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What is The Billion Coin? The Billion Coin Scam? – NOI

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  • April 12, 2020

What is The Billion Coin? Is The Billion Coin Scam or Legit?

As you know these days there are lots of companies launching day by day promising the new cryptocurrency which can be valued more than a bitcoin in the future, but most of them are scams and the value of the cryptocurrency of those kinds of companies are arbitrarily controlled by the admin of the company and the cryptocurrency of those kinds of companies never hit any value in public exchangers, even they will not list in any public exchanger, the same is a case with TheBillionCoin, also known as TBC. So, before you join, if you have decided to search for The Billion Coin reviews in order to find out what is in real and either is a scam or a legit, then you made a right decision and now you have found the right platform to know the truth about TheBillionCoin because from here, through our The Billion Coin review, you are going to find out the complete reality of this company. 


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Aforementioned, TheBillionCoin is not a company with a real cryptocurrency, but just with a virtual coin. Legal authorities like SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) has already issued warnings against these kinds of companies. So, we don’t recommend TheBillionCoin. However, if you want to find out on what basis we are saying TheBillionCoin is an illegal company, then you can find the details within our TheBillionCoin review as below. But, after knowing the fact that TheBillionCoin is an illegal company, if you don’t want to find out more details on it, but want to find out the list of legit online works and businesses to make money online in real, then you can find the list of our recommended legit companies by clicking this link:-


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OK, now let’s begin with our review in detail to find out what is in real.

Is The Billion Coin a scam or a legit? What is TheBillionCoin? The Billion Coin real or not?

TBC, The Billion Coin login and join in link:-

What is TBC? Why don’t we recommend TheBillionCoin?

The Billion Coin (TBC) is a company which offers its own cryptocurrency to trade within its community which is believed to be a real cryptocurrency by its members, but in reality is just a virtual coin which value is arbitrarily increased by the admin of the company. It sustains only if the new investors keep on coming into the company, same like in Ponzi schemes. Actually, it is a Ponzi scheme, means an illegal company.


Kris Kringle is believed to be the admin of TheBillionCoin because they have claimed that in their first year anniversary video, but there is not any proof of that. If some company is providing the real owner information, they don’t have to hide their owner details and the address of the company within the WHOIS details, but TheBillionCoin is doing so, which proves that either TheBillionCoin has linkage with scam sites in the past or has intention of scamming people in the future. In online business industry, we have never find even a single legit site which has registered hiding their owner details within WHOIS, but have find only the scam companies doing such thing.


The price of TheBillionCoin is continuously increasing which never happens with real cryptocurrency because the price of real cryptocurrency always goes up and down. But, the price of virtual cryptocurrency like TBC which has been arbitrarily increasing by the admin of the company always goes up because the admin of these kinds of companies always want the price of their coin rises up to the limit so that they can sell them in high price. Once the admin sell out these coins, then he/she will just dump the company. That is why these kinds of companies are also known as “pump and dump” schemes, which means first of all pumping the price of coin and later on dumping them. If you sell these coins before the admin/owner sell them, then sure you can make profit, but if you keep on holding them even after when the admin of this company sell the coin, then you will be in completely loss. The major loss bearer of these kinds of companies will be the ones who buy these coins in the price which admin sell. But, the problem is you never know who is the real admin of these kinds of companies. So, it is hard to find out when the admin will sell the coins of these companies. But, you will know that only when the price of coins stop increasing and instead start decreasing. So, it is very risky to invest in these kinds of companies.


According to their TOS, your wallet can be suspended by the admin if you do not follow their rules and their rules are really too strict. Even if you sell the TBC in discount price or gift that to someone, that will be consider against the rule of TheBillionCoin. So, even you don’t have a freedom to use your own money in the way you want.


TBC is not a legitimate cryptocurrency. It uses the formula which creates a return on your investment. It does not use the open market to determine the true value of the coin. According to its formula, it measures the daily growth of verified members in The Billion Coin community and rewards according to that growth. The formula of the Ultimate Price of TBC is one Euro multiplied by the total number of verified members within the TBC community. For example, if the total number of verified members is 10,000, then the ultimate price of TBC is 10,000 Euros per coin. So, the price of TBC doesn’t relate with any cryptocurrency market. It’s value increases with the number of verified members who join this system which doesn’t pass any financial or legal logic. If it unable to find new investors/members, its value will be stop increasing. So, it entirely depends upon the new investors and those who join early in the system will make money, but those who join later, will lose money, which means TBC is a Ponzi investment than a cryptocurrency and Ponzi scheme is an illegal scheme. If you don’t know what is Ponzi scheme and how that operates, then you can find the details by clicking this link:-


So, now it is clear that the value of TBC (units also known as Kringles) artificially creates to make return on your investment. It doesn’t use the open market to determine the true value of coin. TBC was launched in 3/21/2016, and till date these coins are useless outside the TBC community, because these are not publicly tradable which is the proof that these coins don’t have any real value and will be dump by admin sooner or later when he/she earns enough as per his/her plan. Those members who keep on holding the coin for longer time expecting the value of coin will be increase after admin dump the company, will be the ones who realize they have been scammed after a very long time. We are not saying people can’t earn money from it. Sure, they can earn money till the date admin of this company keeps on increasing the price of coins artificially. But, once new investors stop coming into the company, admin will dump the company and the value of coin will be stop increasing and lots of members will lose their investment because after that those coins will be worthless. On other hand, these kinds of companies are completely illegal and can be seized by the legal authorities anytime in the future. So, from our side, we don’t recommend TheBillionCoin because we don’t recommend any illegal company.

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