn many other expert skills to earn money online, such as by making website in your own subject of interest and earn money from that website, learn the skills to earn money from reputed companies like Google Adsense, eBay, Amazon etc. You can find our detail Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/


Actually Wealthy Affiliate is also our No.1 recommended online work company because you can also earn within Wealthy Affiliate itself and that is also much more easily than earning from MLM companies like RubyRibbon. If you want to find out our other recommend companies, then you can find the list of our Good and Trusted Online Works by clicking this link:- newsonlineincome.com/legitimate-work-home-businesses/

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