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What is Solid Trade Bank? SolidTradeBank Scam? – NOI

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What is Solid Trade Bank? Is SolidTradeBank Scam or Legit?

If you have landed here because you where searching Solid Trade Bank reviews in order to find out what is SolidTradeBank in real, either is Solid Trade Bank a scam or a legit, either is there any Solid Trade Bank or not and so on, then your search ends here. You can find the complete truth about Solid Trade Bank within our Solid Trade Bank review here which will help you to find out what is in real. Actually we have listed Solid Trade Bank within our Not Recommended sites list although it is paying from long time. So, now may be you are thinking why we are not recommending Solid Trade Bank when it is paying its members. Well, when we recommend any companies, we don’t only observe either they are paying or not, but also do the complete research including their owner’s background and the business model. If we find out some companies is lying about their owner details, more than that if business model of some companies is not sustainable and not legal, then we just don’t recommend those kinds of companies because those kinds of companies can stop paying anytime in the future. If something is not legal, that is already red flag about that company. So, in case of Solid Trade Bank, it is also not legal.


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OK, let’s begin with our Solid Trade Bank review in detail in order to find out what is SolidTradeBank in real and why we don’t recommend it.

 Solid Trade Bank review, scam or not, what is  Solid Trade Bank?

Solid Trade Bank login and join in link:- http:// solid trade (Not recommended to join)

What is the Solid Trade Bank and why we don’t recommend it?

Solid Trade Bank is not a real bank like it is claiming. It claims that it has subsidiary companies in the areas like oil and gas industry, forex trading, banking, heavy industry, real estate and insurance, but there is not any proof of that. Solid Trade Bank fails to provide the real location or details on those projects. The only verifiable source of income of the company is the amount invested by affiliates within a company which makes it Ponzi scheme, means an illegal scheme. If some company is pretending to be a bank without any legal backup, that is already enough reason for us not to recommend that company. On top of that Solid Trade Bank is claiming to be a bank when in real it is not even a registered investment company and its business model is completely unsustainable. So, there is high chance that lots of innocent people lose their investment in this company who invest in it thinking it is a real bank, but it is not.


Yep, some of you may argue with us that Solid Trade Bank is paying. Well, every Ponzi schemes pay for some days or even for some months. Actually, the Ponzi scheme keeps on paying till date when the new investment coming into the company is greater than the withdrawal amount. Once withdrawal amount start increasing, Ponzi schemes just stop paying anytime and run with money of members. So, Solid Trade Bank also can stop paying anytime soon. After all it already manages to run for long time, so now it can be collapses like other similar Ponzi schemes. So, save yourself from this site by not investing your money into it.


More than that, the company which claims to be bank, not only fails to provide their real location, but also fails to provide their team members name. No one knows who and from where is running and operating Solid Trade Bank. There is not any information about that within their website or within WHOIS details. So, that already proves the intention of owner of Solid Trade Bank is not good.

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