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What is W3Adz? Is W3Adz Scam? W3Adz Review – NOI

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What is W3Adz? Is W3Adz Scam? W3Adz Review

Normally, we don’t do the review of PTC sites because most of the PTC sites don’t last even for a year. However, we are doing the review on W3Adz because this site is becoming viral and it is able to make lots of members in short period of time.


So, now let’s confirm what is W3 Adz in real, either is W3Adz a scam or a legit, either is there any W3Adz complaints or not, either W3Adz paying on time or not, either is W3Adz payment proofs are real or fake, either is the owner details of W3Adz clear or not and so on. All answers you can find within our W3Adz review here. But, before that, if you want to find out what kinds of companies we have listed as good and trusted online work companies, then you can find the list of our recommended online work companies by clicking this link:-


Actually, we consider lots of factors before we list any companies within our good and trusted online works section and rate them according to their performances. Considering those ratings, Wealthy Affiliate is our No.1 recommendation. If you don’t know what is Wealthy Affiliate, then you can find our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link:-


But, we haven’t listed W3Adz within our good and trusted online works section. If you want to know why then you can find the details within our W3Adz .com review as below. So, let’s begin with our W3 Adz review as below in detail in order to find out what is W3Adz .com in real.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

W3Adz. com review. W3 Adz is a scam or a legit? What is W3Adz. com?

What is

Before we explain W3Adz is a scam or a legit, first of all, we like to explain to you what is W3 Adz in real.


W3Adz is a paid to click site, commonly known as PTC site where members can earn money by registering with a company and viewing the ads where advertisers can advertise their products or services to those members who view those ads. 


However, PTC sites ads are not an effective way of advertising because you will not get good results by advertising your products or services with PTC sites. On the other hand, PTC sites are also not good to make money because you can’t earn even a pocket money within a year by viewing ads in PTC sites and even if you refer people, still you can’t earn good income because most of the people don’t like to refer and only want the platform to earn money from their own work. So, when you refer people, they only work for some months and leave the site when they find out it is very difficult to earn from their own click and even if some of them try to refer people, they face the same difficulty to make their referral active.


W3Adz also has an option to rent referrals. But, we never suggest you do that because most of the time PTC sites sell BOTs, means computer generated referrals instead of real ones. So, the earnings of rented referrals will be completely under control of the owner. Those PTC sites which rented referrals average are good, most of them turn into scam soon. Those who sustain for a long run, they don’t provide good rented referral average. So, either way, renting referrals in PTC sites is very risky where you will have 95% chance to lose money. So, we never recommend anyone to rent referrals in any PTC sites. 


Due to the fact as we have mentioned above, PTC sites are worthless either to advertise or to make money. So, form our side we don’t recommend any PTC sites.



Background of the owner

As per the WHOIS details of W3Adz. com, we have found that Arnaldo Bocker from Anderheitsallee 22, Hamburg, Germany is listed as the owner of the company. In most of the PTC sites, it is hard to find the clear owner details in WHOIS. But, at least in W3Adz, the owner details are not hidden. But, that is still not enough to declare it a legit company because in the past there were many online work companies which had turned into scam even they had clear owner details. Especially we can’t trust PTC sites because even some PTC sites had turned into scam after running successfully for 2-3 years. So, we never can trust any PTC sites.




Aforementioned, it is clear that we don’t recommend W3Adz. Most of the PTC sites turn into scam within a year and they sell BOTs in the name of rented referrals and no one can earn a good income from any PTC sites.


You can’t expect to earn a good income from PTC sites. So, if you are really looking for the legit ways to make full-time online income on regular basis so that you can quit your job, then it is better you join our No.1 recommended online work company known as Wealthy Affiliate about which you can find the details by clicking this link:-


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